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rissa’s new year’s bias list!

hi everyone! it’s the end of the year, so, i decided to make a short bias list, otherwise known as a follow forever bc i am extra, to so my appreciation towards my mutual followers and how much i adore all of you. some of you have been with me longer than others have, some of you are even great friends with me. i hope you all have a great new year and hopefully 2017 is much better than 2016.

 ride or die squad tbh:

@ezioauditore, @buckybitchinbarnes, @quakening, @doodoltala  @rustlenerd, @irisgibbins, @victorkatsudon , @miralain, @thesingingnorwegian

others i admire from afar:

 @richiesseth, @zombiescorp, @kisaageckos, @bobbimorsebartons, @coramalia, @leiaskywalkcr, @katefullergecko, @theodora-yvette, @buffyscmmers, @arctures, @huntbastian, @latrodectal, @natsclnt, @epiphanygreaves, @savagebutfree, @thegemen, @sethtanicos, @dianaprinz, @princessesleia, @geckbros, @tchally, @joyfuls, @crowealtius, @agentjamesbarnes, @ha-rleyquinn, @pieatromaximoff, @hornerps, @milkovich-hale, @bioticbutt, @mesutglozil, @argentsimmons, @antivanpariah, @barryalleins, @radclem, @farinsteetasse, @aspyrata, @samcieri, @aairachnid, @paintheskywithcolor, @biozonic, @megafreeman, @emily-kinney, @blackaliss, @sapphicpeebee

Hello! I'm new around here and I need some blogs to follow/people to meet.

So if you like anything from this list, just like/reblog this post and I’ll check your blog out and follow you!
-Steven Universe
-Star vs the forces of evil
-Gravity Falls
-My little Pony
-Ghibli and Pixar

-Anime in generally (I see the animes of the season)

Pretty much like this, so like/reblog this post and I’ll check your blog out and follow you :D


Getting some characters off the “OMG I’VE GOT TO DRAW THIS ONE” list! Sorry for the crappy quality- my phone’s camera, low light and drawing fast do not combine too well! 

Rocko - ask-rocko-the-diamond-dog
He’s so cool! And it’s quite a new twist in the general line of ask blogs. Also, I’m a sucker for diamond dogs ^^“

Satine - satine-pony
I tried drawing the hammer scene but couldn’t for a reason! It will be done one day, when you least expect it ;3

Thauma - ask-thaumaturge-pony
Thanks for the attention you recently have to my ask blog! Also, you’ve got an one-of-a-kind, really really beautiful horse ovo

Mudpie - ask-ickle-muse
Thanks for the stream the other day, it was neat! I had to get Mudpie out of my system a bit, and here she is. Hope I did the jawline justice! x3

Aaand I’m back to studying. 8’D

“Haven’t seen a sky-show THIS big since alla that uber-crazy Sombra stuff in the Crystal Empire. Reminds me of a pal who used ta live there. Wonder what she’d think o' THESE fireworks…”

The Shot Seen ‘Round the World”: a moment so monumental that ponies are even comin’ outta hiatuses ta pay tribute. An’ why NOT join the bandwagon? This event is entirely deserving of a traveling fanfare. Since 2012, @ask-king-sombra has offered lovable characters, gut-busting laughs, and strong storyline that always had us waiting for the next installment. Though we never waited long; its mod managed to keep consistent update schedules for over THREE YEARS. All that and more are why this is one of the greatest pony projects to ever grace tumblr. Which makes it bittersweet seeing such a fantastic tale come to a close. Still, we know there’s a little bit left to see before the end, and the artist has confirmed a new pony blog to come after the conclusion. That being said, it’s incredibly exciting to think of what they have in store for us with the rest of this and future Equestrian endeavors.

Thank you, @ask-wiggles, for the amazing world you’ve given us. We hope you’ll continue to provide quality entertainment for years to come. 


MODie: Whew! Eyyyy!!! I’ve made some cute babies and adorable fusions!!! Also I tried a new shadowing technique (or something) to make the drawing look a bit artistic! :D I may or may not have grown attached to some of them and possibly gave them stories… hehe ;-; I love them!

Baby @askflarethepegasus

Baby @askbrighterside

Baby @ask-myst-eerie

Fusion @ask-aaronthepony

Fusion @ask-theimmortal-cross

Fusion @askdrzedzworth

Fusion @ask-shy-heart

Fusion @hyperburn3r

Fusion @backgrounds-ponies

Fusion @askmidnightceleto

Hi everyone ! (mod owner speaking)

So, if you’re still confused about this blog’s status, don’t worry. I am too.
The last answer from Twi wasn’t exactly an attempt to revive the blog back to full activity, no. But it’s not really dead either, I’ve recently watched some MLP episodes, and I’m loving it. So you never know what you might see if you keep following !

Aside from that, I wanted to let you guys know about a new pony blog I’m doing in collaboration with someone:
Although I have to warn you first hand that it’s mostly NSFW (sexual content). (18+)

It’s a blog about the cute and cozy everyday life of our new pony OCs, Siurize and MyLove (yeah it’s his name), and a few other OCs made by us.

Here’s everything else you’ll want to know :

  • The blog focuses on love, cute ponies and cute things, sex, and also gaming. As mentioned, it is NSFW and for mature viewers only. Please don’t follow it if that’s not your cup of tea, which I absolutely respect, nor if you are under 18.
  • All images are still drawn by me, and this time, all fully colored by Siurize ! She does a great job and improves my sketches immensely. It’s gorgeous and a lot better to look at.
  • Updates will be more regular and frequent this time. I say this with more confidence because Siurize pushes me to draw a lot more often. And even if it’s ponies, I’ll probably be more motivated by this blog’s theme… No idea why, really.
  • It’s not exactly an ask blog but we will gladly answer a few questions if you have some ! Other than that it’s more of a webcomic structure.
  • Interaction with followers will be more interesting, easy and lively, since we will both reply to questions through any of the characters.
  • We haven’t planned on featuring Twilight or any canon characters from the show, but that could happen too.

If you’re interested, please check it out. But again, don’t feel obliged to. Thank you for reading, hope to see you there !