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An unidentified woman uses the end of a ribbon to dry her eyes as she mourns her husband, one of at least 41 people killed in the Kielce Pogrom, an outbreak of violence against the Jewish community centre gathering of refugees in the city of Kielce. It was Poland’s bloodiest postwar Pogrom. Associated Press Photo from New York - 1946.

List of demands for the Witcher TV series

- Strong landscape/establishing shots ala LOTR

- Dandelion not annoying/at least a decent singer

- Skittish Roach

- Good swordplay/footwork by Geralt in identifiable witcher style

- Accurate portrayal/characterisation of the Lodge members (get Yen right)

- Sometimes Geralt wears a hairband

- Cast all unknown actors apart from Charles Dance who should play Old Emhyr AND Young Emhyr

- Scoia’tael almost magically silent & deadly

- Please no American accents. More Black Country and Birmingham accents for the peasants like in Wild Hunt

- Cool monsters like the eyehead and the skoffin

- Ciri is a force of nature

- The events on Thanedd should be at least as confusing as they were in the book to spite newcomers

- Everything as Polish as possible


When a maniacal madness caused you to finish drawing a prologue for that black hole of a Hetalia x Fate AU…HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hetalia New World Order Prologue 01-06
ABOUT: A Hetalia x Fate AU, where the world has now become borderless, boundaries has ended, and so has the existence of countries. The United Nations hold power, keeping peace and order in the New World Order, but somehow, some power has obtained the Holy Grail they kept in their (obviously “supposingly” ) high security vault, and numerous cults have taken it upon themselves to unleash the Holy Grail War for their own personal reasons. Six nations are summoned from the ashes, each as a role of Servant. To counter their unknown enemy, the UN has to enlist help of their own agents, n summon one Nation to help them too. Each nation kept their own personality and will interact with their summoner(also a Hetalia country), and display some of their traits from Hetalia,like, Ivan still wields a pipe n is Lancer, America stil wants to be a hero,and so on ….


The Cambridges competing in boat races (& being adorable) - 2011, 2014, 2017

I love how competitive Kate & Wills are!!! It kills me every time we get to see them enjoy a good bout of competition between each other to see who reigns supreme (get it? REIGNS?! HA), but even more than that, I love that after each race, they can come together and playfully tease each other without being sore losers. The love is real, y’all ♡♡

Ok Operation Fortitude is such a aph America plan I’m suprize I’ve never heard about it before. (But then again it could be in the web comic or manga and I would be none the wiser.)  Anyways Fortitude was part of Operation Bodyguard which where a series of plans to keep D-Day motives hidden from the Germans.

America came up with a plan combining Hollywood magic and German little understanding of the American people; Basically they made a bunch of fake tanks and stationed General Patton ( One of America’s great generals in WW2. Who was taken out of command for 11 moths for slapping a shell shock soldier.) Making Hitler think that the main fight would be coming from Kent not Normandy.

And It totally worked.  

But If you think about America explain to his fellow Allies it sounds a bit ridiculous. I read some where that the these nations where the ones that fought on D-Day France also fought but D-Day was kinda like taking France back so I like to think that D-Day was rescue plan. If your confuse on the girl on England’s left it’s Czechoslovakia

Nekotalia in real life part 2

New Zealand















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