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Pokemon ask meme

Because I can, why not. send me a nature and I’ll answer that question. Feel free to reblog and use it yourself too

Lonely- Favorite song in a pokemon game?

Brave- Give me two pokemon to pick a favorite between: -blank- or -blank-?

Hardy- What was your first pokemon game and when?

Adamant- What role would you have if you lived in the pokemon world?

Naughty- If you had to choose, which villainous team would you be on?

Bold- What is your favorite pokemon game outside of the the main series?

Docile- Rate -blank- pokemon character 1-10

Relaxed- Where would you take a vacation in the pokemon world?

Impish- Which pokemon do you dislike the design of?

Mild- Secret bases, Underground bases, 

Lax- How would you spend your freetime in the pokemon world?

Timid- Your favorite pokeball?

Hasty- If you could cosplay any pokemon character who would you choose?

Serious- Cool, you’re suddenly a gym leader. Which type is your specialty and what is your team?

Jolly- Who is your favorite character in any form of pokemon media?

Naive- Have you played any Pokemon rom hacks or fan games?

Modest- Take a selfie with your pokemon merch

Quiet- Your favorite pokemon of -blank- type(s)

Bashful- Any pokemon ships?

Rash- Who is your favorite pokemon Go team leader?

Calm- If you could summon any one legendary pokemon, which would it be?

Gentle- If you were a pokemon trainer, how would you take your journey?

Sassy- What would be your favorite pokemon food?

Careful- Have you ever played your games in nuzlocke mode?

Quirky- Come up with a concept for a pokemon with new type combo


1. Favorite Pokemon type?
2. First starter you ever had?
3. If you could chose any town to live in from all the regions, which would it be?
4. Name a favorite Pokemon from each type.
5. Pokemon you dislike the most?
6. Favorite legendary?
7. Which generation/ region is most special to you?
8.Name a favorite Pokemon from each of the generations.
9. Favorite eeveelution?
10. What future eeveelution type do you hope for?
11. Favorite gym leader?
12. Favorite “roaming” Pokemon?
13. What do you think the next generation of game should be called?
14. Prettiest Pokemon?
15. If you could have any 6 Pokemon in your party, what would they be?
16. Which game is your most favorite?
17. Which game is your least favorite?
18. If you could create a new Pokemon type, what would it be?
19. Name your favorite thing about each game generation.
20. Favorite hold item and why?
21. Favorite TM?
22. Favorite HM?
23. Favorite Pokeball?
24. Which professor is your favorite?
25. Ask me anything Pokemon related.