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9. Ophelia - The Lumineers
8. She Can’t Tell - MOTHXR
7. FloriDada - Animal Collective
6. Reminder - Moderat
5. Underwater - Porches
4. River - Bishop
3. Formation - Beyoncé
2. Kiss It Better - Rihanna
1. PILLOWTALK (the living room session) - Zayn

study sounds masterpost

here are some of my favorite ambient noise tracks to play when studying. enjoy! (note: i did not create these, i just found them online)

Harry Potter 

Lord of the Rings

Star Trek

Other places


i probably should be sleeping

a mix for when it’s late and you’re awake and you have to get up early the next day but sometimes it’s better to be cozy and safe and thinking about nothing 

twin sized mattress // the front bottoms ★ come under the covers // WALK THE MOON ★ before you start your day // twenty one pilots  ★ rich youth // hayley kiyoko ★ behind the sea (alternate version) // panic! at the disco ★ broken flowers // danny l harle ★ the cave // mumford & sons ★ coming down // halsey ★ stardust // new politics ★          northern downpour // panic! at the disco ★ lullabye // fall out boy ★

listen [[HERE]]

original unedited photos credit to morphball

Check out this playlist on @8tracks: get your shit done

  • cold coffee - ed sheeran
  • eu confesso - o terno
  • drive - imagine dragons
  • she’s thunderstorms - arctic monkeys
  • everything has changed - taylor swift ft. ed sheeran
  • blue moon - sha na na (grease soundtrack)
  • if I could fly - one direction
  • no1 party anthem - arctic monkeys
  • new york - ed sheeran
  • fearless - taylor swift
  • I want to write you a song - one direction
  • invisible - 5 seconds of summer
  • piledriver waltz - arctic monkeys
  • ink - coldplay

by lovefromana.

  1. Be a Body - Grimes
  2. Obedear - Purity Ring
  3. Everything I Wanted - Chet Faker
  4. Melody Maker - The Kooks
  5. I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li
  6. Ways To Go -Grouplove
  7. Blush - Chet Faker
  8. Hyperparadise - Hermitude & Flume
  9. Sex - The 1975
  10. Wild - Bloom
  11. 1998 - Chet Faker
  12. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance
  13. Gooey - Glass Animals
  14. American Mouth - Iron and Wine
New Playlist

*My playlist is on shuffle*

내몸이 불 타오르고 있어 - Giriboy ft 최단비

Mr. Music - Zico, Mino, Hanhae & Kyung

Rap City - i11evn

Hole in Your Face - Phantom

멋쟁이 신사 Remix - Zico, Ugly Duck, Lil Boi and Ranger

Jucy Fresh - Jucy ft. Deepflow

Aminoacid - P.O ft. Mino

깜빡 - Gray ft. Zion.T and Crucial Star

Fly High - Lil Boi ft. Zico

Song Cry - Zico, Kyung and P.O

Different Star - BrotherSu ft. Lovey

From Head to Toe - Jucy of Evol

Am I The Only One Like This - Block B

Fly - Geeks

얼굴에 다 써있네요 - Giriboy ft. Ugly Duck

Turn Around - Zico and Kyung

Cocks - Zico

Sam - Zico

Player - Giriboy ft. BrotherSu and Lovey

Calculating Woman - Giriboy ft. Zico and Gganmo

Officially Missing You, Too - Geeks ft. Soyu of Sistar

Stay Cool - Simon D ft. Zion.T

19 Song - Phantom

I’m Back - Primary ft. Yankie, Double K and G.O of Mblaq

Darling - Supreme Team ft. JC

배가 불렀지 - Supreme Team ft. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo

Turned off The TV - Leessang ft. Tasha and Kwon Jungyeol of 10cm

When, Where, What, How - Kyung ft. Jo Hyun Ah of Urban Zakapa

Nice Day - Block B

My Name is My Name - WuTan

Something Special - Kye Bum Zu ft. Dok2

You’re Not A Lady - Jerry K ft. Zion.T

That Girl - Andup ft. Crucial Star

Baaam - Dynamic Duo ft. Muzie of UV

Love - Primary ft. Bumkey and Paloalto

Johnny - Primary ft. Dynamic Duo

Real Love - Crucial Star ft. Satbyeol

헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자 - Leessang ft. 정인