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Is your url a play on 'the notebook'? If not whats it mean, whats its story

nawww knoflook is dutch for garlic (i just…….really like garlic) and i took up learning dutch just before making this blog. ‘the’ is still english. when i actually know enough i’m gonna get rid of the “the” i think, but so far i’m still struggling through the really really basic basics

She’s a ridiculous talent. She’s a savant, I think, it goes beyond talented. She’s a savant. She sent me a voice memo, we did two songs, Welcome To New York, which is track one, and we did, [I know places], which is track 10. Anyway, she sent me voice memos, like, in the morning ‘here’s me on a piano, here’s how I’m hearing this,’ and literally I’d walk in and have it mocked up kind of, and we’d just bang it out. I’d help with the melodies, kind of, but with Taylor, you function more as an editor. She has a million ideas and you’re more like ‘this one, not that one,’ because she’s just so good, kind of almost doesn’t need you in the room, but for production, I think, is when she really relies on you. So for Taylor, you’re really producing more than just writing stuff. She can write everything by herself.
—  Ryan Tedder to Access Hollywood on working with Taylor Swift

Maybe this place is the same // Real Friends