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Staring death in the face: Haunting portraits of Mighty Mongrel Mob gang members of New Zealand by photographer who spent eight years gaining their trust - and access to their ultra-violent world

  • Wellington-born Jono Rotman has spent nearly eight years embedded with the Mighty Mongrel Mob
  • He has captured over 200 portraits of the notorious gang, who have a fearsome reputation for violence
  • The infamous mob have a stringent code against outsiders and Rotman had to slowly earn their trust  
  • The project sparked outcry because a murderer’s portrait was exhibited in his victim’s hometown
  • But the artist stands by the images: ‘This is a particular part of the country and history of the country’

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Snapshot new Picts of me being Home on A Sunday night!!!

Because it’s ForBidden Fruit

Yana Toboso website has been updated!

New feature “PICT” provides all her illustrations and it’s connected with tumblr!

Check Yana Toboso official website:

And don’t forget to follow her in tumblr (@tobosoofficial):

P.s I think Kuroshitsuji team have tracked Kuroshitsuji fans activity and found tumblr is the best place to archive the illustration, and yeah they made her tumblr account. This is just my thinking. Anyway, I am glad ❤❤❤

This is my bed with sheets that haven’t been washed in over a year. I am still sleeping on them and need to take a new pict.  I put a fresh sheet under my regular sheet to show how filthy it is.  Pillow is mine also.  Sweat and stains. The jockstrap hanging on the frame, and the t-shirt were bought from my buddy raunchslaveman.