new pics are coming

Those times when Dylan’s eyes look like regular light brown eyes, and they’re beautiful on their own like that, but then…well, then there are those times his eyes catch the light just right, and they’re like the prettiest golden brown eyes you’ve ever seen and you just get caught up in how beautiful they are 


Halsey // Badlands + favourite lyrics


i thought this morning that combing my hair is kind of like learning a language. it tends to get very tangled these days because of the length and damage, but also because i have to wear scarves and beanies to fight the cold. so, when combing it, it sometimes feels impossible at the start. everything’s a mess. you don’t even wanna try. but then, with the right tools and a good amount of determimation, finally you’ll get through. it starts to make sense.

Here’s a little pic of one of my new faves to come from the Alola region! IDK why I like UB-02 Absorption so much, kinda a mix of it looking pretty off from other pokemon and it can punch your rivals in the face. Hope you guys enjoy this, plus a little speedpaint too!

Song is It Looks Like The Future But It Feels Like The Past by Doctor Turtle