new pic of a day to remember

Remember where you were the day Lairport happened?

Remember where you were when Louis went to Barcelona and Harry showed up with a Barcelona coin bracelet? Or when Harry took fan pics at Selfridges and Louis showed up with a new shirt from Selfridges the very next day?

Remember when RBB made his glorious return and how we’d wait for pictures of him and SBB before every show?

Remember when Liam started reading all of the signs that were obviously Larrie signs, when they’d show the ones with rainbows on the big screen?

Remember when Harry started running with rainbow flags, and how proud of him Louis was? Remember how respectful Niall was of our flag when someone threw one on stage?

Remember when they first sang No Control to a sold out stadium and the crowd erupted like a volcano and the whole stadium shook because everyone was losing their minds, including the boys, with how happy we all were?

Remember when they first sang Eighteen and how Harry and Louis couldn’t stop turning to look at each other?

Remember the fan book in Sweden that said “only turn the page if the following statement is true: Larry is real” and Liam opened it and the looks Harry and Louis gave each other?

Remember Wheel Larrow? And when they did it again onstage during a show and Louis let Harry win like he always does?

Remember where you were the night they hugged each other on stage for the world to see, and the arena erupted into frantic screams of joy at seeing these two boys being able to publicly embrace again?

Remember what it’s like to be a Larrie? And to believe in the love between two boys who met when they were sixteen and eighteen and fell in love and have been fighting side by side ever since?

janellemonae Definitely in my feelings. Just found this pic. I could not believe yuh posted this. Last year, New Year’s Eve and day, was the last time I had the honor of sharing a stage with you. I still remember Paul mccartney’s and Rick Rubin’s faces being in complete shock that they were getting to witness your GREATNESS just two feet away. We sang take me with you. We all partied like it was 1999. You were our experience architect. I remember me you and @chucklightning staying up the whole night afterwards talking about so many things. Music being one. We all were excited about trying to plan your visit to wondaland. To help us finish working on the album. That night you sent me so many songs to inspire my next project and Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you or something I hear or see or think about doing that reminds me of you. THANK YOU FOR BEING A GIVER AND MENTOR to not just me but so many. You will always be my hero and a hero to so many. So tonight I am recording all night in your honor. 👁 hope to make you proud. 👁 know for sure you are watching. Until next time.

Remember when I was like “okay I’ll get off my soapbox about Lapis being OP”

well it’s a new day and I’m back again.

Specifically on the topic of: “But Clockie, Lapis’s powers are clearly ruled by water, that’s her thing, so, if you fought her on the moon, without any atmosphere she could pull water from, she’d just be. totally screwed”

My problems with that mostly boil down to: how do we know that’s Lapis’s one and only game plan? Like. Lapis is presented, and framed, repeatedly, as terrifyingly overpowered. The situations that trap her are situations she cannot get out of by destroying everyone present- at least, not without serious undesirable consequences.

We have never seen a desperate Lapis outside of the mirror, which she was physically restrained. So we don’t know how she’d behave in that context- we also don’t know what it takes to get there. We just have the fact that, a certain part of Lapis’s personality suggests she is, at bare minimum, very used to being able to destroy people to the point that even when around people she can’t destroy for other reasons besides “they are too powerful” (see: Jasper) she is not particularly reverent or deferential to them. 

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I understand wanting Josh to be gone forever, but who's still asking if they are legit must be new. you gotta trust who've seen some of the shit they pulled! remember when they made someone post on ig a pic of them in the subway, when we thought she was in LA with Tay, we panicked for a good afternoon then a pic of Karlie at LAX catching the red eye back surfaced?! trust us, bearding wise we had worse days (months). taylor is in hiding mode so i think we should expect nothing for now and chill

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So she really was in LA, guess we were all wrong and why didn't the stalkers tell earlier??? Also What the f*** is this all, I genuinely don't understand...old pics now when new ones are coming everyday now? I'm...

It’s what they always do. It’s like they backdate pics to make it look legit. They’ve done it loads (remember the weird pic which seemed to show DC at their house on xmas day which was then deleted, after there had been NO sign of her there at all) it gives the semblance of privacy. Which doesnt exactly add up when a SM like gets a Sun article complete with quotes from suspiciously well informed sources.

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Blame these 3 pics for this… + + +  and this anon +

Liam and Zayn on the fishing trip.  

Amongst friends, wearing old clothes cos there’s no point wearing something dead new and swish and they could just be themselves.

And just remember those pics of Liam teaching Louis to fish or attempting to, and he’s ready for Zayn to resist even and just say that he wants to watch the world go by, just sit there and chill, that he’s happy to.

But he should have known when Zayn was the one who leapt out of bed that day, and dragged Liam to breakfast, with a spring in his step and chatting away giddily, and its a gorgeous day, and its just them and Paddy, and Ben and a few others and he doesn’t even crave a cigarette that day, neither of them do.

Then the guy in charge of the boat, shows them the ropes and its slightly different, i.e. on a larger scale to what Liam’s used to but of course he takes to it like a duck to water, and then Zayn’s next to him (of course) and the guy’s showing him and Liam’s almost ready to step in before he gets a fish almost straight away and he starts to laugh and his eyes crinkle up and the boat owner helps him pull the fish in and he’s shouting ‘it’s sick this Leeyum’ before he releases the fish back into the water.

He’s so glad that he’s the one that gets to see this Zayn.

And so it goes on and they take photos and they laugh and the fresh air and the sun makes them a bit sleepy at one point and when Liam wakes up head resting on Zayn’s chest,  he can see he’s got a message alert from Paddy on his phone (which in this world works in the middle of the ocean okay) and its a picture of them, a bit like the pic from when they were so much younger but with Liam in Zayn’s lap not the other way round and he makes it his lock screen pic straightaway.  For a few hours at least.

Then they get back to it, and Zayn surprises them all with the biggest catch of the dayand it’s so good and then its time to stop fishing and just sit back and watch as the night starts to descend, with a couple of beers and the sky becomes the most beautiful kaleidoscope of colours and at one point Liam goes for a chat with Paddy towards the back of the boat and he’s never felt this grounded, this safe, this warm, this secure.

And then Ben joins Paddy and points Liam in the direction of Zayn who’s sat on  a seat grinning lazily at him, and patting the space next to him and he legs it over there not heeding the warnings of the skipper who’s looking behind him and  shakes his head muttering ‘stupid kid’ but his face lightens up with a grudging smile.

Liam reaches Zayn and puts his arm round him and looking at his side profile, he looks so good, so relaxed but he can’t see his eyes which are shielded by the sunglasses so he pulls them off Zayn’s face with one hand and Zayn sits up, shrugging Liam’s arm from his shoulder,  scrunching his eyes up because even as the sun sets it’s still bright in the middle of the ocean and he turns to face Liam and the ‘Bradford bad boi?’  Zayn?  No way.

He just says ‘Today’s been sick Li, wish we could do it more often’

‘Well we could hire a canal boat and go up and down the Kennet and Avon canal near mum and dad’s’  he pauses ‘not many fish like Moby Dick though in the canal I reckon, loads of wellies though’  

Zayn laughs softly and leans his head onto Liam’s shoulder and Liam places his arm back round him drawing him into him, but he can’t resist and pats Zayn’s nose who grumbles disapprovingly  ‘Fishy smelly hands, LI’  and smacks his hand away before he gazes up at Liam and sits up a little more, lips meeting Liam’s before their lips part.

‘Be about 45 minutes’ he hears the skipper say to Paddy’s question about what time they’ll get back to land.

They exchange a wordless glance, and well yeah same.  It wouldn’t be the worst thing if somehow a boat could get a puncture and yet not sink and they were stuck here all night.

But that won’t happen, so Zayn draws in even more to Liam’s body and they watch as the light keeps changing,willing the time to go more slowly as Liam softly sings 

‘20,000 leagues away, catch up to you on the same day
Travel at the speed of light, thinking the same thought at the same time
Heart beats at a steady pace, I’ll let the rhythm show me the way
No one can find us here, fade out and disappear’

and even as the light changes and as ocean becomes ever more busy as they get closer to land, they pretend.  For as long as they can. Just them.  Right next to each other. 


Boy, when I posted that Chowder pic the other day, I did not see that reception coming. Thanks for the notes and the nice comments in the tags and shoutout to my new followers!

I wasn’t planning on doing another Chowder for my June inking bonanza, but someone wrote in the tags that he probably would have had a lot more Sharks gear on and thought they were totally right (I’m sorry I can’t remember your name at the moment!). I also made a very quick follow-up comic featuring Farmer’s impeccable logic.

Glass half full

I was buzzed and I lurked last night and I saw that Steven posted up a pic of his new girlfriend, the day I told him I hooked up with a dude. I think that hurt him, he mentioned her so subtly and only after he asked if I was seeing anyone, I guess they were already together but he didn’t tell me for whatever reason. Anyway, cut to the chase last night I was drunk and i lurked and I saw that and I called him and gave him a big fuck you/pathetic call and I remember crying. I didn’t think that would happen, but it hit me like a tsunami, actually seeing him post about someone else, I was doing so well and that hurt a lot. It was such an extreme reaction and I’m just maxed out right now, I can’t even feel sad about it, I don’t feel anything. I thought I was over it, but it’s actually quite the opposite, and I put up a wall to not deal with it. I finally got myself to block him and delete his number. He was so cold with me on the phone, I was pretty wasted but he was so nonchalant and I think that’s what hurt even more. I think it needed that bitter ending for us to just stop talking to each other. I want to feel sad to just get it over with, but I don’t feel anything. I guess I’m just pissed at myself for being so fucking petty last night, but that was the real toxic thing other than alcohol I needed to get rid of. It sucks, but in a way it just makes things solid for me. I did what I could to save it, even after it couldn’t be saved anymore. Love is fucked up haha, but I’m optimistic, and I guess I have to figure out how to deal with accepting the facts.

round 3 of headcanons: seidou-only ver. (i have so many headcanons but like one friend who likes dna cries i should look for dna blogs soon)

  • you know that baseball magazine eijun had, the one with miyuki in it? eijun still has it. he also keeps other photographs of miyuki he finds in newspapers and magazines and hides it all in a box under his bed. kuramochi opens them thinking they’re porn mags. they never stop teasing eijun about it.
  • miyuki snapchats a lot. eijun is still relatively new to snapchat so he doesn’t know that the other person gets notifications if you screenshot their pics. one day, miyuki’s snapchatted like four selfies and eijun screenshots all of them. miyuki uploads a picture of the notifications. after that, everyone calls eijun lover boy.
  • chris’s shoulder heals completely near the end of his first year in uni and joins the uni’s baseball team. everyone hears he’s playing again and comes to see him. eijun won’t stop crying tears of happiness and chris’s teammates remember him as that boy who cries a lot.
  • furuya gets a gigantic polar bear plush (it’s like 100 cm tall) from the team for his birthday. he sleeps with it pretty often.
  • though all the seidou boys prank each other a lot, no one ever messes with chris. it’s both out of respect and a fear of retribution from eijun.
  • leaving eijun in tokyo, aka a place he’s still very unfamiliar with (he probably hasn’t had much of a chance to explore with baseball practice and all) is a fucking terrible idea. once eijun got lost in the other side of tokyo and sent a mass email to everyone for help and when that didn’t work he went on twitter. it took like two hours before anyone decided to give him directions home and it was nabe. god bless nabe.
  • on movie nights, neither of the kominato brothers are allowed to pick movies.
  • if someone calls miyuki at like three in the morning he won’t even sound tired when he picks up. even his own roommates aren’t sure when he sleeps.
  • anyone who’s too tired to shower, study, or speaks rudely to their seniors gets smacked by kanemaru.
  • no one wakes up haruichi anymore. he sleeps with a bat in his bed. one day, everyone was in miyuki’s room, but haruichi had fallen asleep early. zono tried to wake him up and his life flashed before his eyes.
  • sometimes they make midnight trips to the convenience store, even if it’s on a weekday, to buy instant noodles, chips, and soda. rei reprimands them because they’re athletes and shouldn’t be eating junk food.
  • speaking of which, sometimes they’re placed on a junk food restriction for a week at a time. on weeks like those, no one (sans miyuki, kanemaru, and haruichi) has the energy to last through practice.

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That is cute and embarrassing at the same time! Like Tessa always tags teamCanada and cbcolympics accounts, and at least trying to avoid massive shipping in her own instagram. And here we go! Both of this accounts post so shippy pics 💞 ps and oh wow 😳 It's true that everyone in Canada wish them together?!? What a pressure, I must say 😱

Definitely a new level of…..promotion? on CBC/Team Canada’s end.

I honestly don’t even know what to make of it. The caption on the CBC picture still has me cracking up. I mean I love a good pun and play on words but that is…something special.

I anticipate Tessa’s like and then for it to fade away completely. But I’ll remember, I will always remember…the day CBC trolled us all!


‘77 Kawasaki Z650 “Heritage“ – by Retro Bikes Croatia

I received an email from Zeljko a few weeks ago with some pics of his latest build. 45 pics in fact. The photos are brilliant so I’m going to share the whole with you spread over 5 posts. Part 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Rex Havoc

Part 4

“All in all, we wanted to achieve that different look, with some parts left as they were with that 38 year old patina, so it looks like it’s brand new but with that old character.
It has much details, more that I can remember now, but the pics show them all.
Great and fun to ride, it’s lighter, it’s very responsive on throttle, and it sounds beautiful!

Our next project is in the garage in a few days so you can expect our email before summer. Our Kawa Heritage goes to our partner’s showroom here in downtown Zagreb, waiting for it’s new owner.
We like to think it’s something that everyone wants to inherit!

Best from RBC,

Retro Bikes Croatia

Hey T! I did it!!! I actually did it! I moved from my hometown in Rhode Island to Easton, PA for a new job. I was so scared and didn’t think I could do it at first but I’ve been here about a week and a half and I haven’t looked back. This is a pic of me on moving day. I really needed to remember that Fearless is not the absence of fear, it’s living in spite of those things that scare you to death. I was scared to death that day. Thanks for always having my back! You helped me find the confidence I didn’t know I had. Love you, T! 💜

regarding new years resolutions...

2014: Start a couch to 5K. 2015: Run my first marathon. Resolution for 2016: Race my first triathlon!

Please be kind to other resolutioners out there. I always feel that there is a bit of pretentiousness around this time when people start to complain that the gyms will be really crowded in a few days. We were all them at some point, whether we started our journey January 1st or not. Just because we’ve been making our fitness a priority before this time does not mean we should discourage others to start. We should all remember the courage it took. I too was obese and more than 50lbs overweight and understand how intimidating it can be at the beginning. Let’s all support and encourage each other. So if you’re setting some resolutions related to weight loss, fitness or your health: I wholeheartedly believe in you and support you. It will be hard, you will want to give up come January 15th, but it is well worth the effort. Get ready to be amazed at what your body and mind can do :)

ok one prediction i feel comfortable making, because i feel like it will make people feel better and i do believe it - just think about it…what can they throw at us.

basically it’s pap pics or something LAUGHABLY extra like an ultrasound picture.

pap pics? we can deal with those. it’s just pictures of them together. nothing new. 

what else? ultrasound? just an example, who knows what other extra, stupid shit they can pull out of their asses. please join me in the laughing party with some popcorn, we’ll 1) have a blast tearing it apart like we do with everything else and 2) SERIOUSLY IF THEY PULL SOMETHING LIKE THAT I’LL LAUGH FOR FOREVER BECAUSE IT’S SO EXTRA.

150121 - Himchan - Naver Cafe Chat

(1st pic)

HC: I miss you all a lot too

HC: Hi

(2nd pic)

HC: You’re so lucky girl

(3rd pic)

HC: I have nothing to say

HC: I’m doing well

(4th pic)

HC: Yes

HC: I’m resting these days

(5th pic)

HC: I met the people I haven’t been able to meet

(6th pic)

HC: It isn’t raining here

HC: Is it school break?

(7th pic)

HC: So it is school break…these happened 7 years ago for me…

(8th pic)

HC: So I don’t remember

(9th pic)

HC: Oh so in America you started a new semester…

(10th pic)

HC: Have no sense

(11th pic)

HC: Hi

(12th pic)

HC: There are a lot of people coming in from Argentina

(13th pic)

HC: Wow

(14th pic)

HC: I have family that live in Texas

(15th pic)

HC: I love too Argentina

(16th pic)

HC: There isn’t anything in Texas. It’s meadow style

(17th pic)

HC: Lately I’ve been eating well and doing good

(18th pic)

HC: All of you don’t get sick too

(19th pic)

HC: It really isn’t good

(20th pic)

HC: kekekekeke

(21st pic)

HC: Just be quiet

(22nd pic)

HC: It’s slow

HC: It’s like a laptop in the days when we used modems

HC: Save me

screencap cr; @e3e and 비에이피엠오 @ naver fan cafe

trans cr; nicole @ baptrans ; take out with full credit

Sext Me Up

Author: underthesebb
Pairing: reader x sebastian stan
Rating: R, strong
Warnings: Dick pic and a lot of teasing–brace yourselves!
Request: Not a request but I’ve been writing this over a couple of days and…I dunno, I’m tired of looking at it.  Don’t forget, you can drop a request to me here!  Also, I really needed a gif with a cell phone in it so this happened…the look of the reader is entirely up to you, always remember that!

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