new photoshoot outtake!


“I don’t really care about any of that stuff, I’ve always done well for myself. But my agent once told me that if I wanted to play a lead, I should take more time in the morning: ’Do your hair, wear shirts that fit a little better, and go to the gym a bit more.’ I was like, ’It’s all about the acting, man.’ He was like, ’This is Hollywood.’ He was right.”

New Outtake of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson for Fifty Shades of Grey Promotional Photoshoot. 

Reblogging this gem because it’s one of my favourite Seb pics and I replaced the original pic with a slightly bigger/better version. Here’s the other pic, because you want them both, trust me.


I mean, my favourite scene is the negotiation one, when we are at the office signing the contract. Dakota and I were making fun all the time, we really enjoyed that scene because it was like playing a game with the dialogues. It’s something I always dreamed to do. I had imagined it before starting filming and I liked the camera’s directions… I had too much fun when I saw it on the screen because what they talk about is really surrealistic. I think I’ve never seen a scene like that on a movie before - Jamie Dornan