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Congratulations to Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue on winning Choice TV Liplock at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards! There is no better OTP that deserves recognition as much as Captain Swan does! <3 <3

domesticity ahoy...

So, I was thinking randomly last night about how the show might decide to clue the viewers in that Emma and Killian are in fact living together now (because I really need this to be the case when S6 opens) and a few ideas popped into my head. 

I’ll call them headcanons:

1 - close up shot of Emma looking in the mirror in her bathroom securing her hair into a ponytail and as the camera pans out we see Killian standing beside her on his side of the sink applying his eyeliner (not store bought, but some old style pirate type kohl, that he manages to apply while winking - well, not really, cause he is a terrible winker)

2 - Emma’s phone ringing loudly on her nightstand and we see that it is David calling, but then we see Killian’s hand pick up the phone as he mutters, “bloody hell, mate, do you know what time it is?” before Emma’s hand sneaks out from beneath the covers to snatch the phone away.

3 - Emma walking towards the front door from the kitchen and grabbing her red jacket off of a hook and we see Killian’s jacket hanging over a hook right beside it. The camera will then pan to Killian at the sink placing their coffee mugs on the dish dryer with his hook.

4 - Emma standing in their bedroom pulling a sweater over her head and on the dresser we see some of her jewelry and maybe some perfume on one side and on the other, an antique looking dish in the shape of a seashell full of all of Killian’s rings and his brace resting beside it, camera then pans to Killian still asleep in the bed (covered, b/c, hello…ABC sucks).

5 - Emma coming home late and trudging upstairs, obviously tired and ready for bed to find Killian asleep against the pillows he has propped behind him and the book he was reading (Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - of course) still open on his lap, since we know he’s quite good at research.

Someone should stop me now, cause I could do this all night long…

this gif perfectly represents the joy you get over the small things in life

the teacher accidentally gives you an extra point on ur test

the pizza arrives 15 minutes early

“keep the change”

the snack machine gives you and extra snickers 

your fave youtuber uploads twice a week

I just love Zen so freaking much.

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he can fight like a badass

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and he’s incredibly sweet and caring and loving

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not to mention he’s a complete dork

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just finished watching this movie.. and yeah, it was good. it made me cry, laugh.. and all.. haha. mixed emotions.. all i can say is that it is a very very good movie.. and the kid was so cute. i have seen him in Vanness Wu’s drama series, Autumn’s Concerto. it is also a nice series. 

Vic Zhou is a racer here, hmm.. and also in Mars, he is also a racer. is he really a  racer in real life? or he just look so ht while driving a motor bike? and oh, he is so thin in this movie..  oh well. he still looks hot. so i don’t care. but i hope he will gain weight. haha. :D

by the way, in the movie, we have the same ringing tone.. oh my.! we’re meant to be.. bwahaha.. well, he is my first ever crush and up until now.. >__<