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A Brief Summary of the Camp Camp Fandom On Tumblr

* “let me fuck Daniel he’s so hot efrfgrfrdef”
* “lmao doesn’t Harrison look like bill cipher?”
* everyone liking max bc he’s relatable n edgy
* Max and Preston are a ship
* step dad au. Everyone is on board with it. EVERYONE 
* “Daniel and Joseph (from dream daddy)!!!!!!!.”
* If you say anything mean about David 80 people will shank you. 
* Daniel x David
* “Davids a twink”
* Everyone in the fandom ignores the idea of David being straight
* long posts talking about the relationship between Max and David/ the relationship max might have with his parents
* serial killer David au.
* “davey sounds like mickey mouse”
* the people who analyze every ep looking for clues/easter eggs
* watching the seasons over and over because it’s JUST SO GOOD.
* the people complaining about not being able to wait a week for the new episode 
* the people who find next weeks episode online 
* Niel’s t-rex arms 
* David’s screams.

This isn’t me hating on the fandom so don’t get offended! Feel free to add onto the list. <3

Each enneagram archetype in a nutshell

125: *in a study group* “Here is the paper you wanted feedback on, Brittany. Yeah, I know you said next week, but I had some time to spare. Oh btw, I just did a few changes” *hands back a fully rewritten paper*

126: *enters a party way too early* “THANKS for inviting me! Do you need help with anything? Getting the snack ready? Prepare the punch? Arranging the sitting group? Clean up the bathroom?”

127: *at a party* “Hey, guys, can I have your attention? I thought it would be fun to play some games so everyone can get to know each other, so if you all can arrange your chairs in a circle…”

135: “It’s leviOsa, not leviosAR”

136: “I just finished color coding all of my curriculum, and I prepared my entire reading schedule for the next five years at uni. What did you say? When I have time off? … what about after Christmas?”

137: “Hey, let’s leave this party and find a pub somewhere. No, it’s no fun if not everybody is coming! What are you talking about sick, Brittany? You are ruining the night for everyone!

145: “Well, the leading scientific research on the field says that you are a moron!” *leaves with a smug smile*

146: “You are breaking the law by downloading torrents, you know. I don’t care, but don’t come crying to me when the police get you.”

147: “I have spent the entire week planning this party, and now people are leaving early! I will never invite you to a party again! I will find new friends instead!” *plans another party with the same people next week*

258: “I find that yoga really helps me! You should try it, I can recommend the best classes! Hey, here is an idea: why don’t you come join me tomorrow! It’s really good for your back and I have this protein shake that… No no, I insist!”

259: “Well of course I will do your homework for you, I am so glad you asked” *is actually kinda happy*

268: “OMG Jason STILL hasn’t answered your text? That asshole! Okey, now you gotta give the silent treatment for like a week. No, Brittany, listen, I know this stuff!”

269: “Yeah, I can help you move, when is it? In the middle of the night on Wednesday? That’s a bit inconvenient, but sure, I’ll be there. No problem, bro.”

278: “You just need another glass of wine and then everything will be fun! No no, stop crying Brittany! I SAID STOP CRYING!”

279: “So Mathilde and Jonathan aren’t talking to each other, and it’s horrible. Yes, I know they are fictional characters, that’s not the point!”

358: “No no no, let me tell you how to fix the current situation”

359: “No no no, I’m fine, everything is fiiine, no problem, I’m chill.” *has internal breakdown because nobody is doing what they are supposed to*

368: *someone does a tiny mistake* “OMG how stupid ARE YOU?!?!?!?!” (tells nobody they can’t do it any better)

369: “I’ll have a grande double lite no gluten no lactose low fat diet frappechino with whipped cream and pumpkin spices on the go please – Yes, my name is Brittany. No! Bri-tta-ny!”

378: “You just gotta believe in yourself, man! It’s all about mindset! I climped this mountain in a blizzard last year, what’s your excuse?!” *stares down a person in a wheelchair*

379: *just got home from a road trip* “omg guys LETS GO ON A ROAD TRIP!!!” *starts packing*

458: *looks at a person completely expressionless* “Did you know that the perfume you’re wearing contains hardened whale vomit and feces?” Also: “Just don’t tell me what to do.”

459: *said at a party* “I wonder what Kant truly meant when he said: ‘Ingratitude is the essence of vileness.’”

468: “That baby was so ugly! … what? Nobody else was gonna say it.”

469: “Do you actually like this dress? For real? Like, you actually think it’s nice? Okey, thanks for telling me!” *goes to next person* “Hey, what you think about this dress I’m wearing? Oh really?”

478: “What are you talking about? I’m amazing! You just don’t get me because you are a poser like the rest of them. And yes, this is a velvet suit!”

479: “I’m supercool, not at all totally broken on the inside, what are you talking about?” *laughs hard then cries when nobody sees*

k so i have approx 4 hours until this coffee wears off & i can go to sleep. that sounds like just enough time to fall in love, internally wrestle with some existential conflict regarding that love, break my own heart, and fall out of love again. who is keen?

It’s now officially the 31st PST which brings an end to sub solas week. It’s sad, I know!

However! It is not the end of subby solas in our fandom. I had a few individuals reach out to me with interest in still sharing their works, even though they weren’t able to meet the deadline (your mod included) and we are more than happy to continue reblogging anything tagged for us to feature on this blog. 

As with the event, any fic tagged for us will still be pre-read to ensure it meets our blog’s theme and has no iffy consent issues. 

Mod Destiny has a bit of a busy day tomorrow, but expect a masterpost to highlight all the great stuff that was shared this week, plus the giveaway winner sometime within the next 24 hours. 

I’m sorry, the old Eden can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause she’s dead!

The one good thing about the German crisis: We now learn what our President is actually capable of. Usually he is just the representing guy, like the Queen is. Now he actually has political power, because he is the one who has to decide what happens next. Merkel as a minority chancellor? New elections? A totally different chancellor? It’s up to him. He decides and he appoints. 

Grocery Store Gothic
  • There is a room-temperature rotisserie chicken in the canned vegetable aisle. You take it to odd stock. You don’t sell rotisserie chickens.
  • “Will you be open on the holiday?“ You’ve worked every holiday for as long as you can remember. You struggle to recall childhood memories of spending holidays with your family. In the family photos, you’re wearing your work uniform.
  • You get set pay raises every six months. You could swear you’re making less per hour now than when you started.
  • You’re not getting enough hours. “There just aren’t enough to go around,“ the manager solemnly explains. You’re training two new people next week.
  • The baggers seem to change every week. A constant stream of high school kids, always joking around with each other. You’ve lost count, but it seems like there must have been hundreds since you started. You live in a small town, where do all these sixteen year olds come from? You don’t know any of their names. “She brought her own bags,“ you mumble to one of them before they can ask the question.
  • Your cell phone rings. You swear you hear “do you take personal checks?“ before the line goes dead.
  • The same twenty songs play on an eternal loop. A manager comments on the PA system being broken, but you still hear the music.
  • “You’ve been so helpful,“ a customer tells you, “is there any way I can tell a manager about how great you’ve been?“ You direct them to the customer service desk. Later you see a missing persons alert with their picture. This is the fifth time this month. You never receive your customer service reward.
  • You drop something off in odd-stock. The cart is always full. You see the box of cereal you put there last week. You think you see a bottle of Crystal Pepsi further down.
  • It’s 11 PM. There are no customers in the store. You lean on your register, waiting. You ask a manager if you can go home but your request is denied. There are no lights on outside. When you finally leave, you find the doors were locked.
  • “The weather is beautiful,“ a customer tells you. A few minutes later, a customer walks past, drenched to the bone, and comments on how it’s been storming all day. It doesn’t matter. You work in the back and forget what the sky looks like.

anonymous asked:

We have a third store opening up in our town next week, so all the new people who were working in our store will soon be gone. I'd been freaking all Summer about not being able to save up money for college and my situation only starts to look up right as I'm back in college. Oh boy... I'll get great hours these next two weeks, just wish it had happened earlier. Working one day every week was killing me money-wise. Finger's crossed anyways

tbh i would send so many memes to mutuals if my anxiety wasn’t constantly like ‘you’ll annoy them, they don’t want them from you’ lmao

i saw auras again

This afternoon, I was in an orientation of sorts for a new job i start next week. While people were coming in and introducing themselves to the group, I began to notice their auras.

I haven’t purposely seen an aura in a very long time, so I was surprised when I began to notice everyones. It was very exhausting and I began to have a slight headache by the time the whole meeting was over.

This will be an interesting round of work coming up!



List in alphabetical order.

Dolarosa: A total Facebook mom, goes on rants if someone bothers her.

Erisolsprite: Only uses Tumblr ironically, lives in YouTube comment section.

Kanaya Maryam: Goth aesthetic blog with few original posts, blocks people.

Porrim Maryam: Blocks TERFs, actually uses YouTube Music.

Feferi Peixes: Has a YouTube channel dedicated to fish, uses Tidal exclusively.

Alpha Bro Strider: Too many accounts, playlists, and tweets. Never blocks.

Beta Bro Strider: Instigates discourse, @s people, uses Soundcloud.

Tune in next week for a new @daily-homestuck collab!

dolarosa // erisolsprite // kanaya

porrim // feferi // abro // bbro

Demonology 101 Update

When the demon in your house is a pretty chill guy.

And on that note, hopefully I’ll get my arse into gear and get you wonderful people a new chapter next week!
I’ve had a lot of work stress go down recently, so home time is my shut off time, hence the no writing. But I aim to fix that! Hold me to it, people! You’re my only hope! (And Demon!Kylo’s!)

its like close to midnight and my mom had her makeup done and her good dress on and she told me “go to sleep without me i’m gonna take a walk” like gurl i drank the full case of margaritas under my bed and i still know u ain’t going on a “walk” lmao

but i guess im a hypocrite since these last four days ive gone on “walks” too. Today i came home with four new piercings, a shirt with lucio on it, and a stuffed animal. Yup just a normal ol’ “walk”.

When i become a parent i’ma just be flat out honest with my kids when they’re older. But i guess even now i still go on “walks”

I don’t care how cliche that ending was, I was actually holding my breath at every missed connection and then grinning like an idiot when they met once again at the “feet of the angels.”

This show was perfect and wonderful and undoubtedly my favorite of the year. No show was able to captivate and delight me, to make me laugh and cry (almost within minutes of each other), and fall in love with an entire cast (even the grumpy ajusshi broke my heart).

Maybe it’s not a perfect drama (what is?), but it was perfect for me, and I’m thankful that JTBC and JYP Pictures went to so much effort (can you imagine the costs of filming in France? And then waiting a year before airing it?) to give me this gift. It’s a “package” I’ll forever cherish.

You both decide not to train me well at work? Okay.

(warning: long story)

I hope I can explain this properly. This has been a petty revenge years in the making.

So I’ve been at my job for just under 3 years now. I’m in project management doing environmental chemistry and testing. It’s a decent gig and I like the people I work with. Mostly.

I work closely with two woman who have been in their positions for quite a few years. We’re talking 15 for one and 5 for the other. They worked their way to their current spots over time and have coasted since. I got hired into their group immediately and I don’t think they quite liked that. See, they hardly trained me. Most of what I have learned has been self taught or I sought out help from others. There’s been weeks at a time where they’re both super busy and drowning in work while I sit and browse Reddit. But I get by with a few office tricks and playing politician, so I’m seen as a hard worker and willing to learn. Honestly I’m not sure if their plan was to get me fired, but there’s been times it felt as such. It didn’t work, if it was.

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Dex Helper: Ultra SuMo Prep! [CLOSED]

For those trainers who want a head start saving ‘mons for their new games next week, here we are! (Still also for people who are building up SuMo, of course!)

First come, first served! None are shiny. Country of origin specified for ‘mons that can’t evolve. Message me your IGN, deposit, and request. You may have more than one– get as many as you like! I would really like things I can release!

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