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i move that the moral of stories about how ignorant women cause the downfall of mankind (eve in christianity, pandora in greek myth) stop being that women are the root of all evil and start being that in order to prevent the downfall of mankind we must educate our women

Creative Ways to Come up With Ideas

I’m often asked how to come up with ideas, so I thought I’d give you a few ways to hopefully jump-start ideas on your end. Putting yourself in certain situations can get you in a more creative mindset, so be aware of your surroundings and what’s happening around you whenever possible.

Here are a few ways to come up with creative ideas on daily basis:

Listen to the people around you

There’s no better way to generate ideas than to listen to the people around you. People say some interesting things if you stay open to it. Ideas are guaranteed to formulate if you listen to what’s happening around you.

Tune into talk radio

Talk radio will help give you some ideas regarding how people communicate with each other and how people argue about things. Think about how people would talk about things in your world and what forums would be available for discussions.

Watch your favorite movie

Try to focus on why your favorite movie is your favorite. What gets you excited about it? Once you figure out those things, you should be able to realize what you want your book to be like. Harness what motivates you.

Write a scene between two characters

Consider writing a scene between two characters you like. Use your own characters or your favorite fictional characters. Put them in a situation they wouldn’t normally be in.

Take a walk

Allowing yourself some fresh air sometimes helps you get creative. If you’re stuck in one place all day, try to get out for a little while. Changing your environment can help generate ideas.

Use Google Maps

If locations tend to inspire you, use Google Maps to zoom in on places you’re interested in. Being able to see a place you intend to write about can make a huge difference. It will also help you see things in a different way.

Search for new music

Music often helps inspire writers, so take some time to download something new. Turn on Pandora or Spotify and keep your ears open for something that inspires you.

List your favorite characters

Pinpointing exactly what makes a character interesting to you can help you build your own characters. Take some time to list a few of your favorite characters and see what they have in common. Use these ideas to structure a character of your own.

-Kris Noel


I’m rly sick and I’ve been playing fnv non stop so here are my courier children with their love interests favourite npcs/companions :^)c

A little bit about each one under the cut

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Me: cool! A long analytical post about a vc book! Maybe it has some cool shit to say!

The post: *rhetorically demolishes both the characters and plot, devotes half of it to deriding anne rice as a person, slaps me in the face with a fly swatter, murders me with extreme prejudice*

Me: haha great! love it

Reblog with which anime/manga character you are most similar to and why

Avoiding homework, so let’s make this a thing.

I think personality wise I’m almost identical to Noé from The Case Study of Vanitas! To name a few things, we’re both really naive and put too much faith in people, and never realise when people are taking advantage of us or exploiting us etc. And also because we both just wander off when we see interesting things (if my friends let go of me in public they WILL lose me!)