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Get To Know Me - [2/5] Yandere Characters: Jack Vessalius - Pandora Hearts

This world that Lacie loved so much…I will let it sink into the Abyss! So that Lacie who has become one with the Abyss… won’t have to be lonely ever again.“ (insp.)


dreamt of @rosasre’s elegant and glistening town pandora ♡ the aurora in the sky was sooo beautiful and the white flowers & paths throughout town were very lovely and complementary! ♪ the landscaping & pwps looked gorgeous too aaaa ♡ I especially liked the street lamps! very pretty town~ ♡( ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ ⁎)

♡ 4F00 - 0010 - 55BC ♡

Anime and Chill

I’m rly sick and I’ve been playing fnv non stop so here are my courier children with their love interests favourite npcs/companions :^)c

A little bit about each one under the cut

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Radiation Tender

Seeking a break from the monotony of corporate culture Rhys uses his vacation days to go on a camping trip on the new tamed Pandora. Things go pear shaped immediately because this is freaking Pandora and Rhys ends up with a guardian that’s got some interesting motives for keeping the middle manager around…

Chap 1:

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