new pallettes

I feel like I alternate between versions of myself.

One week I’m pretty sure I’m never going to shave again and throw away all my makeup. I’ll eat only what I grow and mediate everyday.

Next week I’m glamour diva bitch. All about my Starbucks. Jamming out to Beyonce while I wax everything and rocking my new Naked eyeshadow pallette.

Any other vegan-beehive-diva-hippies out there?

Monsta X Reaction-Smacking his behind (18+)

Here you go!!!  Don’t forget to go out and buy the new pallette made by the wifey!!!!   Have a nice day guys and send those requests in.—-Admin M

I don’t own these

Shownu:  After you would give him a playful smack on his behind  he would look at you knowing that you do it everyday and is never tired of it.  He would be just as playful as you giving you a cute heart to show his love.

Wonho:  “Hey noona do that again and see what happens.”  He would tease you back and bring you in close to him and plant cute little kisses all over until you surrendered.

Minhyuk:  He would be one to not enjoy this as much.  He would give you a warning to not do it again so when you did, he would lightly press you against the wall and give you a punishment for disobeying his orders.  (Naughty Minhyuk)

Kihyun:  He would pretend like you hadn’t been majorly flirting with you in public even though you had been.  You’d go out to eat and he would tease you but not sharing his dessert with you.

Hyunwon:  After days and weeks of you smacking his ass he would finally turn the tables on you and start to mess with you.  He’d change it up and start doing it to you.

Jooheon:  He would actually love you spanking him on a daliy basis.  Instead of discouraging you, he would make sure that you did it everyday.  On days that you were gone, he’d call you and tell you he misses it.

I.M.:  “Do that one more time noona and I promise you, you will not regret your actions.”  You did it again just to see what he meant and then spent the entire night with him not leaving the room until the sunrise.

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The summoning circle! We break it, we break the binding. No orders to kill, no conflict with it’s nature, no demon.

Look who found out how to put a gradient mask over every frame of a gif with like, three button clicks.

Ahahahah I promise I won’t do it often.

Anyway here’s more Solas covered in mud because I’m a huge pervert and like looking at him covered in mud. I mean look at those biceps jesus christ.

(Lyon you know they use the same body model for all male elve–)

Sssshhh let me dream. Also the surprised expression when you tell him that you will follow his suggestion to break the binding before thanking you is just… You’ve clearly surprised him, again, and he really just can’t deal with all these new surprises and people actually listening to what he has to say. His respect is growing higher and higher for the Inquisitor.

Solas Gifset Masterpost

I have been Missing in Action.. omg. I’m here 🤗
Things are super stressful right now.
With appointments and tests and work and with the house just being sold so we are moving.
I’m actually quite excited about my moving! A new bedroom that I can decorate! I can’t wait!

Out fit of the day.. I hit the gym the morning pretty hard and I only have a couple of errands to run this afternoon and then its all chills. So I wanted something comfy.

This Dragon Ball Z hoodie always makes me happy. It came from Rage on. They sell some really interesting stuff designed by all kinds of people! I can’t reccomend them enough! And the quality is really good too!
New ripped skinnies from my trip to Afflecks palace on Monday and a vest with my unicorn design on.. because unicorn vibes make everything better!

I also got a new a make up pallette nothing fancy but the pigments are amazing! I wanted some bright colours to go with my outfit 👌 Sleek is such an under rated brand I swear.