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Surprisingly, Yamapi does have a important part in Chinen’s life. Unsurprisingly, Yamada still is such a sugar daddy.

an analysis of jughead's dream~

so, the opening sequence of 1x07, ‘in a lonely place’ was jughead having a dream in which him and betty were a married couple, and he’s in a happy family with the coopers. 

he seems really skeptical. like he’s finally getting a moment to not feel sad and that doesn’t seem quite right.

then his dad’s drinking infiltrated this happiness.

all of a sudden, everything went sour, the dream seemed too sickly sweet. something wasn’t right. then, the knife jughead was holding, was in archie’s back.

essentially, he feels guilty. he thinks that in his getting close to betty, he’s stabbed archie in the back. literally.

he also believes that he doesn’t deserve the happiness of being with betty. like it or not, he really does have feelings for her right now.

jughead carries the weight of everyone else’s problems constantly. he’s homeless and his dad is alcoholic and he hasn’t seen his sister in what we can assume is months/years. yet he’s so there for everyone.

essentially, this dream was just a little look into jughead’s thoughts and feelings, and the more involved he gets with betty, the more the guilt seems to consume him. he really does feel like he stabbed archie in the back.

tl;dr: protect my son k thanks

so yeah that sums it up for today’s long, wordy post. i know ive been doing a lot of these lately, but it’s because ive been sourcing images for aesthetics, and i need to put them together. and i’ve only just now started doing the long posts again. i’m doing my best to use gifs and break up the text though.

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Trying to talk to normal people about a tv show like
  • Me: who is your otp? I NEED to know that
  • Person: ...
  • Person: my what??? What is an otp?
  • Me: you know, when you ship two people and-
  • Person: when you what??
  • Me: URGHH

ahhhhhhhhh! this is actually a thing! 😂 guys, you NEED to check this out. i’m acc so obsessed with this shit it’s unbelievable. the musical is catchy af, and so fucking well-made it could pass off as part of the deadpool promotion videos. 😄

bughead: requested by anon ❤

“jughead can be a force of clarity in betty’s life in that moment where she’s sort of hyperventilating and panicking – if his romance with betty can be the thing that allows her to see clearly, that’s something i think he would take pride in,“

i’m sorry that this isn’t one of my better aesthetics, i’m just so low on filler pictures and i gotta go find some more. i’m sorry about the slight bit of colour, i know you wanted it fully black and white, but this just didn’t look right completely washed out. i promise to give a second go at this once i find better pictures to use. 

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