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Christmas in New Orleans

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A stunning all steel and brass roll top desk , all American made by The General Fireproofing Co, from Youngstown Ohio. Late 1920′s . Original simil leather top in amazingly good shape. Main drawer locks all three side drawers. Superb quality, made to last a few centuries at least and withstand the weight of an elephant too !!!

Item No: E4239

Measurements: 45″ wide x 34″ deep x 42″ high.

List Price: $ 5900

Please contact LBNO for further information or trade consideration.

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Carnival Time (#CarnivalSeason2017) by FashionDragon 

New Orleans Square Candy Shop” Herb Ryman

Some of the most evocative theme park concept art comes from the legendary Imagineer Herb Ryman, specifically his work on Disneyland’s New Orleans Square. In the piece above, Ryman has dreamt up a red-shelled candy shop for guests to pop into as they stroll the streets of the [little] Big Easy. From the period-attired denizens to the color choices, Ryman shows off New Orleans Square as a living, breathing corner of Disneyland.

Art ©️ Disney


After the Water Recedes 

Victo Ngai

I had the great pleasure to work on the very challenging cover for yesterday’s New York Times Book Review. At this 10th year mark of Hurricane Katrina, the review dedicates itself to books and shorts about the lives in New Orleans after the disaster. 

At first, I wanted to depict the social and racial inequalities that has been exposed by the water line which is still haunting the recovery. But in the end we decided to show more defiance/perseverance/celebration after the waters receded. 

After I came up with new sketch V.2,  I realized I really miss the mix-match perspectives in my original V.1 sketch, hence the V.3 which was picked for the final. 

Big thanks to AD Shannon and Jolene!