A wild Pikachu appeared! People in New Orleans were surprised one day when someone had illegally installed this Pikachu statue overnight, covered it in patina to make it look like it had been there for years, and inscribed it with the hashtag #pokemonument. Nobody knows where it came from, but Pokemon GO players really enjoy visiting. Source Source 2 Source 3

43 years ago, America ignored a mass murder at a gay bar

On that Sunday evening in June of 1973 more than 60 people were installed in the bar a few minutes before eight o’clock when a buzzer typically reserved for taxi pick-ups rang. A regular was sent to open the door; eyewitnesses recalled the bar door opening and a fireball exploding into the room. Some 30 people managed to flee and hop from roof to roof, but narrow windows trapped many in the small bar. 

By the time firefighters arrived and contained the blaze, 29 people had been killed, many identifiable only through dental records.

The city’s response to the fire—the largest in New Orleans history—didn’t do much to assuage that sense of shame. The day after the fire, local newspapers ran tabloid-style stories focusing on the gruesome details of the fire. “It was impossible to tell that the mass stacked up against the windows had once been human,” reads an article in the State-Times. National papers barely covered the story.

All 32 deaths in the Upstairs Lounge fire were ultimately classified as “accidental fire fatalities,” despite the presence of a can of lighter fluid found close to the scene—and a disgruntled patron ejected earlier that night who had been reportedly heard shouting he’d “burn this place down.” 

Roger Nunez, the primary suspect, was never arrested.


It just makes me sick how ignorant the reporters and radio spokes persons could be with their hateful comments and sick way of thinking! 

I’m sure they didn’t even identify all of the victims, because they didn’t consider them as people!

And the most disgusting thing is that nowadays people still stay ignorant, violent and hateful towards gay community in America!  


RIP innocent souls of Orlando and New Orleans!