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I think the most plausible The Force Awakens headcanon I’ve ever run into is that the galactic media started holding Ben up as the face of the nascent New Jedi Order from a very young age, and everything that’s happened since then is basically the equivalent of a former child star meltdown.

Just, you know, instead of getting drunk and trashing his hotel room, he shivs his dad and blows up the sun, because Skywalkers never do anything small.

Post Punk Party Playlist From ‘84

Depeche Mode - In Your Memory

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Dazzle

The Smiths - Handsome Devil

New Order - Age Of Consent

Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love (original version)

Ministry - Every Day Is Halloween

Depeche Mode - Something To Do

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

Japan - Methods Of Dance

The Cure - Close To Me

The Ogden Standard-Examiner, Utah, March 28, 1922

From Wikipedia

Jimmy Walters is a bashful man. Because of his unfortunate reaction to the sight of bare shoulders Jimmy is in danger of becoming a recluse. Also a prude. Therefore, his friends decide he should be cured. They take him to a certain fancy-dress ball where he will see so much flesh he will never again be frightened by a little. The ball is raided and in escaping, Jimmy, dressed as a lady, climbs through the window of a Turkish-bath parlor [on ladies night] next door. Fearing arrest, he has a brisk time of it avoiding the attendants, and later, being discovered, it is a little difficult for him to explain to his wife that he did not deliberately plan the masquerade.

“Awakening is possible only for those who seek it and want it, for those who are ready to struggle with themselves and work on themselves for a very long time and very persistently in order to attain it.” – G.I. Gurdjieff

Why do we continue to allow ourselves to be divided by people who don't understand human compassion?

Unity through mutual respect and love is the only way to disarm those who keep us perpetually against each other.
Remember that we are all one.

Makeout Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: You- The 1975// Criminal- Fiona Apple// Hey- The Pixies
  • Taurus: Lover, You Should Have Come Over- Jeff Buckley// Should I Stay Or Should I Go- The Clash// I Need My Girl- The National
  • Gemini: I Love You, Honeybear- Father John Misty// American Music- The Violent Femmes// Girl- T.Rex
  • Cancer: All I Need- Radiohead// Call Me- Blondie// John I'm Only Dancing- David Bowie
  • Leo: Heroes- David Bowie// Age of Consent- New Order// Don't Fear The Reaper
  • Virgo: Life Round Here- James Blake and Chance the Rapper// Inertia- Blur// Babe I'm Gonna Leave You- Led Zeppelin
  • Libra: Just Like Honey- The Jesus and Mary Chain// Moonage Daydream- David Bowie// Diet Mountain Dew- Lana Del Rey
  • Scorpio: Befour- Zayn// She's Not Me- Lana Del Rey// American Girls and French Kisses- Beach Slang
  • Sagittarius: Low- Cracker// Kool Thing- Sonic Youth// Sympathy For The Devil- The Rolling Stones
  • Capricorn: Retrograde- James Blake// Sex- The 1975// NYC- Interpol
  • Aquarius: Pablo Picasso- The Modern Lovers// Kids- Beach Slang// Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order
  • Pisces: Somewhere Tonight- Beach House// Make Me A Bird- Elektrik People// Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans- Mac Demarco

everyusernaneistaken  asked:

After watchin several of your videos in random orders (new ones and really old ones) I have a question: Do you age? You look exactly the same in all of your videos (unless I'm missing some). Or is a ProJared year equal to 15 human years?

I am no longer convinced I age. I have been perpetually 24 years old for a long time.

…that’s good though, right?


I added all the boys including the 2 who haven’t debuted yet (and if you’re new and don’t recognizes their faces yet, they’re in age order clockwise from the top).
I replaced “indifferent” with “best friends” because I personally love best friend pairings and I could read a 20 chapter fic all about bros being bros lmao.

Full Pic (the file is Huge):

If you’re not sure how a ship chart works, here’s my example:

Have fun shipping!! (And please share i worked hard ToT)


Yobisute close ups - Kento

The Iconic ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel

So I had an epiphany for a Wonder Woman Sequel that i just HAD to share.

*Contains spoilers from the Wonder Woman Film so YOU BEEN WARNED*

Concepts This Sequel Will Include:

  • Greg Rucka’s current Wonder Woman storyline “Truth”
  • The Amazons of Bana-Mighdall
  • Ares and Circe’s relationship.
  • The New 52 Steve Trevor Concept (DONT RUN AWAY ILL EXPLAIN)


Modern day, probably after the events of Justice League and other DC Films (depending on when/if it gets placed in the DCEU slate of films).


Quest For The Truth:

The film starts out introducing Steve Trevor right away in modern day as being a friend of Diana - but its not the Steve Trevor we know, its a blood relative, (most likely a nephew). His existence will be explained by Diana’s narration so it aint gonna take the whole film to explain - its a minor plot point. Steve is Diana’s friend and a liaison with her for an archeological partnership with the museum she works at… BUT SECRETLY he’s an A.R.G.U.S. agent of Amanda Waller’s (minor cameo) spying on her since… you know - she’s AMANDA WALLER. Since this takes place after the formation of the League - a new family of sorts for Diana - she’s reminiscent of her old family, the Amazons of Themyscira, and wants to investigate her origin since she had been in denial after Ares’ revelation in the first film (hence why she never tried to return to Themyscira before). 

Since Steve has come to be a friend of hers she invites him to travel with her to rediscover Themyscira and Waller tasks him with reporting back to A.R.G.U.S. with all the information on their journey. Also joining them on their journey is Barbara Ann Minerva, established as a friend of Diana’s and one of the few who know of her history and secret identity. 

The trio set out in order to find THE TRUTH of Wonder Woman’s origin together. Their first stop is to visit the sorceress Circe (who has situated herself as the main musical attraction in a local Casino) in order to gain mystical intel and get an idea of how to go about finding Themyscira. Circe directs them to Egypt based on a “rumor” of powerful fighting women residing there behind a mystical sandstorm. After sending them on their way its revealed Circe is purposely leading the trio there because she is acting on behalf of a man named Ari Buchannan who is Ares in a human body with no powers (itll also be established him and Circe are involved romantically via a pulls-pants-up-after-coitus type scene like in the comics) who is trying to regain his godly power to finally discover and destroy the Amazons (ill explain his situation later on).

Welcome To Egypt:

The trio go to Egypt and get through the mystical sandstorm thanks to a charm given to them by Circe and are immediately captured by a group of warrior women led by the thought deceased Antiope who welcomes Diana to the city of Bana-Mighdall - an Egyptian city of Amazons. Its revealed Antiope did die but in Tartarus she was pitted against other deceased warriors in an underworld tournament run by Hades to win their lives back. Obviously she won and was revived with her immortality intact but she was given an uncontrollable bloodlust (symbolized by her new pitch black hair) that she must satisfy to remain immortal in order to provide Hades with new occupants through the ages (this concept is also reflected in the aggression of Bana-Mighdall’s amazons). Upon her revival, Antiope refused to return to Themyscira, being bitter about Hippolyta’s naivete leading to her death and decided to found her own Amazon society taking in orphan girls as well as abused women. She also appealed to the Egyptian Pantheon to imbue her Amazons with the same powers as the “Greek” Amazons as well as hide their new city of Bana-Mighdall from the outside world. We are also be introduced to Artemis, Antiope’s second-in-command who is praised by Antiope as being as well trained as Diana herself and the two spar. 

Diana reveals she is trying to find Themyscira and asks if Antiope can help them. Antiope reveals that she too is trying to find Paradise Island but so she can destroy the Amazons of Themyscira for their weakness (this reasoning will be portrayed as being a result of the bloodlust corrupting her sanity) and she asks Diana to join her in her quest for war with her sisters. Diana and company are obviously shocked but Diana accepts her offer because she was lied to about her origin as well - but this will be a lie. In the night the trio escape with the intent to warn Themyscira but Circe disguised as an Amazon alerts Antiope and her forces who then chase the trio until they barely escape the city. 

Finding Zeus:

Without any leads and now in a rush to find Themyscira to warn them of the incoming attack, Barbara Ann Minerva brings up a legend she had heard of in Bwunda where a local god could help them (her thought is that despite being different mythologies they have to know of each other or have a connecting plane of existence). They arrive in the Urzari Jungle and Barbara-Ann performs a ceremony to summon the god in its temple. This god they discover is Urzkartaga, a sleazy, misogynist plant god who claims to know where Zeus is and after some banter offers to call Zeus for them but then starts wrapping Diana and Steve in vines. He reveals his help isnt without a cost and the woman who performed the ritual to summon him will become his bride. Barbara Ann looks on horrified as Diana and Steve are smothered by plants, suffocating them, whiled Urzkartaga jokes that if Diana is that important to Zeus, bringing her to the brink of death should catch his attention. We then see Barbara growing fur and starting to roar before it goes black with Diana screaming for Barbara Ann while being smothered in vines before a large thunder crackle is heard.

Diana and Steve wake up in a jet sitting across from a man scrolling down an ipad and laughing at a video he’s watching. Diana asks perplexed “Zeus?” to which the man looks up and greets them saying “in the flesh” (my dialogue sucks, picture something better). Zeus says Urzkartaga sure went through a lot of trouble just to get his attention but he made sure he got retribution for hurting his daughter. Diana then asks why he didn’t save Barbara Ann to which Zeus says you cant complain about a deal if you didnt read the contract/cant complain about breaking a toy if you didnt read the instruction manual which leads to Diana lashing out at him for being an absentee father and about her frustration at her mother keeping her heritage a secret, the loss of her various friends and overall has a big venting session to which Zeus apologizes. She asks his help in finding Themyscira and he then tells her even he doesnt know where Theymscira is (otherwise hed have been around when she was growing up) but that the key to finding it is within her because it is emotionally tied to her (this concept is from what Barbara Ann says to WW in the TRUTH storyline). Diana closes her eyes and looks deep within herself until she opens her eyes suddenly and all three of them look out the window and see the island reveal itself in the middle of the ocean. Zeus gives them parachutes to jump out and as they descend they look up and see the door close on the sky to which Steve remarks “was that an invisible jet?”

Return To Themyscira:

As Diana and Steve land on Themyscira, they are immediately met and surrounded by a group of Amazons with Steve commenting on the redundancy of the situation to which Diana demands to speak with her mother leading to a reunion. Diana explains the forces of Bana-Mighdall wanting to come to war with them to which Hippolyta reveals she knows, saying all was revealed when Hermes came to them to deliver news on Diana (Hippolyta will have been routinely checking up on Diana by giving offerings to Hermes over the years and in return he would give accounts of Diana’s adventures and whatnot) but informed them of Antiope’s release from Tartaros by Hades and of her creation of Bana-Mighdall as well as her aligning with the Egyptian gods. 

Hippolyta also reveals they have been planning countermeasures. Without Diana they needed a champion and she directs Diana’s gaze to the arena where a woman is fighting defeating several Amazons in combat. Hippolyta explains the woman’s name is Donna Troy and she is the champion of their people (chosen back when Antiope’s revival was revealed) who will lead them into the war with Bana-Mighdall (essentially DT is the “champion” Wonder Woman was in the comics when a warrior was chosen to bring Steve back to Man’s World, the scenario for the champion-choosing has a different purpose in this film). Diana tries to barter for peace but Hippolyta stands firm that Diana’s word holds no weight since she chose to leave her people, she says she is glad to see her daughter again but she will not back down from Antiope’s forces. Diana and Steve are allowed to remain on the island but they are warned not to interfere if they do not intend to assist them against Bana-Mighdall.

Steve then suggests calling in A.R.G.U.S. to stop the Bana-Mighdall forces halfway because he’s concerned what those women will do to anyone who gets in their way on their journey to Themyscira, and when Diana asks why A.R.G.U.S. he realizes he’s said too much. She ties him up with the Lasso of Truth and tells him to tell her everything which he does, revealing he’s been spying on her for Amanda Waller this whole time but also that he’s come to see her as a true friend and regrets lying to her all this time. Distraught after feeling like she’s now lost two friends on her journey, she abandons him after tying him up to a tree saying when its over she’ll be taking him back to A.R.G.U.S.

Amazonian War:

Circe still disguised as an amazon back in Egypt, informs Antiope that the tracking spell which was put on Diana (while they had their meeting) has located Themyscira. Antiope and Artemis gather their troops and make way to their boats on the Nile river traveling to the Meditteranean seas and towards Themyscira. Ares stows away on one of the boats and is cloaked by Circe. He comments on Antiope’s strength revealing he was able to witness Antiope’s revival in Tartarus and planned for this conflict for decades. He also tells how he was able to survive his fight with Diana (in the first movie). Because of Hades taking pity on his death he was revived as an immortal human without his god-like abilities but he says that a war between the Amazons will accumulate enough power for him to return to godhood. 

Bana-Mighdall arrive on the shores of Themyscira and Hippolyta has an antagonistic and bitter but regret filled dialogue with Antiope before the war starts with Diana looking on. Diana realizes there is a higher power at work here and senses someone drawing energy from the battle, which leads to the revelation of Ares nearby. While not at full power he claims he is more than a match for her leading to the two of them entering a rematch. As he gets the upper hand, she goes “god-mode” by taking off her bracelets and beats him senseless (similarly to how she did in the first film) before putting her bracelets back on. Before she can knock him out, Circe stabs him in the back and gains all his power. She grows to an immense size acting as a Goliath of sorts attracting the attention of both Amazonian parties and a recently freed Steve Trevor who dials Amanda Waller to send in the Suicide Squad.

Artemis mentions to Antiope that Circe looks a lot like one of their own and Donna Troy yells at them that this is a counterattack plotted by them which Antiope denies, causing Artemis to cross blades with Donna. Diana comes between them breaking them up and gives a speech about the Amazons being tricked by Ares & Circe (which will include sisterhood and them all being Amazons as well) and that their duty is to defeat the God of War (aka Circe by proxy) leading to the amazons partnering up to take out Circe. Steve then hangs up on Waller as she asks him to send coordinates and crushes the phone beneath his boot. Diana leads the charge by starting to take off her bracelets again but Hippolyta and Antiope come to her sides and tell her that this battle is to be fought by the Amazons not gods, not only because Diana should never forget where she came from, but also because 


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The most epic David vs Goliath (or Diana vs Giganta ;D) showdown will then commence with the Amazons dodging and attacking Circe from all angles centered on pure fight choreography and attacking a (most likely) CGI Circe. They defeat Circe with a few injuries to some of their warriors but their attack will have drained her god-like powers leaving her unconscious. 


Days pass and Circe is banished by Hippolyta to Tartarus. The two factions of Amazons call for peace and Antiope/Hippolyta each apologize to each other. Antiope then starts to disintegrate saying she hasn’t fulfilled her bloodlust but that she also doesn’t want to live like this, she died once and she thinks its time to return to Hades (paired with a remark about keeping Circe in check). Diana gives her a tearful farewell as Antiope declares Artemis as the new queen of Bana-Mighdall. 

Bana-Mighdall’s forces return to Egypt by sea and Diana confronts Steve about his spying on her which he apologizes for and says he was wrong but he truly does see her as a friend. She knocks him out and carries him to her boat to return to Man’s World. She gives her mother another goodbye and Hippolyta says she hopes that again one day they will meet (because she cant just return to Themyscira when she wants, it has to be for a serious reason, etc). 


We see Steve being grilled by Waller about dropping the ball on finding Themyscira and that they’ll probably never find it again now that Diana has cut off all ties with him.

We see Artemis being crowned as queen of Bana-Mighdall and announce to her people in an arena that they are competing to become the Shim’Tar - the champion of their people. The camera then zooms in on a woman in the arena looking at her bow, gripping it tightly (the woman is Akila, a Shim’tar from the comics.)

We see Donna Troy looking to the outside world as Diana once did from atop a cliff (akin to diana seeing steves plane crash in WW) then it pans to Hippolyta interacting with Hermes who show’s Diana walking into the JL headquarters which then zooms into her actually walking into the HQ where Batman/Bruce is sitting analyzing something on a computer. He asks her how her vacation was to which she says it wasn’t exactly relaxing but it was what she needed to get in touch with a part of her identity she’d been ignoring. She then turns off the computer and tells him he could use a vacation and walks out with him looking on. She then flys away or some other epic ending motion (im out of creativity at this point let me live this was LONG).


Post Credit Scene #1: 

Circe on the boat to Tartarus is nonstop talking to Antiope about her problems with Ares and how she doesn’t deserve this punishment to which Antiope responds by clocking her for talking too much. They’re greeted by Hades welcoming the ladies to his domain as they pass into the darker parts with Circe still running her mouth into the distance. He comments on his niece’s ability to take out Ares and Apollo walks out of the shadows saying Ares was a fool and that since Zeus is absent from Olympus he will try to take his father’s throne. (potential setup for another WW sequel based on the Olympian/First Born story arc from Wonder Woman Vol. 4 in the new 52)

Post Credit Scene #2:

In the jungle of Bwunda, a pair of travelers get slaughtered by an unknown assailant seen as a quick blur past the screen with cheetah spots. Lex Luthor comes out from behind a tree slowly walking forward saying “here kitty kitty, I have a proposition for you” with a shot of a dark patch in the vegetation with glowing red cat eyes with an audible low purr. (Cheetah set up for Injustice League/Society of Super Villains as antagonists for a future JL movie)

Returning Cast:

Wonder Woman/Diana - Gal Gadot

Ares - David Thewlis

Antiope - Robin Wright

Hippolyta - Connie Nielsen

Amanda Waller - Viola Davis

New Cast (Order Of Appearance):

Steve Trevor Jr - Garrett Hedlund (or could even recast Chris Pine “omg your resemblance to your uncle is uncanny”)

Barbara Ann Minerva - Priyanka Chopra

Circe - Taraji P Henson

Artemis - Jennifer Hudson

Urzkartaga - Forest Whitaker

Donna Troy - Adelaide Kane

Zeus - Brad Pitt

Hades - Stanley Tucci

Apollo - Ricky Whittle

Additional Notes/Reasoning:

*Judge the fuck out of my fancasting, im awful at casting movies.*

I think it would be pointless to have another “prequel period piece” for the follow up film because another story BEFORE her appearance in modern day would just be dragging out the prequel feel. We know she used to be optimistic then entered mans world and now in the present shes more pessimistic about humanity - ya aint gotta really explain why: we all know humanity sucks.

Reviving Steve Trevor in modern day could be messy and since Superman is obviously returning in JL itd be dumb to just revive every character thats died - let OG Steve die and bring in Steve JrJr The 23th (probsnotthatmuchdownthedescendentlinebutwhatever). 

Initially Hades wont have an onscreen presence, he’ll just be shown as an ominous figure from a distance with flashbacks like when Hippolyta told the fight of the Amazons and Gods in the WW movie but will be revealed in the end.

Zeus’ portrayal is meant to be Morgan-Freeman-esque if that makes any sense? Essentially by being a god he can take any form he wants and create any visual situation for the people he encounters to see so what im going for here is a relaxed, carefree god who would pursue a persona of luxury. Essentially hes the deadbeat dad too busy being immature to be serious, rarely sees his kids and when he does he infuriates them. 

Donna Troy origin isnt established on purpose to allow her character to be explored in either a sequel or in a titans film (hence the adventurous looking to the outside world in the epilogue - CURIOSITY). 

Lex Luthor Im assuming will be free by the end of Justice League so a setup for him in a more in depth role is inevitable and could be set up here.

The End


Boyfriend Mark

A/N - The first in a little series of Got7 as your boyfriend! I’ll be doing this in age order and uploading a new one each week~ This was actually my first time writing like this so let me know if it was any good! Keep sending in your requests and remember, ships will be closing tonight!

JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • just imagine the ethereal Mark Tuan as your boyfriend
  • like that would just be perfect
  • who would want anything more than this little ray of sunshine
  • he’d be so freaking cuddly
  • omg Mark cuddles would be the best
  • and he’d do them at such random times as well
  • you’re just pouring yourself a bowl of cereal *hug*
  • you’re getting dressed *hug*
  • doing you’re makeup *hug*
  • and don’t even get me started on his kisses
  • they’d range from cute little pecks on the cheek to just full on making out
  • and whenever he started making out with you randomly, he’d just stop and walk away
  • bc he’s such a little tease especially in the bedroom
  • Mark would always want to surprise you with little gifts from all the places he visits on tour
  • which leads to you having a massive collection of keyrings, teddy bears and postcards
  • but you love every single one of them because he looked at them all and thought of you and your pretty face
  • he’d send so many tour snapchats as well 
  • and they’d be of the weirdest things
  • normal people would take photos of the scenery or something
  • but nope Mark goes for taking photos of every bathroom in all the hotel rooms he stays in
  • and whenever you asked why he’d just try and distract you with a shirtless selfie and let’s be real, it works
  • Mark would miss you so much on tour though omg
  • he’d call you every night just so he could hear your voice
  • and he’d make sure to text you when you woke up with a cute message
  • he’d count down the days until he saw you again
  • but he would always make sure the countdown is wrong so that he can surprise you when he comes home
  • and somehow you’d never realise even though he does it every single time he goes away
  • jealous!Mark wouldn’t happen very often because he trusts you with his life and knows you’d never do anything with someone else
  • but every now and then someone would stand a little too close and compliment you a little too much
  • and he’d just switch into a jealous boyfriend
  • it was a rare sight but whenever you noticed him tense up and have a blank expression on his face, you’d know he’s jealous
  • and you’d then make sure to show the person flirting with you that you’re already taken 
  • now let’s talk about the bit everyone was waiting for…the smut
  • Mark Tuan in the bedroom…yes please
  • he’d be so loving and would some nights be really passionate and slow, wanting to make it last
  • but other nights would be the complete opposite, especially if someone had been flirting with you a lot
  • and those other nights were amazing
  • he’d be more rough and he’d leave so many love bites over your neck and collarbones
  • basically Mark Tuan would be an angel of a boyfriend until you got him into the bedroom where he was anything but
  • I just want soft and cuddly Mark in my life though he’s too cute and sexy


Bela Lugosi’s Dead - Bauhaus Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order Love Song - The Cure Ask - The Smiths Age of Consent - New Order Blue Monday - New Order Fury Eyes - The Creatures Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division Aikea-Guinea - Cocteau Twins Juliet of the Spirits - The B-52’s Are Friends Electric - Gary Numan The Village - New Order Whip it - Devo Unlovable - The Smiths Dreams Never End - New Order I Melt With You - Modern English Ceremony - New Order Blister In the Sun - Violent Femmes Love Vigilantes - New Order Hateful - The Clash Mirror in the Bathroom - The English Beat Funplex - The B-52’s Just Like Heaven - The Cure Punk Rock Girl - The Dead Milkmen This Charming Man - The Smiths Love Cats - The Cure Pearly-Dewdrops Drops - Cocteau Twins Heart and Soul - T'Pau

 listen here: by CHLOE SANDERS (collage courtesy of her super cool dad)