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What a difference 40 years makes Alternating views of Holden Commodore VB series, 1978 and Holden Commodore NG series, 2018. The new generation Holden Commodore has been revealed, like its 40-year-old predecessor the new car is based on an Opel equivalent model but unlike the original Commodore, which was manufactured in Australia, the new model will be fully imported for the first time


Prototype verses production Alternating pics of Opel Tech 1 Concept, 1981 and Opel Omega A, 1986. The Tech 1 previewed the design of the new generation Opel Omega in an aerodynamically optimised form. With flush glass and a fastback it had a drag coefficient of 0.235. The production Omega had a Cd of 0.28 which was still impressively low for a 3-box saloon

I’ve partnered with Opel Cars to create series of shorts for the new Opel Corsa in Hamburg, Germany. I’m stoked for everyone to see them in a few weeks! Prost!🍻

The OPEL animations part 3: Advanced Park Assist

I travelled to Hamburg, Germany to shoot 3 animations with the new Opel Corsa. Each animation is for a feature of the car, this one is the Advance Park Assist feature. See all the videos + behind the scenes video on my Youtube channel! #opel #corsa #thenewOH!