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11 and 14 for peter parker

Wardrobe headcanon

Well, as seen in the movie, Peter likes geeky shirts, he probably has a whole collection of them that he continually expands as he sees new ones (online and in stores because “That one is so perfect! Aunt May can I get it?”) But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have nicer clothes, we also see him layering a few different longsleeves in the movie, and I feel like he just grabs a shirt or two and puts them on. Though he’s not totally without style, sometimes he tries something and it just doesn’t look quite right so he will pick something else. After Homecoming, Tony may or may not give the kid some more fashion advice/some nicer clothes for any events Tony kind of maybe invites him to. Peter doesn’t mind dressing up, it’s kind of fun and he’s feels important, but if he had his choice he would still just wear his nerdy shirts - which he totally does. (He also totally has a “May the mass times acceleration be with you” shirt…)

Dancing headcanon

Peter hasn’t had much experience dancing. Before the Homecoming, Aunt May did try to help him out and he wasn’t that bad. But he didn’t exactly get to dance with anyone besides Aunt May so…he’s still a little unsure of dancing. When he does go to a dance again, he actually quite enjoys it. With his spider senses, he’s pretty good at staying light on his feet so he’s not one to step on toes, and he can react pretty quickly to try and steer his partner from running into anyone. Conversation however can be a little more tricky…

Salaam! Hello, I just wanted to share with you guys this exciting news and let you know I’ll be launching an online shop in 3 weeks (yaay). Also we will be teaming up with with this as well, super exciting!! It’ll consist of affordable prices of different types of cute stylish and the typical everyday scarves and other accessories will be featured.  I’m excited to bring this to the platform to life I’ve always wanted to for awhile being now. The reason why is cause I haven’t seen any good prices of scarves out there in the market or on other sites and its time that there is one. This will start off in the US only within the following months will be international. Also, be giving the first 5 people to shop will receive free items and free shipping. So I’m super excited to start this journey and see where it goes. I’’ll be dropping the launch date soon so stay tune. I hope your Ramadan is going as planned inshallah! (awah boutique coming soon) If you guys know of ideas for the shop things you want to see on there send me some messages.

“big hugs”

Live Another Life

Thank you @Sciencebimbo! I’m always looking for prompts, I struggle with creating new ideas… Plus I’ve been spending plenty of time on discord with @thecurvyshade and Co. hehe. I love your blog and I hope you like!

James was a massive fan of RPG’s, the mainstream, the arcade, and the indie. He always seemed to be looking to escape his life into the realm of video games. It’s not uncommon for someone to do this, but James was addicted. He spent many many hours delving into any and all types of RPG he could find… Modern war, Magical realms, Mythological crossovers… But one day he came across a new game on an online store…

“AoB? That’s all it says… Age of…? Barbarians… Brutes… Beauty?” He seemed majorly confused, the letters adorning the top of the screen with a busty lady wearing skimpy armour, also not uncommon among these indie games…

He went ahead and bought the game, booting it up instantly after download… still not knowing exactly what this was… The screen flashed up reading ‘Are you Male/Female?’ He selected male as the screen flashed red and a second screen popped up. ‘Do you want to live another life?’ He instantly pressed yes, waiting for the game to start as a black screen remained until a flash of pink engulfed it and seemingly wiped his mind.

‘Are you a girl?’ The screen said… James unconsciously clicked yes.
*FLASH* James’ eyes radiating the same colour…

[Please select hair colour] (Red/Blonde/Brunette/Black) James clicked…

His hair began to lengthen… slowly down to his shoulders and below turning a platinum blonde as it did… *FLASH*

[Please select facial features] (Pretty in Pink/Sultry Red Slut/Punky Purple) James clicked…

His face became more soft and feminine, fake eyelashes appeared on his face as his cheeks began to develop a natural blush, his lips slowly plumping out as a sheen of pink lip gloss appeared over them. *FLASH*

[Please select cup size] (C/D/DD/E/EE/F/G/GG) James clicked

He let out a lewd moan in a new feminine voice as mounds sprouted from beneath his shirt… slowly getting bigger and bigger until his shirt couldn’t hold his new tits… They expanded more and more until resting at E-Cup *FLASH*

[Please select pussy and ass] (Tight virgin holes/Prissy Prude/Dirty Slut/Fuck Toy) James clicked…

James’ manhood began to shrink, sucking inwards until a womanhood formed in it’s place, open, wide and dripping, as if having her holes open as a gaping tease was natural *FLASH*

[Select mind-set] (Bubbly Bimbo/Submissive Slave/Ditzy Doll) Click…
The screen flashed for the last time and displayed a message

‘Thank you for downloading Age of Bimbos, We hope you enjoy your new life! Why not invite a friend to play with?

“Like, that’s suuuuch a good idea! I should go gets my other friends and show em this amazing game! Maaaaaaybe I could fuck em a little first…” She giggled as she felt her new pussy and ass already gaping “Mmmmm I definitely need to be filled before I show my friends…. Mmmm Janine needs cock!”

Age of Bimbos, Now available for free download on PC and Mac!

Hey everyone! I’m starting a new promotion with my online store where I’ll be including freebies with orders that change every month and July 2017 is Hellhound (Anubis Pharah and Devil Mercy) emote stickers!

P.S. My Pharmercy charm will be back in stock during the month as well as new solo Pharah and Mercy charms. :D

Shoppe Ideas???

Can y’all leave me some fandoms that you’d like to see me make stickers / prints / keychains of? It can be shows,books and movies (I won’t do things that I don’t know about or have no interest in sorry, recs are welcome though!) 

I’m going to have mostly original content like monsters/lgbt/creepy stuff cuz yall know me B^) but I wouldn’t mind doing some fanart things.


New limited My Little Pony keychains for @bronycon 2017!

With different art on each side, you can have a keychain with both celestial princesses, with Chrysalis and her Cadence disguise, or Discord both free and imprisoned in stone!  I only have a limited amount so be sure to stop by table 624 in the Marketplace, near the Pratt Street entrance.

Leftover stock will be available in my Etsy in August.

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hey kevin, i love your art!! would you consider putting more of your work in your inprnt store?

I’m cooking up some new prints for the online store, just you wait.  Been neglecting my inprnt for far too long ;)

Terrible News

So a lot of my art has been taken down from my new online store which was specifically for my button designs. So I have moved some designs over to my Etsy, but I am only able to ship in the U.S. I want to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience for all of those that may have already ordered. This came out of no where and has already started off my day on a sour note.

My Etsy can be found here for those that do live in the U.S. and who still wish to order buttons from me:

My Zazzle does still have some anime, su, and Youtuber designs left on it as well you can check out:

And if you would like a sticker instead my Redbubble is always full of design options:


Part ✌🏻️ The Official Alyssa Barbara Website Coming Soon. So excited to share exclusive content and a brand new stocked online store with you guys! Stay tuned ❤️ #alyssabarbara
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