new one piece swimsuit

EXO Scenario: Seeing you in a swimsuit


Kai: Your new one piece red swimsuit is sexy as hell. The cleavage goes down until your bellybutton. As you walk into the room, his eyes can’t stop staring at you. In a matter of seconds you could see him turned on. 
“You knew red was my favourite colour. But… You.. in red.. Is a huge different thing.”

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Kris: When you take off your dress in front of everyone in the beach, in a matter of seconds his faced changed to a confused/horny/happy face.

“What are you trying to do here?”

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Chanyeol: You go running to pool and jump in. He follows you. As he hugs you, both of you wet, your lips touching softly as you hear the drops of water falling from your bodies. Slowly his hands go to your back unbuttoning your bikini top. He smiles:

“I think you look better without it”

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Sehun: The fitting room is cold as f*ck. You’re trying this new swimsuits and the ac can’t be any lower. 
Y/N: Sehunniiie, can you come here for second
When he enters the room, he licks his lips and pushes you against the wall. One hand strongly holds your hips, and the other your face.

Damn girl”

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Tao: Just when you finished shopping, you arrived home and asked Tao to wait in your bedroom with his eyes covered. As soon as he went there, you put your new sexy black swimsuit on. When you enter the room, he stares at you for more than a minute without moving. Suddenly he stands up. He walks towards you, grabs your arms and flips you towards the door to take a better look at your ass.

“This is all, every piece of you, mine”

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Baekhyun:  While you’re practising your new routine, you put your new swimsuit with a tiny short you bought some days ago to watch yourself working out. When Baek sees you all covered in sweat, he grabs you with his arms like a princess and puts you on your bed. 
When he takes your shorts off, he takes a good look at your new swimsuit. 
“If you want… we can take this to the shower”

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Zhang Yixing: 
Y/N: “I’m going to look so fat ” - You take your bikini out of the plastic bag and show him.
Lay: “Why do you say that? I bet you’ll look sexy as you always do.”

When you go to your bedroom with the swimsuit, as you try it on, you start again with the self esteem thoughts. Why couldn’t you look at yourself and think, i look good, sexy or just something positive?

“Baby?” - You heard Lay whispering as he opened the door.  When he looked at you, he could see your eyes almost crying. 
With his strong arms he hugged you, and look at you once more. 
“You do understand that I couldn’t possibly love you more? Stop thinking about those stupid standards, you are the one I want. Every single part of you.”

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Minseok: When you walk towards the beach, Xiumin looks at you and realises that the fine silk you are wearing is see through. 
“Baby, i don’t want to worry you but, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?”

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Suho: “Jagiya, can you please show me?” 
While he asked you to go to the room to show him the new bikini you bought, you tried to fix the bottom part. It was way too small and wedgy. 
Out of nowhere, Suho enters the bathroom. 
“Let me fix this”

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He grabs your ass, then your bottom bikini part and tears it apart while he kisses you roughly.
You look at him worried since it was brand new.
“Daddy will buy a new one”

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Kyungsoo: You were waiting for DO to arrive home after a few hours in the pool with your new beautiful swimsuit. When you heard the door closing, you walked out of the pool all wet to welcome him. 
DO: “Where are you baby? I’ve misse- He looked at you amazed. -“
He takes off his shirt and pants as fast as possible and jumps to the pool with you.  

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Y/N: Can you help me tying this up babe? 
Chen: On my way!
He looks at you from behind from the top to the very bottom. When you hear him walking towards you he ties your swimsuit up as he whispers in your ear:
“It’ll be kinda hard to contain myself in front of everyone…”  You could feel his hard d*ck from behind, while he kissed your neck softly.

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Luhan: When he first looks at you he thinks about tearing it off and lick every single part of your wet body. After a few minutes looking, you realise he is staring with his mouth kinda open.
Y/N: Babe, are you ok? - He closes his mouth and looks back as if everything was alright.

Luhan: I’m perfect. Why? 
You discretely point his bulge and his face blushes 

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OH YAS. I’m back for more. Love you a lot, seriously, thank you all for the beautiful messages.

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Just a silly DGHDA Beachwear Headcanon

Speaking about Farah Black’s swimsuit, it has nothing common with feminine and sexy stuff like frills, Brazilian tоngi pants or bright ethno ornaments. Just comfortable sports bikini in black or another dark color.

Todd only has dark blue knee-length swimshorts, and that’s enough for him - just one more pants, in which he usually swims in river outside Seattle. Todd Brotzman and beach fashion? Oh, please.

Bart Curlish doesn’t care about this too. Actually, she hasn’t swimsuit at all - some dirty tank top and green shorts will be good for her.

Although, Bart’s occasional companion, Ken, wears simple black shorts for beach rest, almost as same as Todd’s ones. Have you seen some coincidence in choice of swimwear? Well…

Swimming and sunbathes are the last thing, which bother Amanda. Because of her pararibulitis, she couldn’t have a luxury of discovering river depths or getting a suntan in her bright red bikini, which has been ragged and dingy by now. On her last birthday, Rowdy 3 presented to her new black one-piece swimsuit with acid pink lines and skulls ornament.

Meanwhile, every male beach fashionista could be jealous of Dirk’s collection of pretty boxer briefs (as same as his underpants in Watkin episode), from yellow to purple and black. Ah, I nearly forgot about ice cream pants, pineapple pants and rainbow ones.

Mollcroft Friday: Mycroft Doesn't Flirt

Hello! Welcome to this vacation edition of Mollcroft Friday – today posted on Sunday from hot, hot, Rome!

Someone asked for Molly and Mycroft flirting in front of Sherlock and this is what happened.

Sadly my notes are at home as to who gave me this prompt. I promise I will tag them as soon as I can. And I’ll post on A03 when I am near a solid internet connection.



Setting: Thursday, just after lunch in late July. Sherlock and Mycroft arrived in Molly’s lab just under an hour ago.


“That is a nice tie Mycroft. Is it new?” asked Molly innocently. 

“No. No it’s not.” Mycroft didn’t even look up from the file he was reading.

Molly shifted nervously and forced an uncomfortable smile. 

“Molly. Please open that specimen jar for me.” Sherlock didn’t look up from his favorite microscope as he motioned across the lab. 

“Um. Yea. Sure,” Molly answered as she moved to the shelf containing various containers.

Taking the requested jar off the shelf and putting her hand on the lid Molly tried (with a grunt) to open it. The lid didn’t budge. 

Her eyes flicked over to Mycroft and with a slightly pleading look issued a soft request, “Please?” as she held up the large jar. 

Feeling Molly’s gaze, Mycroft gave an audible sigh, put the file down, stood up and walked directly towards Molly. Taking the jar from her, he wrapped his large hand over the lid, gave a 
quick flick of his wrist and the lid gave way with a loud pop.  

“Thank you,” whispered Molly as she took the jar back from him. 

“Someone is flirting,” muttered sherlock under his breath with an evil smirk. 

“I am sure Miss Hooper is not. No one flirts with me,” replied Mycroft curtly.

Molly’s cheeks burned pink, her eyes on the floor. 

“Miss Hooper has no reason to flirt with me. She only has eyes for you Sherlock.” Mycroft didn’t take his eyes off Molly as he spoke. “Isn’t that right Molly?”

The question was met with a small shrug of Molly’s shoulders. 

Only due to many years of repressing his emotions was Mycroft able to hide his surprise. 

Mycroft pondered this curious situation for a few moments. 

“To what end are you doing this?  As I have highlighted I do not flirt,” he explained with an air of exasperation. 

“It’s just,” Molly slightly hesitated as she considered Mycroft’s reaction to her upcoming confession, “you have been coming to my lab once a week for the last five years. I thought it might be nice to meet each other somewhere else for a change. Maybe get a coffee sometime.“ 

"Should we enjoy the outting, then what?” Mycroft’s tone was bordering on bored. He was now standing in front of Molly with his arms crossed. 

“Ah … well … probably dinner,” a nervous smile appeared on Molly’s face. 

After a bit of contemplation Mycroft flicked up his left eyebrow questioningy and continued, “Following a successful dinner?”

“I would think the cinema or theatre would be next,” replied Molly confidently. 

“How do you feel about subtitles?” Mycroft had moved his hands to his hips and was looking down his nose at Molly. 

“I’m fine with them. But actually my French, Italian and Manderin are fluent enough that I don’t need them,” answered Molly proudly. 

Mycroft made what can only be likened to a purring noise. “Obviously a short holiday would follow to ensure we are physically compatible.”

“Obviously.” Molly blushed again. 

“Preference?” asked the British Government, his tone considerably softer. 

“Perhaps somewhere warm. I would buy a new swimsuit.”

“One piece or two?”

“Two,” replied Molly with a cheeky grin. 

“I will admit that is a very pleasent thought,” hummed Mycroft his mind elsewhere. 

“Aviators or wayfarers?” asked Molly. 

“Wayfarers,” replied Mycroft instantly. 

“Trunks or speedos?” This brazen question effortlessly tumbled from Molly’s lips. 

“Speedos.” Mycroft lent down and whispered in her ear, “Red.”

Molly’s breath caught in her throat as her body shivered. 

“Mummy will insist on you coming to Christmas dinner. Tedious as it is.” Mycroft sighed and rolled his eyes. 

“Boxing Day at my brothers,”  Molly gently added. 

“If we must.” A small smile crept across Mycroft’s face. 

The pair stood staring at each other for a moment. 

Turning towards his brother Mycroft spoke with authority. “Sherlock. Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Sherlock looked up from his experiment. “You could do a lot worse. At least Christmas will finally be bearable, especially when then the children arrive.”

“Children?!” squeaked Molly. 

“Two obviously,” came Mycroft’s quick response. 

Sherlock murmured absentmindedly once again focusing on the microscope slide. “Three. She will want a girl.”

“I beg your pardon. Three so you can have your girl.” Mycroft politely bowed to Molly. 

“Oh. Um. Thank you." 

"So it’s settled then,” Mycroft looked hopefully at Molly. She found herself unconsciously nodding. 

While gazing affectionatly at Molly, Mycroft casually pulled out his phone from his inside jacket pocket. 

“Anthea please book the Marleybone Registry Office for the soonest possible wedding. And clear my schedule two … no make that three weeks following for the honeymoon. No idea yet, but somewhere warm.” Mycroft returned his phone to his pocket. 

“Did we just get engaged?" The expression on Molly’s face was one of complete astonishment.

"Yes my dear we have,” announced Mycroft proudly. Taking her hand he raised it to his lips and gave it a lingering kiss.  "Now would be an excellent time to get that coffee you suggested earlier. It seems we have a number of things to discuss.“

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3 words..." You should drive"... Glad you're feeling a little better. _ Arraydesign



His head whips around so fast that it makes her lips twitch. All over-eager yetcautious fumbling on his part as he takes the keys from her hand.

“I thought you said I was never allowed to drive in the Hamptons ever again?”

She releases the keys to him, letting her fingers trail over his wrist as they head out the front door. “Alone. Never allowed to drive alone.”

He gives a full-body shiver as he steps onto the smoothly paved driveway; she releases him to move to the passenger side of his beautiful car. She drove on the way up here, and she drove when they had to make a run for groceries last night, but it’s a gorgeous and warm day, and she’s determined to relax.

“Where am I driving to? The country club for a glass of wine and a round of golf?” His eyebrows dance as he jogs around for the driver’s door. “Or that shrimp and fish shack just off the highway? Ooh, I know, the-”

She lifts her eyebrows, has to resist the urge to tell him to calm down. “Surprise me, babe.”

“Okay, okay,” he says happily, sliding in behind the wheel as she adjusts her seatbelt. “I know just the place.”

“That fast?”

“Been thinking about it,” he admits, putting the car in gear.

The engine purrs, the Ferrari thrumming so nicely through the chassis that she feels it through the seat and in her bones. Between her l-

“It’s only a seven minute drive from here, so don’t get that comfy,” he says, taking a hand off the stick shift to land on her knee. And dust upward, skimming fingers under the hem of her loose cover-up. She has on a new one-piece swimsuit, if straps and gaps can really be called all one piece, and she knows it took him some time to recover after he saw her step out of the bedroom this afternoon.

“Keep your hand where it belongs and I won’t,” she shoots back, pressing her knees together and trapping his fingers.

“This is right where I belong,” he growls back. She swats at his shoulder and he does remove his hand, but she takes it in her own and lays their clasp in her lap, pressing him up against her stomach, warmth to warmth in the cool air blowing through the convertible.

He wriggles his fingers right there when he has to shift, and she releases his hand to let him. Up through second and immediately into third, but no higher; he’s taking them on a winding back road that runs parallel to the coast.

She rests her elbow on the center console and drapes her hand on top of his on the stick shift, strokes her fingers back along his knuckles. A rumble starts in his chest that is both amusement and arousal, one of her favorite Castle noises, and she turns her head to study him, watch it happen.

He’s trying gamely to soldier on. He’s very good at discipline when he wants to be, when he has a goal in mind. She enjoys that about him - the surprise of having a man who seems too eager to wait actually wait. Make her wait, hold her off, that delicious tension of being edged.

“See? Told ya. Here we are. Let me park.”

“This is private beach,” she says, craning her neck to see past the gated houses on either side of the little cul-de-sac. The road keeps on going, but he’s pulled them off into a space that doesn’t seem like parking either. “There’s a gate-”

“It’s actually public access,” he says. “Very private, though, if you know what I mean.” His eyebrows dance at her, and she has the fleeting and unflattering thought of who he might have discovered this with. “Alexis and I found it a few years back.”

She smiles at him for that, for knowing her weak places and shoring them up anyway, even though he shouldn’t have to, after the things they’ve been through for each other.

He’s a good man. A loyal man. She can’t, for the life of her, figure out why he’s been through two previous marriages. Why they fell apart, a man like this.

She lets him have her hand when he opens her door; he helps her out. The skirt of her beach cover flares above her knees and his eyes roam before coming back to her face.

She likes that too. Approves. He’s tugging her to the blue-painted gate and pushing through, leading her down the wooden, poorly-constructed stairs. The whole frame shakes under their descent, but they make it down the grassy hillside and to the sand.

He tugs off his flipflops and holds them in one hand, gestures for her to do the same. He takes her sandals with his, and then her hand in the other, and they walk along the curving cove of public beach.

It’s deserted. It’s lonely.  "Beautiful,“ she sighs.

He bumps shoulders with her and they wander slowly, the sound of waves gentler here, protected, though the two nearly-touching points of the cove are rocky and the far-off thunder of water hitting their cliffsides filters through like white noise.

"Why did it never work out before?” she says suddenly. She can’t believe she asked, ruining what should be a private moment.

“To bring you here-?”

“With your exes,” she says, shrugging. “One and two.”

“You’re my number one,” he gruffs.

She rolls her eyes at that but it does soothe something fragile in her that she’s never been able to completely repair over.  "Castle. You’re - so good at this. Compassionate. Loyal.“ Why is this making her blush? "I’m not saying this because I love you, just because you are. So. What’s the deal?”

“The deal is - I don’t - I wasn’t very good husband material.”

“I don’t believe that.”

His eyes are happy when his gaze turns on her. She shrugs her shoulders, pushing it off, but still. She’s made him happy. 

“Believe it,” he says, squeezing her hand. “Before I met you, I was something of a ne’er-do-well. A playboy-”

“Now I know you’re lying,” she mutters. “You liked to play at playboy, but your heart is too soft for that, Castle. Tell me really.”

He huffs a little, sidesteps physically and mentally both, but she’s silent until he must feel it’s necessary to fill the void.

“Meredith was fun at first. I thought she was like my mother. But in a good way?” 

She chuckles, and he gives her a swift look that immediately collapses.

“But Meredith was having sex with - everything that walked. Only so many times a guy can turn a blind eye before running into it in his own bedroom.”

She presses in closer. She’s heard this one before, though not like this, with this layer of vulnerability. Without masks. No jokes behind it.

“No, that wasn’t all of it,” he sighs. Like she’s dragged the truth out of him. “I was raising Alexis on my own, for all that Meredith was there. But I could have dealt with that. I could have made that work for me. It was when Alexis started looking at her mother with - with those adoring eyes. With that sense of unconditional love that was such a mercy at first, but also so damning. It made me look at Meredith too, really see her. She doesn’t have my mother’s heart.”

“Martha really is something special,” Kate says softly. She’s been on the receiving end of his mother’s grace.

“Meredith didn’t have it. Whatever it was. There’s nothing wrong with her; she’s fun, crazy fun. But I was looking at a little girl who might follow right in her mother’s footsteps, and I couldn’t. I couldn’t. I wanted my daughter to have a heart.”

Castle has come to a stop on the beach. The wind picks up and blows his hair, flopping over his forehead. She leans her cheek to his shoulder and waits until he says it all.

“I think Gina was the same but other direction. She very definitely had rules. She very definitely knew how she wanted things to go. It stopped being fun for Alexis. For me - I could’ve made that work for me. But Alexis was miserable. I’d chosen this woman because my daughter needed a mother, but she turned into a slave driver for all of us. Even for herself. We talked about it the second time around and-”

He goes silent and she squeezes his hand. “It’s okay.”

“And without the crazy not fun, there was no spark at all. Just a lot of sad fighting. So we quit. Again.”

She sighs with him, leaving it to the roll of waves at the shore.

“I think you’re the first woman I’ve wanted just - just for me. To want. To make me better and not my daughter. A partner in all the ways that matter and even the ones that probably don’t.”

“It all matters,” she says softly. She lifts on her toes and kisses the crinkle of his eye where he’s smiling at her, smiling like it hurts. “You matter. I wish better for you, but I think you’re stuck with me. I do have a gun.”

“You’re better than I could have dreamed. And I’ve got a pretty good imagination.” He skims his hand up to her jaw. “Gun or no gun.”


Top 10 Hottest Swimsuits this Week

Still lots of pool time left this year!

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Here are the top 10 hottest swimsuits as voted by YOU.

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Antibes scalloped bandeau bikini

XO Bill Mio ruched cutout swimsuit

Green palm tree print mesh insert swimsuit

by Miraclesuit® ‘Yvonne’ Halter One-Piece Swimsuit

Nasty Gal Jean Genie High-Waisted Bikini Bottom

'Sunrise’ Longline Underwire Bustier Bikini Top

Nasty Gal La Destructa Swimsuit

Set the Serene One-Piece Swimsuit in Emerald

Volcom Dawn Dreamer Crochet Knit One Piece Swimsuit

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Having just arrived in Hollywood last week to shoot a commercial to be aired tonight, Kat decided to hit the beach, which was her favorite thing to do in Australia. Knowing the weather was considerably hot here, she put on her sunblock. The blonde was here for a few acting job after her successful indie movie was a hit back home.

The bad part here was Kat knew no one but hoped to make friends quickly before she started filming a new movie. Sporting a one piece multicolor swimsuit, she stood in the water while it crashed to her feet. The wind was a light breeze. Kat looked around at the numerous families who were splashing ea h other. Then there were the modelesque women, laying out to perfect their already tan skin. Guys were throwing footballs and frisbees.

She saw one guy and was immediately focused on him. Dark hair. Kat realized she was staring too long and jumped in the water, not realizing it was shallow, hitting her body on the sand as the water pulled back. Dummy.