new one piece swimsuit

EXO Scenario: Seeing you in a swimsuit


Kai: Your new one piece red swimsuit is sexy as hell. The cleavage goes down until your bellybutton. As you walk into the room, his eyes can’t stop staring at you. In a matter of seconds you could see him turned on. 
“You knew red was my favourite colour. But… You.. in red.. Is a huge different thing.”

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Kris: When you take off your dress in front of everyone in the beach, in a matter of seconds his faced changed to a confused/horny/happy face.

“What are you trying to do here?”

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Chanyeol: You go running to pool and jump in. He follows you. As he hugs you, both of you wet, your lips touching softly as you hear the drops of water falling from your bodies. Slowly his hands go to your back unbuttoning your bikini top. He smiles:

“I think you look better without it”

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Sehun: The fitting room is cold as f*ck. You’re trying this new swimsuits and the ac can’t be any lower. 
Y/N: Sehunniiie, can you come here for second
When he enters the room, he licks his lips and pushes you against the wall. One hand strongly holds your hips, and the other your face.

Damn girl”

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Tao: Just when you finished shopping, you arrived home and asked Tao to wait in your bedroom with his eyes covered. As soon as he went there, you put your new sexy black swimsuit on. When you enter the room, he stares at you for more than a minute without moving. Suddenly he stands up. He walks towards you, grabs your arms and flips you towards the door to take a better look at your ass.

“This is all, every piece of you, mine”

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Baekhyun:  While you’re practising your new routine, you put your new swimsuit with a tiny short you bought some days ago to watch yourself working out. When Baek sees you all covered in sweat, he grabs you with his arms like a princess and puts you on your bed. 
When he takes your shorts off, he takes a good look at your new swimsuit. 
“If you want… we can take this to the shower”

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Zhang Yixing: 
Y/N: “I’m going to look so fat ” - You take your bikini out of the plastic bag and show him.
Lay: “Why do you say that? I bet you’ll look sexy as you always do.”

When you go to your bedroom with the swimsuit, as you try it on, you start again with the self esteem thoughts. Why couldn’t you look at yourself and think, i look good, sexy or just something positive?

“Baby?” - You heard Lay whispering as he opened the door.  When he looked at you, he could see your eyes almost crying. 
With his strong arms he hugged you, and look at you once more. 
“You do understand that I couldn’t possibly love you more? Stop thinking about those stupid standards, you are the one I want. Every single part of you.”

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Minseok: When you walk towards the beach, Xiumin looks at you and realises that the fine silk you are wearing is see through. 
“Baby, i don’t want to worry you but, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?”

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Suho: “Jagiya, can you please show me?” 
While he asked you to go to the room to show him the new bikini you bought, you tried to fix the bottom part. It was way too small and wedgy. 
Out of nowhere, Suho enters the bathroom. 
“Let me fix this”

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He grabs your ass, then your bottom bikini part and tears it apart while he kisses you roughly.
You look at him worried since it was brand new.
“Daddy will buy a new one”

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Kyungsoo: You were waiting for DO to arrive home after a few hours in the pool with your new beautiful swimsuit. When you heard the door closing, you walked out of the pool all wet to welcome him. 
DO: “Where are you baby? I’ve misse- He looked at you amazed. -“
He takes off his shirt and pants as fast as possible and jumps to the pool with you.  

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Y/N: Can you help me tying this up babe? 
Chen: On my way!
He looks at you from behind from the top to the very bottom. When you hear him walking towards you he ties your swimsuit up as he whispers in your ear:
“It’ll be kinda hard to contain myself in front of everyone…”  You could feel his hard d*ck from behind, while he kissed your neck softly.

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Luhan: When he first looks at you he thinks about tearing it off and lick every single part of your wet body. After a few minutes looking, you realise he is staring with his mouth kinda open.
Y/N: Babe, are you ok? - He closes his mouth and looks back as if everything was alright.

Luhan: I’m perfect. Why? 
You discretely point his bulge and his face blushes 

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OH YAS. I’m back for more. Love you a lot, seriously, thank you all for the beautiful messages.

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Nasty Gal Jean Genie High-Waisted Bikini Bottom

'Sunrise’ Longline Underwire Bustier Bikini Top

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