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Hi! I love your blog esp the head canons you do. Since you headcanon Connor Stoll as suave af, could you make some more headcanons about him (in canon PJOverse)? I'm obsessed, man ;-;

heyyoooo I love that boy 

  • somehow knows every bouncer in the great New York area so he can get into any club/bar with nothing more than a quick hello 
  • goes to an old school Italian tailor for his crisp suits 
  • he only has like two pairs of nice tennis shoes and the rest are oxfords and wingtips 
  • works out five days a week and has picked up so many people at the gym it’s honestly a joke 
  • “I’m not a player, I just crush a lot” is a personal motto of his 
  • Connor learns very early on that Travis is a terrible wing man and then learns that he doesn’t even need a wing man though Katie makes a great one in a pinch 
  • is capable of monogamy and serious dating, just rarely has any interest in it 
  • prefers to not date/sleep with demigods because it’s just more work in his opinion– better to have as little monster attracting energy in one place as possible 
  • doesn’t discover he’s smooth until he goes to college tho because everyone at Camp just sees him as the little Stoll and knows all about his shenanigans so once he’s around a wider dating pool he’s like damn okay I got this and proceeds to be the epicenter of a major spit chain 

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Dear caretaker, I don't ask for a fortune or guidance, but offer you and the stars love and friendship. Plus this cool pen I found at work. I have some shoes with dust from old souls, but I'd like to keep those, as new shoes are harder to break in and I'm not sure if you or the stars require them without a physical form. ~with love, your neighborhood psychopomp


listen the wave of nostalgia and warmth and giddiness i got from ben’s latest shoe gag tweet to mat is frankly ridiculous but i saw it and was immediately hit with how much i’m ready to see new stuff and how much i love them all doing stuff together, that joke is still going after years and years they truly are Fucking Idiots i love them


“… how ardently I admire and love you” - 2/25

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