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Monokuma: Me? Oh, I’m Monokuma, murder facilitator of this new MMBC!

“Huh? You’re… you’re joking, right?”

Monokuma: Nope! Murder sells! That’s why I want you to become this BC’s murderer!

“As if. There’s no way you can force me.”

Monokuma: Anyone can be forced! Now, check out that tablet once more, and see if you’d want to refuse after the offer that’s highlighted in it.


Daddy - Chapter 1 - Surprise

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Fear gradually diminishes as love grows.

~Karol Wojtyla

Jughead Jones walked down the street, enjoying the cool autumn air and the leaves that were floating down to the ground around him.  He was back in New York and he couldn’t have been happier about it.  He had spent a couple years here after graduation taking writing courses at NYU to perfect his writing skills and at 20, he had returned home to Riverdale and spent the last two and a half years writing online and doing editing work for online magazines and newspapers.  He had even gotten to write articles for some of them.  

Two months ago he had gotten a call from a large publishing firm that they would love for him to edit for them, with the option to work from home, but only if he moved to New York so if he was needed in the office, he could come in.  They were also interested in some of the work he had written.  His little drabbles online had paid off and he was more than happy to pick up and move so he could immerse himself in the publishing world.  He had left Riverdale a month later.  

Jughead sometimes wanted to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.  He was just coming up on 23 and everything he’d ever wanted was kind of just falling into his lap.  His life growing up hadn’t been the greatest and he had just barely managed to escape falling into gang life with his dad.  All he’d ever wanted was to write and now that dream was coming true.  He had been in the neighbourhood looking at an apartment and it looked good for him to get it and now he just had to wait for the call.  It was a studio and it wasn’t the biggest, but it was comfortable and it was all he needed.

He walked slowly, his hands in his pockets and glanced around at his surroundings.  It was a great neighbourhood.  Lots of café’s and coffee shops and great places to eat.  He wasn’t much of a cook and he liked to eat so he really hoped he got the place.  He was walking by a small park and smiled at the laughter and squeals of children.  He didn’t mind being in an area that was family friendly, he figured there would be less trouble that way.  He glanced into the park area, his eyes roaming over the kids playing on a play structure and the few adults sitting around keeping a close eye.

Jughead kept walking and then he froze.  He furrowed his brow and took a couple steps back and looked again.  She was sitting on a bench, one leg crossed over the other, her forearms resting on her knee, her hands folded.  She was sitting casually, her crossed leg waving back and forth, a small smile on her face.  She was looking toward the play structure, every once in a while, glancing down and picking at a nail.  Jughead bit his lip and studied the girl.  It was definitely her.  It had been two and a half years and he hadn’t forgotten her face.  In fact, he was loath to admit, he thought of her often.  


2 and a half years earlier……

Jughead couldn’t help but notice the pretty blonde across the room who kept glancing his way.  He hadn’t wanted to come to the party but since he was going back to Riverdale the next day, he let his friend drag him to the end of year party and had completely planned on sulking in the corner but the eyes that kept looking his way had his interest peeked.  He wasn’t much into the party scene and was going to cut out early, but now he found himself slowly making his way toward her.  She was standing by the double doors that led outside to the balcony and kept shaking her head at different guys that came up to her.  She had been nursing the same red solo cup of beer for almost an hour and he figured she could probably use a fresh one.  She watched him come closer and smiled shyly at him, her cheek slightly pink in a pretty blush.

“Hey,” he said, smiling down at her when he finally reached her.  He handed her the cup and she smiled and took it, putting the old one on the table behind her.  

“Hi,” she said softly, taking a sip of the beer.  

“Enjoying the party?” he asked, for lack of anything better to ask.

“It’s ok,” she said with a shrug.  “Not really my scene.  Got dragged here by some friends who pretty much ditched me the minute we got here,” she said with a laugh.  

“Hey, J!  We’re going to the roof to check out the view, wanna join us?” one of his buddies called from across the room.

“No, I’m good,” he called back.  His friend shrugged and disappeared into the next room.

“Don’t care for a good view?” she asked, leaning back against the door frame.  

“I have a pretty good one from where I’m standing,” he said with a wink.  She lowered her eyes and flushed.  Someone jostled Jughead from behind as they hurried inside from the balcony and he fell towards her and managed to grab the frame above her head before he crashed into her.  She smelled damn good.  Like flowers and vanilla.  “You wanna step out on the balcony?” he asked with a smile.  She nodded and followed him out the door.  It was quieter and he leaned against the railing, crossing his feet at the ankles.

“I like your hat,” she blurted, taking another sip of her beer.

“Thank you,” he said, touching his beanie.  

“So, is your name Jay? Or is it like the letter J, as in Jackson or something?” she asked, leaning against the railing next to him so she was facing him.

“No,” he said with a chuckle.  “My name’s Jughead.”

“Jughead?  That’s unusual.  Is it a nickname?”

“You’re very astute,” he said with a tilt of his head.  “Been my nickname since I was a kid.  My real name is a bit horrifying and I never share it.”

“I like it,” she said with a grin.  “My name’s Betty.”

“Hi Betty,” he said softly.  ‘

“Hi Jughead.”  She was studying him and biting her lip and truth be told, it was driving him fucking crazy.  The way her eyes kept flickering to his mouth drove him nuts too.

Jughead wasn’t exactly inexperienced with women, but he was a bit of loner and focused so much on writing that he didn’t get out much or date a lot but he’d had his high school girlfriend and a girlfriend last year, so he had the usual experience with women that guys had by 20, just not a lot of them.  He didn’t run after women like his friends did, but this one, with her beautiful green eyes and shy smile made his body ache in a way that it hadn’t in quite a while.  He was leaving for home tomorrow and he really didn’t know what possessed him to make a move knowing it wasn’t going to go anywhere but he suddenly had a mad urge to taste her mouth.

“You wanna get outta here?” he asked quietly.  Her eyes widened slightly at his question and she bit her lip as if considering.  He was about to change his mind when she answered.

“Yes.”  He smiled and waited while she downed her beer and took her hand and they weaved their way back inside through the crowd and out of the apartment.  In the elevator she watched him, looking a little nervous and he smiled and tucked a blonde curl behind her ear.  

“Got anywhere you’d like to go?”   She chewed her lip and looked like she was going to bolt the second the door opened and he was starting to regret his impulsive decision to leave the party with her.  “I’m sorry,” he said quietly.  “We can go back to the party if you like, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

“I…I’ve just never done this before,” she said anxiously and much to his delight, popped a mint in her mouth from her bag.

“I haven’t either,” he said softly.  She looked like she didn’t believe him.

“But you’re so good looking,” she blurted and then turned red.  Jughead cursed the flush he felt creep up his neck.  For whatever reason, seeing him blush seemed to calm her down.

“I’m a little shy,” he said with a shrug.  The door opened to the lobby and he took her hand and walked out with her.  “We could go for a walk?”  She nodded and they headed outside, still holding hands.  

“So you’re taking classes here?” she asked as they walked slowly down the sidewalk.  

“Yes, fine tuning my writing skills,” he said glancing down at her.  God, she was pretty.  He liked what she was wearing.  A skirt that came to mid-thigh and a pretty blouse.  It wasn’t exactly a sexy party outfit, more on the conservative side but it looked great on her.  

“Are you finished now?” she asked.

“Yes, going back home tomorrow actually,” he said slowly.  She simply nodded, not seeming bothered by that fact.

“You don’t live in New York?”

“Nope, small town boy right here,” he said with a smile.  

“That explains it,” she said with a smile of her own.

“What does it explain?”

“Why you don’t like the party scene and why you’re shy,” she said with a laugh.

“Well, you seem shy and you don’t like it either, you from a small town?”  

“No, New York is my home, I’m just boring,” Betty said laughing again.

“I doubt that,” he said softly.  She paused suddenly and turned to look at him.  He stopped and looked at her.  

“So, what did you have in mind when we left the party,” she asked quietly.  

“I’m not sure really,” he said with a smile.  “Just that I wanted to kiss you,” he admitted.  She stepped closer and with a sudden bold move, stood on her tip toes and pressed a kiss to his mouth.  Her lips were so soft and she tasted like the mint she had eaten.  She pulled back and looked at his face and he smiled and took her face in his hands and kissed her again.  He kissed her longer and when he pulled back she was breathing heavy.

“I don’t do things like this,” she whispered, her eyes still closed.  

“Do you want to stop?” he asked, his own breathing a little hitched.  She shook her head and kissed him again.  Jughead took it a bit further and flicked his tongue against her bottom lip and she gasped and he pressed into her mouth for a moment and then pulled back.  She chased him with her own tongue.  He groaned and hauled her against him, his mouth taking full possession, his tongue sinking inside.  After a moment she wrenched her mouth away, her hands clutching his shirt.  

“I live half a block from here,” she whispered, her face red and her eyes looking down, almost afraid to look at him.

“Okay,” he said gruffly and she took his hand and almost dragged him along.  They got to the building in a couple minutes and took the elevator to the 5th floor.  It was a two bedroom apartment and her roommate was still at the party and when she closed the door she was back to looking nervous.  Jughead stood and waited for her to calm down, feeling rather nervous himself.  He wasn’t sure what the hell he was thinking but damn, she had tasted good and he kind of wanted more.  

“Is it hot in here?” she asked in a rush.  “I feel hot.”  He bit back a laugh at her choice of words.  Hot was definitely the right description.  “I don’t do things like this.  In fact, I lecture my roommate all the time about bringing strange men back here and she would die if she knew that I’m going against everything I’m always giving her shit about.”  She walked over to the kitchen counter and opened a bottle of rum that was sitting there and tilted the bottle back and took a shot.  He raised an eyebrow.

“Do you want me to go?” he asked, hoping to God she didn’t say yes.  “I can promise you that I’ve never done this before either and I feel rather stupid doing it since I’m leaving tomorrow and I totally understand if you want me to go,” he said in a rush.  She shook her head and handed him the bottle.  He took a drink and winced as it burned down his throat.  He put it down and she grabbed it again.  

“I promised myself I’d do something crazy and unlike me before the school year was done and my classes ended last week and I haven’t done shit,” she said, sounding annoyed with herself and taking another drink.  He took the bottle from her and put the cap back on.  He didn’t want her drunk.

“Well, picking up a guy certainly qualifies,” he said with a smile.

“You picked me up, my crazy move was saying yes,” she said breathlessly.  “Plus, you seriously are really fucking hot.”  He smiled and decided the alcohol was hitting her faster than it normally did for most people.

“We could just watch a movie or something,” he suggested, even as he stared at her legs and mouth.  She licked her lips and he felt his body clench.  Jughead decided the three beers he had at the party must be confusing his usually calm hormones.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” she asked, stepping closer.  He shook his head and she grabbed his shirt and pulled him to her and pressed her mouth to his.  He groaned and his hands slid down over her backside and lifted her to him.  She pulled away long enough to tell him which door was her bedroom and he walked her there and into the small room.  He suddenly froze and pulled away.

“Jesus,” he muttered, dropping his hands and stepping back.  

“What?” she gasped.

“I don’t have any protection,” he said with a sigh.  Betty turned and ran from the room and came back a minute later with a box of condoms.  He raised an eyebrow when she tossed it on the bed.

“My roommate brings a lot of guys back here.  She’s a bit of a ho bag,” Betty said, grabbing him again and kissing him.  Jughead started to laugh.  

“Are you friends with her?”

“Not really.  She had this room posted at school and if I’d have known that she was like that I probably wouldn’t have moved in.  She’s also a crazy bitch and I spend as little time here as possible.  I’m moving next week, so it no longer matters,” she said, rambling nervously


“Yes, Jughead?”

“We really don’t have to do this.  I’m leaving tomorrow and I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be back in New York.”

“Perfect,” she said with a smile.  “Then I don’t have to worry about running into you on the street and dying of embarrassment if I suck at this.”  

“You’re not a virgin are you?” he asked, concerned.  “I don’t think your first time should be…”

“God, no, I’m not a virgin, now will you just kiss me already?” she demanded.  Jughead grinned and obliged her.


Jughead stood and stared at her sitting on the bench.  He really couldn’t fucking believe it.  What are the chances?  All he knew about her was that her name was Betty and he hadn’t forgotten that beautiful face.  He had spent the entire night with her and they had had really great sex.  Several times.  They had also talked some, about things they enjoyed and what they were pursuing in life, but they had purposely left out personal information and didn’t exchange numbers.  He didn’t live anywhere near New York and she hadn’t expected anything more and they had decided to keep it the one night.  That being said, it had been the most erotic and amazing night of his life.  He hadn’t ever done anything like that before or since.  No, one night stands were definitely not his style.  Well, not until he had seen her.  

Jughead chewed his lip nervously, trying to work up the courage to go up to her.  What would he say?  Hey, remember me?  The guy you slept with cause you were determined to do something crazy?  She probably wouldn’t even remember him.  He wrestled with the decision for a bit and then decided.  He had never forgotten her and that was enough to at least say hi.  He took a couple steps toward her and then he froze.  A little boy ran up to her and she wrapped her arms around him and laughed joyfully as he placed a messy kiss on her cheek.  

“Momma,” he squealed and Jughead felt his breath leave his lungs.  Jesus, she had a kid?  Well, he guessed that made the decision for him.  She obviously had a man in her life.  He was about to turn away and keep walking when he furrowed his brow as he looked at the kid.  He couldn’t have been more than 2, if that, and he looked oddly familiar.  He was wearing a knit hat and he couldn’t see the color of his hair and Jughead figured it was probably blonde like hers. He studied him and he could see slight features that were her but that wasn’t it. There was something so strangely familiar that he took another step toward them to take a closer look.  

Jughead tried to remember the night of the party.  Was there someone there that he would remember who might look like that kid that she may have started dating?  He watched as she bounced him on her knee and then he gave her another kiss and she giggled and kissed him back, giving him a tight squeeze that he struggled out of, as he slid off her lap and ran to play.  His hat fell off and a shock of black curls bounced on his head.

“Jackson, don’t forget your hat,” she called out.  

Jughead felt like he got punched in the gut.  

The memory hit him like a ton of bricks.  ‘So, is your name Jay? Or is it like the letter J, as in Jackson or something?’.  He looked in shock at the kid and then he realized why he looked familiar.  The black hair helped.  It was like he was looking at a picture of himself when he was a kid.  

“Jesus Christ,” he whispered.  He took a step back and shook his head.  She got pregnant?  How the fuck had that happened.  They had used condoms.  Every time.  Hadn’t they?  He did that math.  The kid looked the right age.  Jughead felt like he was suffocating and he took a couple deep breaths and took a step forward again.  He didn’t know what to do, but he didn’t want to just take off.  He looked back at Betty and she must have felt eyes on her and she turned her head and looked at him.  Her forehead furrowed in confusion for a second as she looked at him and then her eyes went wide.  She remembered him.  Jughead swallowed and took another step forward.  He gaze flickered to the boy and she followed his gaze and her expression turned to panic.  

She stepped between him and the child and he stopped, unsure.  He didn’t blame her of course.  They were basically strangers and only knew each other’s first name and small bits of what they liked.  They had said goodbye with smiles and a kiss and had parted ways.  Jughead didn’t know what to do and she looked like she was going to pass out.  He felt bad.  He didn’t want her to be so upset and he took a deep breath and slowly walked up to her.  She had a sheen of tears in her eyes and he wanted to give her a hug and tell her it was okay.  He stopped a couple feet from her and didn’t say anything, just watched her face.

“Jug…Jughead,” she stumbled over his name and he felt a twinge of happiness that she remembered it; not that it was easy to forget.

“Hey Betty,” he said softly.  He couldn’t help it as his eyes once again moved to the boy who was sitting in the sand, running his hands through it.  The fact that his name was Jackson made something in his heart squeeze.  She had chosen to not forget their night, or him.  He looked back at her and she was chewing on her lip, wringing her hands together, looking like she wanted to run.

“You’re back in New York?” she managed to choke out and he nodded.  

“Big city,” he said softly.  “Never in a million years did I think I’d run into you,” he said quietly.  She let out a nervous laugh and glanced at her son and he saw her hands shaking.  “I like his name,” Jughead said softly, watching her face.  She swallowed and let out a shaky breath.

“Jug….” She began.

“Is he mine?” he asked at the same time.  Her eyes filled with tears and she nodded.  Jughead felt the air suck out of his lungs and he sat slowly down on the bench.  

“I…I didn’t know how to find you,” she whispered.  “I tried at school but they wouldn’t give any information and I’m guessing you weren’t registered as Jughead and I tried asking around but nobody knew you.”

“I didn’t have many friends,” he said, his eyes still on the little boy.  “They all left when I did.”  He took off his hat and clutched it in his hands, unsure of what else to do to calm himself down.  He had a kid?  Holy Fuck.  “We used condoms,” he said hoarsely, trying to work it out in his head.

“I guess they….maybe we missed one at one time, I don’t know,” she whispered. 

“I would remember if we had missed one, it would have been….” He stopped talking and felt himself go red.  He had almost blurted that it would have been so much fucking better without a condom.

“I guess one was defective,” she said quietly, sitting down beside him.  Jughead rested his elbows on this thighs and ran his hands through his hair.  He was reeling and he couldn’t seem to calm the fuck down.

“Jesus Christ, I was just walking by after looking at an apartment and thinking how great life was going and…..”

“Jughead, I’m not expecting anything, honestly,” she said quickly.  “I certainly never thought I’d see you again and I don’t want this to ruin….”

“No, Jesus,” Jughead interrupted.  “I didn’t mean to sound like an asshole.  I’m not saying my life is ruined, I’m just fucking stunned.  I am trying to understand what is happening right now.  I mean, I have a….well you have a…..what the fuck?”  She didn’t say anything and if he was being honest, she was looking like she still wanted to run away.  It suddenly dawned on him that she might not want anything to do with him at all and that she might be wishing he didn’t know and wasn’t going to let him near the kid.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“What? Why are you sorry?” he asked, looking at her.

“I don’t know, I guess I’m stunned too.”

“Are you ok? Is he? Do you need money?” Jughead blurted.

“No, gosh, no.  I’m fine Jughead, honestly.  We’re great.  I don’t expect anything at all from you, I promise.  I know this is a huge shock and I don’t even know what planets aligned to have you even see us, but we’re completely okay.  I was shocked when I found out I was pregnant and I tried briefly to find you but then I just moved on.  This doesn’t need to affect you in any way.”  Jughead just nodded, unable to look away from the little boy.

“He looks just like me,” he whispered and she managed a barely there smile.

“Yeah, he does,” she murmured.  Jughead’s phone suddenly rang and he jumped about a foot and pulled it from his pocket, answering it in a hurry.  He listened and then he went still and glanced at her.  He thanked the person on the other end and hung up, staring at the phone.

“I got the apartment,” he muttered, almost to himself.  He looked at her.  “It’s two blocks from here.”  Betty didn’t say anything, chewing her lip nervously, her hands clenched in her lap.  

“I live across the street,” she whispered.  Jughead felt like his stomach was in a vice.  What were the fucking chances?  His phone dinged again and he looked down at the text and took a shaky breath.

“I have to go,” he said quietly, clutching his phone tightly in his hand.  She swallowed and nodded.  Jughead stood and watched Jackson for a moment and then looked at her.  He didn’t know what to say and he still felt like he was going to pass out.

“I..i’m sorry Jughead,” she said again, her eyes once again filling with tears.  He shook his head and let out a breath.

“Don’t be sorry,” he said with a sigh.  “I…I have to go.  I guess, I may see you around?” he suggested, not really knowing what else to do.  She looked shell shocked and he felt the same.  She nodded and he started to walk away.

“Jughead?” she called out quickly.  He paused and turned to her.

“I…we….Jackson and I come here to play every other day….if you…I mean…if you want to watch him play.”  Jughead stepped toward her, his chest tight.  She wasn’t offering much, but suddenly the thought of watching the little guy playing sounded like the most wonderful thing on the planet.

“I would like that very much,” he said softly.  

“Okay,” she whispered.  Jughead looked once again at the little boy and then turned and walked away.  His heart was pounding and he couldn’t seem to breathe properly, but he felt an odd feeling in his chest that he couldn’t explain.  He glanced back once more and Betty was kneeling beside Jackson, her arms wrapped around him and he felt his heart twist when he saw her shoulders shaking.  She was crying.  He felt terrible that he had upset her and he sighed.

 Life had suddenly gotten very complicated.

Sweet Maker Jeonghan!

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A/N: god damn inspo hit me but motivation left me
slow winks. enjoy

  • for a boy who doesn’t like sweets, he sure does love making them
  • Jeonghan kind of just developed the passion to make sweets
  • It started when Seungcheol wanted to make cookies

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Too Much Drama Mama

Dean x Reader, Best Friend!Sam x Reader 

Request By Anon: heeey, so, you must be quiet fed up with all the dean x reader requests, but i just can’t help it, i love that man and your writing so much D: may I request one where the reader lives in the bunker and mary has a conflict with her and wants the boys to kick the reader out but they refuse and ask mary to leave instead if the reader bothers her so much? maybe dean x reader + best!friends reader/sam? you can write it whenever you feel about it, i’d be so happy~

Warnings: Drama, Mary being rude to reader, fight between boys and Mary, Language. 

*Unedited- apologies for any spelling/grammar errors, and/or anything that’s funky in it haha.* 

Also, Requests are back open :) 

                                 Masterlist              To Do List

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Ever been so sexuallly frustrated you burnt down Paris to get a girl ?

Dad’s Commentary Vol. 30

Turns out my dad didn’t have a whole lot to say about Freedom and Whisky except that he liked it a lot and, “Am I remembering this right or was Brianna supposed to be at the stones with Claire when she went through? Or… she and Roger didn’t go through with Claire, did they? No, that’s not how it happened.”

I have also had to remind him approximately five times that the next episode isn’t until next weekend at which point his face does this:

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EDIT: And it literally happened again this morning. “It’s Outlander day,” Nope, nothing new till next week. “Oh, right. I keep forgetting. Such a creature of habit.”

I was going to do yesterday’s official prompt, because I didn’t get a chance to draw yesterday and I liked it better than today’s. I was going to draw the Xing characters. Then I saw the new chapter spoilers and noped right out. So here, have a cat instead.

My daughter is learning the names of our other cats now (before, they were all Shadow). According to her, this one is “Bishie.”

Pen and waterbrush.

Hazel Eyes || Ashton Irwin

I M A G I N E 

“I know, but I’m currently in a rush, mom,” you spoke urgently on the phone. With the blue tooth in your ear, luckily. You were off to work, of course, in the tightest business skirt and blazer ever. Your heels were just about to kill you as you were loaded. One hand carried a brief case with a few papers sticking out with the other holding a hot coffee. The last thing you wanted was your mother nagging you. 

“Good, your brother wants you to go to his wedding and you have to go,” your mother nags, “You tend to be very forgetful, Y/N, so I just wanted to remind you.”

“Mom, that’s the last thing I am,” you sighed, turning the block at the corner. As you did, you carelessly bumped into a body. The two of you clashed and fell on the concrete ground, the impact seemingly not as awful as you’d imagine it or seen on TV shows. A few papers were scattered, with your brief case slightly scratched and your coffee on the floor and spilling. “Oh shit-!”

“Y/N, what happened? Is everything all right?” Your mother said worriedly on the phone. You looked over to the person you bumped into and blushed madly. It was a boy. A very cute, attractive boy. He was build, evidently, with this black tank top and sweatpants. His curly hair bounced from the clash and danced perfectly with the wind. Unfortunately, the boy wore sunglasses, which didn’t allow you to see the eyes of this seemingly gorgeous human being. 

“Um, mom?” You whisper into the blue tooth while still keeping your gaze on the boy. “Let me call you back later.” Clicking on the blue tooth, you hung up and began gathering the papers before they flew away. You noticed that the boy was helping as well, catching the flying, loose papers before they could run away. “I’m so sorry for crashing into you, are you okay?” You asked the boy. He looked at you and smiled.

“No worries, miss, I’m just fine,” the boy said. His accent killed you. Was it Australian? If it is, you thought, you were instantly in love. “The biggest concern for me is if you’re all right?”

“Trust me, I’m perfect,” you said quietly, staring at the dreamy boy with an intrigued look. “Unless, of course, I don’t get all these papers. Then my boss will explode and I definitely won’t be okay.” The boy laughed as you took the papers he offered and shoved it in your brief case. Closing it and locking it up, you dust off some of the dirt and damage from it. The boy stood up, first, and offered you his large hand. Taking it, he lifts you up delicately and you were back on both feet. “Thank you so much. I’d trade my heels for converse any day if I didn’t have work dress code.”

“Definitely,” the boy agreed, chuckling a bit. As you were recovering from the fall and fixing your outfit, the boy was looking over to the floor. The coffee cup was still oozing out coffee. “Shit, that was yours, wasn’t it?”

“It’s whatever now,” you said with a shrug. “It’s spilling. I’ll buy a new one later, I suppose.” The boy looked over and shook his head.

“Nope, I’m buying you a new one right now,” the boy insisted. “There’s a coffee place at the corner over there, and I want to grab a coffee with you. I wanted to anyways because honestly, you’re absolutely gorgeous.” You blushed, looking down at the concrete floor once more. 

“Well, thank you,” you said sheepishly. As the two of you began walking together, you offered out your now free hand. “I’m, uh, Y/N, if you wanted a name. Calling me miss makes me sound old.” He chuckled, nodding. He then took off his glasses and took your hand in his. That’s when you finally met eyes with the boy you bumped into. Those amazing hazel eyes were making you fall in love with every second you stared into them. Your heart was racing even, with subtle, but unsteady breathing was occurring.

“I’m Ashton,” the boy, Ashton, said sweetly with an absolutely cheeky smile. 

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EXO reaction to learning that your first kiss was with a girl instead of a boy

사랑해 <3 ~ Chas

WARNING: This could be triggering to some of you. This reaction should also not be taken seriously. This is just for fun. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THINGS LIKE THIS!

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


Yeol: “Did you…like it?”

You: “It was nice I guess.”

Yeol: “So, you kissed a girl and liked it?” *Smirks a little*

You: “I swear if you sing that reference, I’m going to smack you.”

Yeol: “I Kissed a girl~” *Get’s smack very hard by you*


Fan: *Nods an appreciative nod at you* “My style babe.”

You: “Everything I do seems to be your style.”

Fan: “That’s because you’re my girlfriend. So, of course I would like everything about you.”


Hun: “That’s nice to know.”

You: *Deadpan* “You weren’t really interested in knowing that were you?”

Hun: “Nope.”

You: *Sighs* “Okay.”

Hun: *Coming up with a lot of ideas now.*


You: “I was in middle school Tao. How am I supposed to remember that far back?”

Tao: “It was your first kiss. You’re supposed to remember it.”

You: “I was dared to do it.”

Tao: “But first kisses was supposed to be romantic.”

You: “Did I mention that it was back in Middle school?”


Nini: “We all have those moments anyways right?”

You: “I guess. So, you’re not upset?”

Nini: “Why would I be? At some point in our lives we like to experience new things right? So, nope! I’m not upset!”


Minnie: “Last time I asked you if you wanted to do a threesome you turned it down. Now you’re telling me that you’re first kiss was a girl and I wasn’t awkward at all?”

You: “Well, I didn’t think…Well, we still have tonight and I know someone who is willing.”

Minnie: “Let’s go.”


Baek: “My my! Aren’t you an adventurous woman.” *Suggestive eyebrow lift* “I like that.”

You: *Smacks him* “Greasy!!!”

Baek: “Then why are you with me huh?” 

You: “Shut up Baek.” *Still smiles at him though*


Han: “This is new. How come you’re just now telling me?”

You: “Because I didn’t think you would like me after that?”

Han: “Babe, we done it after two weeks of seeing each other. What makes you think I wouldn’t like you if you kissed a girl? That just gives me a lot of ideas for when ever you get in the mood to be kinky.”

You: “Leave it to you to say things like that out loud with no shame.”


Dae: “I know about it.”

You: “How do you know that she was my first kiss?”

Dae: “She told me when we were all getting together for dinner.”

You: “Imma kill her! I told her not to bring it up and to let me take care of it.”

Dae: “It’s okay. I called her this morning to come over today.”

You: “Jongdae. We are not doing that kind of thing. When she gets here we are just going to talk and watch movies okay?” *Face palm as he tries to aegyo his way out of it which you are immune to now*


Soo: “Is she that girl you went to meet at, at the cafe the other day?”

You: “Oh yeah her. She wanted to get together and catch up with each other since it’s been awhile.”

Soo: “She seems really nice and you two seem to really care for each other.”

You: “Well, that’s kind of what best friends do.”


Xing: “Did you like her?”

You: “I guess I had a crush on her. I mean she was my best friend but we both decided to just kiss once and leave it at that because we didn’t want to ruin our friendship.”

Xing: “I have the sweetest girlfriend.” *Kisses you cheek because he is a gorgeous ball of fluff*


Myeon: “Did you kiss her or did she kiss you?”

You: “I think i was too drunk to remember who initiated it first.”

Myeon: *Chuckles a little* “So, you remember kissing a girl but not who done it first? How drunk were you?”

You: *You went to answer but you stopped because you don’t remember that either. At least Junmyeon is taking it well*

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Politicians Be Like
  • *elsewhere in the world*
  • New President: So, let me in on the big conspiracy that's driving the direction of the modern world.
  • Secret Service Guy: Sure thing, my guy. *opens doors to the oval office to reveal that it's a dirty barn*
  • Depressed Cowboy: *falls over while attempting to feed hay to an emaciated horsed* ...Howdy, pardner... I guess.
  • New President: What is this?
  • Secret Service Guy: This is the real white house. For the past 200 years, the United States has been controlled by the Sad Cowboys Brigade. Alright, see ya. *locks new president in the oval office*
  • New President: Wait just a minute!
  • Depressed Cowboy: *saunters over to new president*
  • New President: *nervously* Hey there... pardner.
  • Depressed Cowboy: I miss Obama already. He was a yankee, but at least he was familiar. Things've changed, nobody needs a cowboy anymore. Makes you wonder why god still forces me to breathe.
  • New President: Sorry to hear that. Are you going to give me nefarious orders on how to run the world?
  • Depressed Cowboy: We don't do that no more. Not after most of us died. I'm the last cowboy left.
  • New President: In the brigade?
  • Depressed Cowboy: Nope, in the world. All the other biological cowboys dies out in the 1800s. I'm the last one left. Sad thing is, there's no boyfriend free cowgirls that I can breed with. *rests head on new president's shoulder and sighs*
  • New President: Shit, so am I actually going to have to do things.
  • Depressed Cowboy: That's what Obama did, and everyone hated him. Life really isn't worth attempting to live if you ask me. *removes 10 gallon hat to reveal a giant bottle of xanax*
  • Depressed Cowboy: *shakes a couple of vitamin gummy bears into the new president's hand from bottle* They're good for you. They might brighten your day. They sure as hell don't brighten mine. Remind me too much of my dead cowboy brethren.
  • New President: *drops gummy bears onto the floor* You don't seem like a cowboy. You don't even sound like one.
  • Depressed Cowboy: I'm depressed, for one. Also, I'm from Ontario. I'm not even a naturalized American citizen.
  • New President: *attempts to open doors to oval office* Is there any way out of this place? I don't think I want to be president anymore.
  • Depressed Cowboy: No. You're stuck here for the next four years.
  • New President: You're joking, right?
  • Depressed Cowboy: Nope, the doors are closed.
  • New President: Huh?
  • Depressed Cowboy: It's November the 9th. The doors to the White House are closed. No one can get in or out until 2020.
  • New President: I've got a family! I can't stay in the filthy barn for fours years!
  • Depressed Cowboy: Well, most Americans have families. Most Americans live in filthy barns too. Why aren't you thinking about them, sir? Even I have a family in my horse, Leeroy. Give papa numnums, Leeroy. *smooches emaciated horse*
  • Emaciated Horse: *head falls off*
  • Depressed Cowboy: Leeroy is dead. Just like everyone else I ever loved.
  • New President: What am I supposed to do now?
  • Depressed Cowboy: *hands new president a PS Vita* It has Umihara Kawase on it.