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Masato Repeat Love CGs with more bad translations because I could be doing better things with my life

“The girl who shaped me is now my lover. If we’re together, you will bring light into my future.”

“Bits of luck have given me courage. It was you after all.”

“…! Your shoulder is getting wet. I got too caught up to notice. It’s fine if you get a little closer.”

“You always take care of me. I want to return the favor.”

“Time spent like this is amazing. It changes with every heart.” 

“Those wet lips… Don’t worry so much. I’m protecting you now.”

@zaziecurie I know what you mean. They may be the first ones to release the chapter, but the quality of their translation has been going downhill.

The thing with Jaimini’s Box is that they take longer, but they do a more accurate translating job. This week, for example, the chapter wasn’t even up yet at 4am today (2 days later than Mangastream) when I went to sleep, but it was well worth the wait.

Another site I enjoyed was PowerManga, although sadly, they haven’t been translating and uploading anything for a while now. They used to take even longer than JB, but their translations were amazing.

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Nappo! What if Richter spoke maybe french or something? Idk who else to send this headcannon too besides you, XD

Lol I don’t know if this answers your headcanon but this is all I think of if Richter spoke French. It’s probably payback for all the time Aster tricked him. xDD


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I really need to figure out how to put subtitles on videos…

But until then, another picture-form Reve Unitia PV translation, this time of the Ruca Favorability PV! Click here to watch the original and hear some adorable voice acting and interactions between my two favorite cry-baby protagonists.

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The last thing she remembered was the flashing green light from the talisman and the force that pushed her back when she shattered it.  She must have blacked out upon making contact with part of the bridge that had been stuck in an upright position.  Yes, that must be it.

But, when she opened her eyes with a groan escaping her lips and her hand going to her head, she discovered something very strange.  She was no longer on a bridge in the middle of a river in Paris.  No, there were buildings that she had never seen before, technologies that seemed far more advanced then what she was use to.

She slowly stood up, making her way off the bit of bridge that seemed to come with her to… well, wherever she was.  She looked down to herself, seeing the once beautiful ballgown in complete disrepair.  She looked like she had just been through a battle, for sure.

The only thing she knew for sure was that she had no idea where she was, and the odds were that either Rasputin or the Bolsheviks were behind this.  “Димитрий? Димитрий, ты где?” she called out before leaning on a tall thin piece of metal.  Only then did she realize there was a sign before it… in English.  From her limited knowledge of English, she knew it was Main Street… but… the main street of where?

aside from all the drama & f*ckery that happens around here, can I just take a minute to say how incredible this hobby is? like, all of us are coming together to create characters & towns & entire universes for us to make our own. that’s incredible. the fact that we can create an environment where someone can come in & create their own world with their own people & rules & history, & then they get to share it with other writers & let them enter the world & take control of a character inside it? that’s so amazing.

it might not seem like much at the time, when you’re doing gif chats or plotting with friends or doing para replies.. but when you create a new character, you create a new human. you created a little human bean with a life & a personality & a history & hobbies & flaws & strengths & weaknesses. you did all that. whether it was all by yourself or with the help of other admins or writers– you did that. isn’t that so cool? i think that’s so cool.

we’re creating entirely new worlds, guys. whether it’s in a group RP, indie, 1x1, or even if you’re just writing by yourself.. you made a new world & everything you do can help shape it into whatever you want it to be.. idk I just think that’s really incredible.

I’m really proud of y'all for creating your own little human beans & helping them navigate through whatever comes their way, in this new world you’ve created for them to exist in. they couldn’t do it without you.

good job, my dudes. let’s keep up the good work.


George Harrison in a self-portrait (first image) and others, screen capped from Living in the Material World

“I try to balance my life with peace and quiet because the other side of it is really rowdy, you know, when you get into the record business and all that kind of stuff. So I think I’ve been a very extreme person. I’m a Pisces, y'see. One half’s going where the other half’s just been, and it’s been very extreme, you know, extremely up or extremely down, extremely spiritual or extremely drugged. And now, with a bit of maturity, I brought the two extremes closer to the middle. I don’t go too far out, I don’t get too far up or too far down, and it’s - it feels good.” - George Harrison in an interview with Joe Smith, 1988

“George is a very extreme character. He always goes to the extreme. If it’s taking coke, you know, sniffing coke, or if it is being open to meditation.” - Klaus Voormann, Living in the Material World

“George’s zodiac sign was Pisces, and he even wrote a song with the title ‘Pisces Fish’ about it, in which he says: ‘One half’s going where the other half’s just been.’ He was a man of extremes: everything he did, he did intensely. When he was naughty, he was very naughty, and when he was well-behaved, he was very well-behaved.” - Olivia Harrison, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 25 November 2011

“I think for George, he talked about the inner journey and that was very important to him, although he was yin-yang. He could hang with the best of them. [laughs] He was a scoundrel yogi. That’s what I loved about him, because he was honest. He was right up front about it. ‘I’m bad? O.K., I’m bad.’” - Olivia Harrison, The New York Times, 23 September 2011

Red Tweets - GoRA's Nostalgic New Year's Eve along with a message to all the fans

Red, from GoRA, was the one to tweet today.

In the tweets:

  • Red wishes a happy New Year to everyone. Red reminds that the K Movie will air on 12th July this year (2014). The theme song of K Project sang by Angela has been played in the countdown live at the end of the year! (This sends such a sweet message. GoRA really is proud of their work and listens to the K Project theme song when the new year came. *-*)
  • Even Red was there with everyone to jump together to the new year. The song “KINGS” started to play and then at midnight, the lyrics BIG BANG was in perfect timing. (OMG. This is so beautiful. We could have done it, K Project fandom!)
  • Angela will work along with GoRA this year. “I’ll also do my best this year!”
  • Not only the K Movie will be released this year, but also the project “Gakuen K”, “K Lost Small World” and other varied projects. Please look forward to them!
  • “I hope you can also keep up this year! Thank you in advance. Let’s carry out this year to rise to the best!” - Red

Please look forward for more informations and the release of this projects!

Everyone, thank you! Have a happy New Year with all the best! :D