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Hey did you see the new rohan ova character designs? What do you think of em? I feel like okuyasu got screwed up bad.

honestly my first reaction to them is UHH… i get they were tryin’ to replicate araki’s newer style more but it feels like a strange amalgamation of his style and diu anime’s style… maybe it’s the colors that are making it stranger for me? i feel like they don’t work as well here. they’re flashier and work with diu’s cartoony style but feel weird with this more realistic deal

i guess i’ll have to see it in motion first but diu anime’s style had a simplicity that gave char appeal and potential for wonky expressions, which are always what make things fun. hard to say from these caps as everyone has the same dam expression tho pfft

if u haven’t seen em this is what they look like:


I figured out recently the structure to my constant rambles, frequent in speech
I’m a fairly fast paced person
I speak quickly, read rapidly, sleep briefly, and almost jog
I say what I’m thinking, recapping my thoughts, always scaring the silence with voice
Until what I hear sounds correct
And when I do think first inside my head,
It comes in double knots
It can be difficult​ to think of the right words to say
So I do so aloud until I find them


☆ Afuro Terumi & Fubuki Shirou ☆

↳ Hymn For The Weekend - Coldplay

Is there a reason why i can only see a small part of my activity now?

If anyone tried to speak to me in a post i won’t be able to see it now because my activity page only shows like the first 20 or 50 likes or whatever like scrolling down doens’t load more…. I’m. Why………..? Is it just me?

More: like basically, it used to be when i went to my activity page, i could scroll down infinitely and see all my post likes/reblogs so i could see all my activity over time. Now it just loads the initial like 20 notes… and thats it. scroll does nothing on desktop now, so i can only read tags/reblogs from the last 20 notes and that’s it….