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Which one do you prefer for notetaking- paper or an iPad.

I normally use Notability and Google Drive on my iPad because it’s a lot easier to manage than paper. With paper, I would always lose some of my notes and I wouldn’t notice until right before my exam. 

Obviously, not everyone has an iPad to take notes on, but I would definitely recommend Google Drive. It has saved me so many times, and it makes it really easy to share your notes with other people. What I used to do is take notes in class (on paper), and at the end of the week, I would go through them, summarise them and type them up into a Google Doc. It really helps you stay organised, especially in Year 11.

One of the New York Mafia families’ rules is that the members aren’t allowed to grow facial hair.

The 8 rules of joining the Mafia:

  1. “Omertà” – is the oath or “code of silence”, never talk to the authorities.
  2. “Ethnicity” – only men of Italian descent are allowed to become full members (made men). Associates, partners, allies etc. have no ethnic limits.
  3. “Family secrets” – members are not allowed to talk about family business to non-members.
  4. “Blood for blood” – if a family member is killed by another member, no one can commit murder in revenge unless the boss gives permission.
  5. “No fighting among members” – from fist fights to knife fights.
  6. “Tribute” – every month; members must pay the boss; also giving the boss a cut on any side deals.
  7. “Adultery” – members are not allowed to commit adultery with another family member’s wife.
  8. “No facial hair” – members were not allowed to grow mustaches; part of the Mustache Pete way