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abcnews Drone footage captures early fall colors on display around Little Averill Pond in Vermont. 

huh, tumblr says I got like 600 notes or something while I was DMing for my friends

They fought some Vicious Tooth Fairies and an Evil Pumpkin, all of which exploded upon death. They also befriended a skunk, which did not explode. I thought it was a significant improvement on last week, when due to a series of Bad Decisions on my part we spent like 6 hours on a single fight scene


Marokopo Falls, New Zealand

I love all animals, but I’ve never thought about having a snake as a pet. Until now! I just spent 20 minutes trying to convince my husband that we needed to go get this guy!

His name is Pumpkin, and he is a pied ball python. One of his markings is a nearly perfectly formed jack-o’-lantern!

If you are interested, and he hasn’t already found a home, he is at the Zoo Creatures Pet Store in Plaistow, New Hampshire!