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Sweet Child Of Woe (Part Two)

Part Three

“This is entirely your fault.” Camille snapped at the guilty Elijah who had slumped onto a chair once she’d managed to wake him.


“I promise I will find her.” Elijah muttered.


“Before or after I have to bury a child?” Camille asked coldly.


“We need to make Klaus see reason, she is just a child and I doubt he would hurt her.” Elijah followed Camille as she headed out to her car.


“Elijah you want to believe that Hope has changed Klaus, he murdered that child’s mother because he felt like it, she didn’t do anything other than revive a man she was in love with.” With that she climbed into the car and headed back to New Orleans with the hopes of finding you.

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Garrus and Zaeed taking Joker to a gun range and training him in advanced weapons, even a pilot needs to know how to fight and he’s not going to ever be a victim again, not while they’re around. Joker laughs to himself, Zaeed is just like Shepard but takes checks and Garrus is just like Shepard but with a stick up his ass alright, he chokes back a sob- he’s going to make you proud Commander

Samara teaching Jack meditation per Jack’s request shockingly and Samara even going so far as to teach Jack how to Reave in their downtime- it is good to have a daughter again, one who is strong and smart and wild, a bittersweet glance at a daughter she could have known

Kasumi and Jacob don’t really have a chance anymore, but Jacob and Brynn have woken up to housewarming gifts and stuff for the baby more than once for it to be a coincidence

Miranda, Karin and EDI share private conversations, and with the help of a certain Shadow Broker, have begun detailed research and planning into experimental medical procedures on both genetic alteration and a certain disease known to cause brittle bones. Their great contributions to humanity start close to home

Spectres Williams and Alenko, both having survived Virmire, reach out for Council support in claiming the Normandy from the Systems Alliance in Shepard’s alleged wake, it would best be used serving all species, as the Normandy’s inter species crew has shown. It’s their last tie to Shepard and the family they’ve grown to love and a part of the team, and they’d never hear the end of it from Joker if he was forced to serve under anyone else in the Alliance brass

Tali'Zorah works and lives beside Geth on Rannoch, and somewhere in between the caution and the rebuilding she finds herself researching- Legion could be out there, separated into thousands of platforms, thousands of Geth. Shepard would search for it, for him, he is a vas Normandy after all and family sticks together

Grunt and Wrex rebuild Tuchanka, the seasons harsh but the Krogan stronger; there will be plants, cities, revitalisation, peace. Krogan are warriors but they’ll be so much more, they will be protectors too. Aralakh Company welcomes the new Shepard and Solus divisions, the strongest and smartest from all of Tuchanka, behind their new Krogan namesakes. Men and women who stand as the Paragons of their people, their own N7s of sorts

Kolyat sifts through the final vids of the Normandy and the files sent from the Shadow Broker content that his father had awoken again thanks to a new family of odds and ends from around the Galaxy. His omnitool shuts off after he hits send, a letter of thank you to Vakarian and Bailey for their letters of recommendation- the first day of a Spectre training program has begun

Admiral Hackett stands before a grand veil outside of Alliance HQ, a crowd solemn and grateful, as he speaks his slow, meaningful words. “Heroes,” “saviours,” “role models,” commending the best of the best. Unveiled is a statue of Shepard and Anderson, side-by-side, looking towards the stars in salute, and engraved in it is the name of every single person, human or alien, who gave their lives in the fight against the Reapers. Unity it is titled, and unity it brings

Liara stands beside Feron, unlimited information before her fingertips but a pause before she hits the button. She is barely 117, a child, but she is here thanks to her friends and family, thanks to Shepard. Feron puts his hand over hers and presses the button with a small nod towards her: out goes the complete and detailed story of Commander Shepard, every loss, victory and obstacle. Every bit of information classified or not suddenly being downloaded across the galaxy. The people will remember Shepard




Seven quotes from the legendary makeup artist.

If you know your beauty history, then you know Kevyn Aucoin. The famed makeup artist was not only loved by celebrities, models, and editors for his incredible talent, but he was also kind enough to share his knowledge with the masses through his beauty books—including his now-iconic contouring tutorial. Enter: The Contour Book, The Art of Sculpting + Defining. New from his namesake makeup line, this set gives you the product and the how-to in one kit. In celebration of its launch, we’ve collected some of Aucoin’s best bits of beauty wisdom. KELLEY HOFFMAN

“Light colors highlight and make things come forward. Dark colors shade and make areas recede.”

“The key is for people to notice your eyes, not the eye makeup.”

“The eyebrows are the most important feature of the face…all emotion states are conveyed by the eyebrows.”

“Today I see beauty everywhere I go, in every face I see, in every single soul, and sometimes even in myself.”

“If you want to look your best, be creative, try some new ideas, and have fun doing it.”

“Glamour is not self-conscious; it’s not trying really hard. It’s just expressing your own truth. I think that’s what the essence of glamour really is—expressing your uniqueness.”

“Beauty might bring happiness, but happiness brings beauty.”


Starlit Serendipity

Summary: Hook shows up in the middle of the night to take Emma stargazing (◡‿◡✿) [ BONUS: Hook + Modern World ]

Word Count: 1,132

Rating: F for Fluffiness ridiculously fluffy

Three solid knocks on the door caused her eyes to drowsily flutter open, only to find she was still surrounded by darkness. Groaning displeasurably, Emma rolled over to glance at the clock. 2:37 AM. What in the world… Quickly, she threw on a robe and made her way to the sound, fear of what might warrant such a disturbance creeping steadily up within her. As she passed Henry’s empty bed, she panicked before reminding herself that he was at Regina’s. Breathe, she told herself, bracing for bad news as she flung the door open.

“Killian!” She exclaimed. “What’s wrong?” The pirate stood there clad in his usual leather garb. Middle of the night and he was still wearing that. Did he even own pajamas? She was suddenly self-conscious of her bedraggled state and fidgeted anxiously with a strand of her rebellious hair.


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