new namesake


This giant fish, weighing 664 lbs. was caught on a 100 lb. line by Robert Hurst of Angleton, Texas during the Freeport Jaycees Annual Fishing Fiesta and won for him a trophy for the largest Jewfish caught during the Fiesta. The Jewfish, caught up and down the Gulf Coast, though not a fighting fish, is a “day’s work” to bring in because of its tremendous size and weight.

From an article by Mike Thomas in the Orlando (Florida) Sentinal in 2004:

“Three years ago, the seven-member Committee on Names of Fishes, changed the name of jewfish to goliath grouper. This was done at the behest of a Georgia biologist who felt the name jewfish lacked sensitivity.

Rabbi Bruce Diamond of Fort Myers was not impressed: ‘I tell you, in the universe of things that need to change, the name of a big grouper is low on the list. I also might point out that the fish’s new namesake made a career out of killing Jews until he ran into David’.”



modern Namesakes:

- Meggie from the “Inkheart” Trilogy
- Coraline from “Coraline”
- Tristan from “Stardust”
- September from “The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland”
- Chihiro from “Spirited Away” (listen filmmakers can totally count as Writers okay yes)
- I haven’t read Discworld but Terry Pratchett is mentioned in the canon comic so I have to assume at least one of his characters is in fact a Namesake
- Milo from “The Phantom Tollbooth”
- not modern but if there can be a Jason of “Jason and the Argonauts” then there can definitely be an Inanna of “Inanna’s Descent”