new mutants v3


While poor Nate Grey who’s been powered down to weak level is trying to practice his lower-level telekinetic powers in the Danger Room, Dani Moonstar talks to the therapist Gus Grim. Trying to explain to the therapist or anyone about the most complicated/tangled family tree - the Summers Family is the most challenging thing to do. 

Gus: I think the most interesting question is… Who’s that watching him with such indecent intensity?
Dani: That’s Hope Summers. You could say she was the mutant messiah, if you wanted to be trite. First new mutant born after M-Day. Her powers are in a class of their own. Not actually my call to let you talk to her, but I can ask.
Gus: What’s the connection here?
Dani: Hope has so far refused to meet Nate. She was raised and trained by a man named Cable. This took place in the, uhm, future, and Cable is now dead. Nate is… Okay, Cable and Nate are the same person, but from different dimensions. He looks like a younger version of the man she though of as her father. I’m aware how this must sound.

- New Mutants v3 #28, 2011

Where to start reading Legion (David Haller)?

His first appearance was in New Mutants v1 #25

  • New Mutants v1 #26-28, 44
  • Uncanny X-men #254-255, 257-259, 269, 278, 280, 524, Annual #15
  • X-Men Forever #2
  • X-Factor v1 #69-70, 108, Annual #6
  • X-Men v2 #38-39
  • Legion Quest (X-Factor v1 #109, Uncanny X-Men #320-321, X-Men v2 40-41)
  • X-Men Omega #1
  • Excalibur v1 #121
  • New Mutants v3 #1-6, 14, 20-21, 24 
  • X-Men legacy #244, 247-253
  • X-Men Legacy v2 #1-24

#woctoberfest: jamie’s thirty-one randomly-ordered faves

day ten: xi’an coy manh (karma) | vietnamese

the story; xi’an, or shan to her friends, moved from vietnam to the states during the war. she and her younger siblings moved to new york, where shan got a job and an apartment. she was the first recruit and leader of professor xavier’s new mutants. she attended the university of chicago before returning to the xavier institute, this time as a teacher. after m-day, shan went to utopia and joined the reformed new mutants. she lost part of her left leg on a mission and left the team, returning to new york and working with wolverine at the jean grey school.

abilities; shan has a limited form of telepathy that allows her to possess other peoples’ minds. she can control their bodies, actions, words, and memories, even being able to possess multiple people at the same time. her power also allows her to “see” through other people’s eyes and protect herself from psionic assault.

seen in; new mutants v1, v2, v3. mekanix. new x-men: academy x. x-men: second coming. astonishing x-men 49-68.