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Another music meme drawing!!! This time it’s for @celestialsushi and the song Popsicle!

i made a new mouse son who loves ice cream and makes confetti and bounces on his tail
because why the heck not X3
i love him im keeping him he’ll be a background character or something idk asjdfkjasdf

Taylor; “You’re so gorgeous I can’t say anything to your face ‘Cause look at your face”


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Here’s a song I composed, recorded and mixed all by myself! Slightly nervous to be posting it but here you go. 

I wrote it to commemorate ten years of close friendship. I took parts of the very first song I ever composed, all those years ago, and made it into something new.

Do you remember my first song?
Back when the years felt long
All of us searching for where we belonged

And as I look around us now
when all the dust has settled down
it suddenly hits me: we’ve found our place somehow

We’ve made it, we’re here, we’re safe and sound
and I cannot believe you’re still around

Can you believe how much we’ve grown?
We’ve come into our own
Familiar faces made into a home

We’ve shared the highs, the lows and more
We’ve seen it all before
We’re ready to handle whatever lies in store

After all of these years it still seems strange
how both everything and nothing’s changed

And I can’t wait to see
how much more we’ll do
Cause part of the person I am today
I’m because of you

Should’ve known from the day I wrote that song
You were always the place where I’d belong

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Curvin Everybody - Travis Garland

It’s 2 A.M., who’s blowin’ you up?
Hope that you give ‘em the silent treatment
Cause you’re thinkin’ ‘bout me, thinkin’ bout me

With cuffing season around the corner, it’s clear Travis Garland’s caught feelings and is ready to commit, but he can’t help but feel insecure about whether she’s doing the same.

surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away