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SHINee Subbed turns 2!

Activity-wise, 2016 goes down as one of SHINee’s biggest years, with new music on a nearly monthly basis and international promotions up the wazoo. It was also a prolific time for personal achievements, with major film, drama, and solo album / concert debuts. More than 600 subbed video releases helped document the ride throughout, and I look forward to 2017 being just as busy and rewarding for both SHINee and Shawols alike! As always, thank you to everyone who follows and supports SHINee Subbed; I appreciate all the reblogs, kind messages, and help in spreading the word to other fans, especially those not on Tumblr! The more people that get to experience all these great subbers’ work and enjoy SHINee, the better! Let’s keep going! See you back here next year! ♥

As robots, [Daft Punk] are even more secretive than before. Bangalter smiles ironically and never lets you in on the joke. De Homem-Christo, on the phone from Paris, is a master deflector. When asked a question about what their image says about them, he responds: ‘I was not programmed to answer that.’
—  CMJ New Music Monthly, March 2001 (x)
Introducing @music on Instagram

The music community is –– and always has been –– an important part of Instagram. For the past four years, we have become the home for artists big and small –– a place where people across the musical spectrum come to share stories, reveal their creativity and connect directly with fans. Today we’re launching @music, a new account dedicated to exploring music around the globe, from those who create it to the community around it. Each week, we’ll take a look at the musical experience on Instagram. That means showing you a different side of artists you know and love, like Questlove (@questlove), and introducing you to up-and-coming talents from around the world, like Tricot (@ikkyu193). It means highlighting music photographers, album illustrators, instrument makers and, of course, fans. In the Instagram tradition, we will also welcome community participation with a new, music-themed monthly hashtag project. Music is a huge part of all of our lives here at Instagram. It’s a passion of ours, and we know it’s a passion of yours. So follow along at @music –– we think you’ll discover something new. – Kevin Systrom, Founder and CEO Art by @jaredeberhardt

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could possibly do a list or something of all that Jonghyun has achieved? :3 (Like his degree, single albums, awards etc.) I've been trying to find one for agess as he really inspires me to work hard but i cant find any -_-"

i’m guessing you mean everything that he’s achieved on a personal / individual level? so, not related to shinee unless it’s song he wrote, ect.? because, if so!

arrangement / comp. / writing related achivements

🌟 juliette: juliette [lyrics]
🌟 lucifer: 욕 (obsession) [lyrics]
🌟 sherlock: 알람시계 (alarm clock) [lyrics], 늘 그자리에 (honesty) [lyrics]
🌟 misconceptions of you: spoiler [lyrics]
🌟 misconceptions of me: 오르골 (orgel) [lyrics], dangerous (medusa ii) [lyrics]
🌟 misconceptions of us: 너와 나의 거리 (selene 6.23) [lyrics], 버리고 가 (better off) [lyrics]
🌟 everybody: 상사병 (symptoms) [lyrics]
🌟 odd: odd eye [composition, lyrics, music arrangement, vocal arrangement], view [lyrics]
🌟 married to the music: chocolate [lyrics]
🌟 base: déjà-boo, crazy (guilty pleasure), 할렐루야 (hallelujah), love belt, neon, 할렐루야 (mono-drama), 시간이 늦었어 (beautiful tonight), 할렐루야 (fortune cookie) [wrote the lyrics to every song himself minus “할렐루야 (hallelujah)” which he co-wrote with wheesung. co-composed (with wefreaky) and did the music / vocal arrangements for all songs minus: “crazy (guilty pleasure)”, “할렐루야 (hallelujah)” and “렐루야 (mono-drama)”.]
🌟 story. op. 1: 하루의 끝 (the end of a day), u&i, like you, 산하엽 (skeleton flower), happy birthday, 미안해 (i’m sorry), 2:34am, 그래도 되지 않아? (wouldn’t that be fine?), 내일쯤 (around tomorrow) [wrote the lyrics to every song himself. did the composition, and music / vocal arrangements for all songs with wefreaky.]
🌟 for other artists: 우울시계 (a gloomy clock) [for iu], red candle [for son dam bi], pretty boy [for taemin], playboy [for exo], no more [for lim kim]. [wrote the lyrics to every song himself. did the composition, and music / vocal arrangements for all songs with wefreaky, minus pretty boy which was just lyrics.] currently has another song in the works to give to taemin for his solo comeback.
🌟 for monthly live connection: elevator, 가을이긴 한가 봐 (it must be autumn) [with go young bae of soran], 애월 (愛月) [with jung joon young]. [wrote the lyrics to “elevator” himself and did the composition and music / vocal arrangement with wefreaky. wrote the other two songs and did the composition and music / vocal arrangement with the respective artist that the collaboration was with.]
🌟 tweeted that he created eighty seven demo tracks in 2015 alone.

album achievements

🌟 released two solo albums in one year: the first being his debut solo mini album, base, and the other being, story. op 1, his first collection album.

other music related achivements

🌟 has released three solo osts: so goodbye (for city hunter in 2011), 1 out of 100 (for the king’s dream in 2013), she (for birth of a beauty in 2014) and potentially has a new one set to be released soon.
🌟 started up a segment on his radio show, the man who composes, where he releases songs that he composed and wrote himself mostly based around stories that listeners sent in - every song upon initial release is free of charge to listen to, ect.

awards (nominations and wins)

🌟 won eight times on music shows for “déjà-boo” during his promotional cycle in january 2015. once on inkigayo, m!countdown, music bank, and show champion, and twice on mtv the show and music core.
🌟 nominated (but didn’t win) for best dance song at the 2015 melon music awards for “déjà-boo”.
🌟 nominated for artist of the year and best male artist at the 2015 mnet asian music awards.

charting achivements

🌟 upon it’s release, “déjà-boo” hit the melon roof during it’s first hour of release and proceeded to stay at the first placespot on the melon digital chart (which is the most relevant and popular digital streaming site in south korea) for almost three days running. it debuted at the first place spot on every other digital streaming chart, with the exception of daum and cyworld, as well, sticking there for just as long (if not longer) as it did with melon. it, essentially, achieved an all-kill. it ranked in sixth place on the melon digital streaming chart at the end of it’s first week. (the song was released midway through the week.) the song ranked throughout the entire seven weeks of jonghyun’s promotions of the chart, never dropping below the thirty fifth place on the chart.
🌟 upon it’s first week of release, “déjà-boo” ranked in first place on the gaon digital chart for the week of january 4th - january 10th. it continued to stay in the top twenty on the weekly charts for the five weeks that followed.
🌟 with the exception of the two title tracks, every other song on the mini album (minus “fortune cookie” because it’s only featured on the physical release of the album) ranked in the top forty on the gaon digital chart for the week of january 11th - 17th, aka: their first week of digital release.
🌟 preorder sales for base took the number one spot on the tower records chart. (a japanese chart) it also ranked in first place on itunes japan’s digital chart. on the hanteo weekly charts, it was first place for the first two weeks after it’s released and ranked in first place for it’s first week of release on gaon’s weekly physical chart. it took the first place spot on hanteo’s january monthly chart and the second place on gaon’s january monthly chart. it also ranked first place on hottracks and synnara records’ monthly charts.
🌟 base reached second place on billboard’s world album chart for it’s first week of release before moving up to first place on it’s second. it also reached the top twenty on billboard’s heatseekers chart.
🌟 though the numbers aren’t totally up-to-date, base has sold roughly 75k copies on both the hanteo and gaon’s charts so far this year.
🌟 to date, story. op 1 has sold around 22k copies physically. (this is an album that was not promoted officially nor hyped really.)

[end of the year charts are going to help to be more accurate with these numbers though.]

other entertainment related achivements

🌟 participated in the pilot run of immortal song 2 for four episodes in 2011.
🌟 took on the hosting duties for blue night radio from brown eyed soul’s jungyeop in february 2014; has been hosting the show dilligently ever since.
🌟 participated in the pilot run of mnet’s new music reality show, monthly live connection, in october 2015.
🌟 announced as the first participant in sm’s relay concert series, the agit, in late august 2015 with his solo concert series, the story by jonghyun, which took place for three weeks in october. initially meant to be nine shows, due to all of them selling out incredibly fast, sm added on an extra week / three more shows. he put together the setlists for each show personally himself.
🌟 partook in three guerilla concerts (all for free) to promote both the release of his first collection album and his solo concert series. all of the songs played at the concerts were either performances of songs he’s released himself or rearrangements of songs that he’s given to other artists.
🌟 released his first novel, skeleton flowers: things that have been set free, along with the start of his solo concert series. the novel will be released officially to the public on november 19th.
🌟 if not counting woollim artists or artists from subsidiaries of sm: he’s the first artist from the company to have collaborations / featurings from artists outside of the company on his album.
🌟 the first artist from sm to have double title tracks and promote them consecutively / at the same time.

school related achivements

🌟 dropped out of his “regular” high school to attend seoul arts academy and then dropped out of high school altogether to focus on training to debut as an idol. later went on the receive his ged. attended chungwoon university (alongside onew) where he received his bachelor’s degree in broadcasting music in 2014, and is now attending myjeongji university (alongside key and taemin) where he is attending graduate school / working on his masters degree in film and musicals.