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Dear Daisy, 

How are you a month old already? What did I even live for before you were born? This past month I have lived and breathed for my little Daisy boo. I’ve lived for you. It feel as though that mess in my brain is slowly unraveling with the more I get to know you. and I’m here now. and I’m living for the warm summer evenings watching the sun say goodnight to the moon. watching the stars whilst I sleep next to you and wake to your smiling coo-ing little face every morning. What could be better than that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

You cry and I wish whatever pain you felt I could feel for you instead. When you gulp your milk too fast and get a little tummy ache i wish I could transfer it all over to my tummy so you can go back to sleep. I watch you sleep and awake to all your funny little noises; you are a very loud sleeper Daisy boo. I’d love to see inside your mind for the night.. to hold your hand while you dream of milk and cuddles.

Watching you kick out your little legs and feet whilst you lay under your play gym. I can’t help but waste hours watching how much fun you’re having.  The way you stare outside the window for minutes on end and your new found fascination with lights. It really is incredible.. the strength of a mother’s love. 

Every day you’re slowly finding yourself, 

whilst everyday I find myself falling more in love with you. 

All my love,

Mummy x 

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Hello all :)

Been a busy few days. We were all ready to go home yesterday but little Teddy showed signs of being a bit poorly so we’re still in hospital.

Just waiting to see if he has an infection from my water’s going early. Won’t know until saturday I think. He’s on a drip etc till then and 3 hourly feeds. My milk is just starting to come in so that’s a relief.

He’s jaundice as well so is in the UV cot. He should hopefully be fine, think they’re just being extra cautious because he’s so little. Eats like a piggy and doesnt act sick though so that’s reassuring, just very sleepy where he’s premature.

His daddy has been absolutely amazing, especially when I’ve been very afraid for our little one at times. Can’t wait to get him home now. It’s been a scary way to start motherhood for sure.
We've investigated that photo and it's NOT Louis Tomlinson's baby
Sorry, guys

Sorry guys, that’s not Louis Tomlinson’s kid in that photo.

Although you probably knew that, didn’t you?

Not long after news began circulating that the mini-1Der had arrived than pictures of the supposed baby appeared online having been ‘posted by a family member of Briana Jungwirth.’

Hmm…not suspicious at all, right?

Well, sensing something wasn’t quite right we had a little dig, and discovered the picture is actually from 2014 from a new mum’s blog called The Wicked Mommy, and that baby is actually a little girl named Eleanor who, if you wanted to know, was born January 22 2014 via c-section weighing seven pounds one ounce.

Definitely not a little boy born to a pop super star on January 22 2016.

We weren’t the only ones to notice.

Not content with fake baby pictures, fake labour pictures also began doing the rounds.


Will the real 1D baby please stand up?

There has still been no official word that Baby Tomlinson has even arrived, although it is due around this time.

Watch this space to see if it officially appears!

[When even the Metro is calling out the family, you know the stunt has reached its limit …]

Friends? Please?

Hi lovelies!

I’m on the hunt for lots of Mummy To Be friends on here, people to talk to and just to share journeys with! If there is anybody, please like this post or re-blog it and I’ll be sure to follow!

I have lots of thoughts and worries floating about it my head and it’ll be great to let off some steam!

Dear little Daisy, 

Today I had my last scan and consultant appointment which feels pretty surreal. They had a hard time measuring your head as you are so low, getting ready to come say hi! I’ve been discharged from the consultant now too as everything is going smoothly and you’re growing to size. Right now you almost weigh 6lb! My hands are swollen and last night I had the worst nights sleep I have possibly ever had - heartburn is a little b*tch! 

I bought a few more items for the labour bag and your daddy came over after uni and greeted me with sour skittles and more ice lollies - he knows me way too well. I’m hoping tonight you’ll allow me to sleep a little better! It’s okay though, not long to go now. 

It’s pancake day tomorrow! Next year we can make pancakes together. 

Mummy loves you, always.



Max did 3 awesome things.

- he held a spoon and put it in his mouth. There was no food on it, I just wanted to give him something to chew on that was light enough.

- held a chunk of banana and chewed on it. I had to hold it at first, to see what his taste reaction would be, but he quickly snatched it and smushed it into his mouth. It didn’t last long. His uncontrollable reflexes threw it on the floor.

- sat in his bebepod (bumbo thingy) without being floppy. Which means he’s getting some back strength! I usually only put him in the pod for a minute or two because he’s too floppy, so I’m excited for him to be able to chill in it.

Woo. Small things, but super exciting to a new mama.


Baby shower!

Dear little Daisy, 

Today work threw me and you a little baby shower. You are already so, so loved. and I cannot begin to explain how overwhelmed I am right now. Your mummy is very shy so I was very nervous about being ‘centre of attention’. I work in an assisted living home and over the past year I’ve built up some lovely relationships with some beautiful people. I’m blessed to have such wonderful individuals in my life, and I can’t wait for you to meet them all. 

They well and truly spoilt you! You received teddies, toys, clothes, lots and lots of vouchers and money and many many cards. It’s surreal that you’re inside my tummy and you have no idea of the amount of love that floods in for you. 

But mummy is exhausted now and you’re enjoying kicking my ribs until it hurts a little to breathe - but that’s okay it’s just nice to know you’re doing alright in there! 

See you soon.

Mummy loves you.


Anyone else feel stupidly emotional after having a baby?

I find that I have so much to do but cant even seem to get in the shower now the hubby is back at work.

Have so much to do but can’t seem to find the motivation at all. Just want to cuddle the sprog and not move from the safety of our bed.

10 things to do before your baby arrives

There’s nothing I love more than being organised. I love waking up in the morning and knowing I have things as under control as I possibly I can. So I write a lot of lists and I always try and stay busy doing something productive every day, even if it is something little! So that got me thinking about the tasks I’ve ensured myself to do before little Daisy arrives. These are the top 10 that I would personally recommend doing if you’re anything like me!

{1} Pre-wash and organise baby clothes

Through these past months I’ve been given so many baby clothes and bought so many myself too. There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh washing and It’s nice for baby to feel all lovely and snug in freshly washed, soft, clothes. It’s also a nice nesting task! Then organise the clothes into sizes. I didn’t realise how much newborn clothes we kept buying, but after organising things into sizes it gave me an idea of what sizes we were short on and what ones we most definitely weren’t! 

{2} Birth announcement 

I’m really actually excited about birth announcements! I love any excuse to get a little creative and when you’ve got so much free time before baby arrives it’s actually pretty fun! We bought some craft items and cards and are hand making ours. But you can also buy them from shops and buy them online! Don’t forget to get the addresses of people you’ll need to send them to and write a list early so you don’t forget anyone!

{3} Sort through your own wardrobe

I did this a week or so ago because I was getting frustrated with my clothes. I wanted to see what things I’d be able to fit back into and what items I should just put to the back of the wardrobe. Separate your wardrobe into sections/piles of the clothes you’re looking forward to fitting into again. 

{4} Pamper yourself

Whilst you still have the time! Plus, it would be nice to feel and look as decent as you can throughout the labour and afterwards when visitors arrive. Little things like face masks and painting your nails! Set aside a few nights a week leading up to your due date to have little pamper evenings. 

{5} Pack your bags

Pack your hospital bags, then re-pack and re-pack again. Just to make sure you’ve got everything you’ll possibly need. It would be a horrible feeling getting to the hospital and realising you’ve forgotten something really important! This is what I’ve prepared in my labour bag - although I’ve re-packed it a few times since

{6} Prepare meals

Prepare and freeze some meals. You might not find the time when baby is here to cook and it’s so important after pregnancy to look after yourself as well as your new baby. Having some nice meals ready in the freezer will put your mind at rest and take one task off your shoulders. Think meals like lasagne and Bolognese.

{7} Clean

Because it will be a lovely feeling bringing a beautiful fresh new baby home to a lovely clean and tidy home. Plus it will be nice for when the visitors start knocking! 

{8} Make sure you know where to go

Take a little trip to the hospital! Just to make sure you know exactly where you’re going. You don’t want to be delivering your baby in the car! We took a trip up to the maternity unit at the hospital a few weeks ago and it was a great insight. I feel settled now that we know exactly where to go. A lot of maternity units will provide you with a tour (if you book in advanced) and I’d definitely recommend doing so! It’s lovely to see where you’re going to be giving birth. 

{9} Charge

Phone. Camera. Ipod. Kindle. Ipad. Laptop. ANYTHING electrical that you will be taking with you. Keep fully charged! Imagine speeding into labour and forgetting that you’re camera or phone has run out of battery and you can’t capture those first moments quite like you had planned! I know I would cry if I forgot my beloved camera or it wasn’t charged!

{10} Baby book

Go through your baby book if you have one! Fill out the little details you are able to fill in now. It’s so lovely to look back and remember what it felt like to be pregnant.

All these little tasks should keep you busy and excited whilst awaiting the arrival of your little one! 

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