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Pisces New Moon (February 26th 2017) ♓

New Moon = New Beginnings, and the New Moons have finally reached the last sign of the cycle. This new moon is going to feel like an ‘ending of a cycle’ of emotions, and that will mean something different for everyone. How have your emotions carried on this past year? What has blocked you? What have you overcome? 

Pisces New Moon is an amazing time for reflection and the keyword of Pisces is “UNDERSTANDING”. What are you understanding now? What is finally coming together for the next year of emotions to begin? Have a think outside the box about what everything means at this point in your life. Try not to let yourself avoid thinking about and feeling certain thinks that act as blockages in your life. Pisces is good at being deceived, so its best to start the new cycle with everything clear, so that you don’t end up in a deeper rut later on (it will only be harder to move on if you let this be so). 

This Pisces New Moon WANTS us to find peace at how the past has brought us to the present, as that is the only way we can move on to our future. 

Living by the Moon

The Moon.

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, you cannot deny the powerful effect the Moon has;
upon our tides, upon nature and upon the Human mind.
For She lights up the night, so we in the dark may see.

As of my writing this, a New Moon has just occurred in the sign of the scales, Libra ♎︎
A New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar month, a cycle that lasts for between 29 and 30 days.

In my experience it is very beneficial to live by the rhythm of the Moon. This way we can work on our creating our future, the way we would like it to be, one month at a time. But how?


Whilst the moon is lightless, crossing in front of the sun, set your goal, what do you want to have achieved in 30 days time?

Perhaps set one big goal, and several smaller ones, which may or may not be directly supporting the larger goal - just ensure you avoid spreading yourself too thin. The New Moon is the perfect time to decide to try something new for a month.


Now one day at a time, with your goals in mind, work towards making them a reality. Avoid expecting too much at once, and take each day as it comes!


As this is the brightest the moon is during her cycle it is possible that one’s intentions can manifest at this time of the month, but in any case it is a point to recognise how far you have come over the last two weeks - if you have been working steadily towards your targets you will definitely notice your improvements since you began. This may also be the time in which you realise your vision, and see the potential final form your project might take! It’s a time to celebrate!


As the Moon’s light begins to turn away from the earth, one’s focus shifts from building up towards the goal to maintaining the infrastructure they have already implemented. This is the time to make tweaks and ensure that the details are indeed all in place and as they should be; perform any trimming and pruning as you see fit to ensure your project’s longevity.


Once the waning crescent disappears from the night sky, vanishing into the rays of dawn, we reach the end of our cycle. At this time we must review the past month, how did we perform, what was successful, where could we have improved?
Through this process of review we can identify what held us back, and make the conscious decision to let it go, to banish it from us, so that we may enter the next cycle without baggage and doubt; cleansed and ready to take on the next month!

You may find it particularly beneficial to choose a project that is associated with the the sign of the New Moon, this month is ♎︎ Libra so subjects related to art, law, relationships and balance will naturally take focus in some way for the month. The next Full Moon will be in ♉︎ Taurus which is associated with ART, BEAUTY & NATURE ~ it really is the perfect time for Deviants to try out experimenting with a new medium, technique or subject for the month and really make use of the chance to kickstart some growth in your art form!

All the best & enjoy working by the Moon’s Light.

Thorors Olymthoro

🌛Moon phase runes🌜

🔮Take 8 rocks that can be easily painted and paint a moon phase on each of them🔮

These are the meanings of each phase:

🌑New Moon: Set intention for cycle, New beginnings, Fresh start.

🌒Crescent: Deepen resolve, intentions, hopes and wishes

🌓First quarter:  Challenges,decisions, actions

🌔Gibbous: Refine and improve, adjust.

🌕Full Moon: Let realizations come to you

🌖Disseminating: Gratitude, sharing, enthusiasm 

🌗Last quarter: Seed your next cycle, release, let go, forgive

🌘Balsamic: Surrender, rest, recuperate

Now just chose some spreads and you’re ready to go! 

Reminder that there’s a New Moon tonight! 


New Moons are good for dark works, new beginnings, new projects, rejuvenation, beauty, health, personal improvement, new employment, banishment, and money spells. 

Image credit: MOON - Current Moon Phase app

NEW 🌿🌑🌿 MOON update

Inhale • Exhale
Gemini Sun ☀️
Gemini Super Moon 🌑

New moon [in gemini]: May 25th
good for: Communication ~ Throat Chakra + viewing our thoughts differently

New moon Archetype: Sage

The Gemini lunation is sending out a powerful reminder tonight for us to communicate better with ourselves & each other, observing thoughts (positive + negative), and to learn to appreciate how much more effective considering different perspectives can make us.
We might also work on understanding when to lead, and when to sit down and let someone who is more qualified lead.

Gemini energy is very “thought” + “throat” driven.
• Be quiet tonight Gemini
• Relax your mind tonight Gemini
You are not your thoughts, you are simply the observer of your thoughts.

I’m sending out a special reminder to my fellow air rulers to ground themselves during this super charged moon tonight. When we are too guided by the air/wind we often feel scattered and uncentered.


Inhale • Exhale

Does It feels as though you’ve been far away from yourself, lately? Are you constantly picking at yourself until you don’t have anything left to say? • Learn to take control of that lion voice again. With all of its working parts, you will be growing into yourself once more.

Gemini ~ She who is the vanishing pixie belle, who acts as a golden herald transmitting messages of angels to humans, she who transforms in the blink of an eye to read the thoughts of the sky.

♊️👯‍♂️🔮Gemini Aesthetics 🔮👯♊️
Deities ~Hermes, Mercury, Castor and Pollux, Loki, Freyr, Freyja, Apollo and Artemis
Stones ~Agate, Citrine, + Tiger’s eye
Metal ~Mercury
Plants ~Lily of the Valley + lavender
Animals ~Horse, Magpie + Butterfly
Tarot ~The Magician
Scents ~Jasmine & Sandalwood
Food ~ oxygenating
Colors ~White, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue
Sounds ~852 Hz Binaural Beat -Mercury-
Anatomy ~Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Lungs

Sit with yourself and feel into your being. The super moon only magnifies the need to peer into the darkness and see what is ready to be cleared.

✵ New moon blessings all around

Art: souls by Jasric

We are in the midst of an amazing astrological time, and that is why we wanted to release a bulletin for you – make the most of this beautiful time period! The powerhouse of Mars is going to supercharge this time period for everyone, and as we are in the shadow period of Uranus before the retrograde, we will find that some of our most ancient problems, concerns, anxieties, and traumas are being reawakened within us. Toxins that are years or even decades old are attempting to make a powerful appearance now, and it is important that we take time out to deal with them.

What is upsetting you right now? What has you concerned, angry, or worried? Don’t look at the surface of that problem, but look at old memories, experiences, habits, and traumas that may have magnified that for you. Now is the time to reprogram your brain and start manifesting something you truly like.

You are going to feel overwhelmed with a very astringent energy during this time period, as the spirit is taking time to detoxify and start anew. As we are in a new astrological age that is brimming with change, we all find ourselves in a sort of boot camp that is pushing us to release old wounds and embrace new abundance.

You are going to find that during this New Moon, Mars squares up with Uranus which is falling into retrograde soon – part of your releasing the old will feature rebelling against authority, possible arguments, detachments from people who no longer suit you, aggressive forward movement, plans, strategic actions, and a lot of artistic expression. You are going to feel yourself overwhelmed with passion, but passion without purpose or direction is a ship with no sails. You will be surrounded by opportunity but unable to take it anywhere. Take the time in advance of the new moon’s approach to set your goals. Write down anywhere from 5 to 10, be specific, give them dates, associate them specifically. Don’t say “I’d like to have more financial freedom.” Set a goal with the intention. “I will make $1,000 through my start-up company by the last day of August.”

Even if, for some reason, you do not manifest these specific goals, you will find that you  are much closer to them than you would have been otherwise simply by placing a heavy amount of energy into a perceived outcome. Put sails on your ship and you will invariably head in the direction of the wind you choose to propel you.

Avoid an over-active ego or too much aggression during this time period. The astringent quality of the energy will have you mildly uncomfortable, and will build up over time, having you ready to pop off at someone who may not deserve it. Change your mode of thinking and operating during this time period. Understand the purpose of what you are doing. Understand your goals are not the responsibility, duty, or impediment of anyone else, and do not accept these messages from others either. You will not gain anything from aggressive interactions during this time period unless they are oriented toward the permanent release of a person or a truth that you have been withholding.

The best thing to do during this week and during this new moon cycle (You will invariably feel the vibrations of this new moon for a few days before and after it), is to put all of your aggression, fears, instability, and anxiety into a work of some sort. Rotate the tasks you can do while feeling this intensity. Do things with a purpose. Make sure that your self-care is good for your body. Have multiple tasks laid out that you would like to tend to, be they work related, home-care related, or simply a hobby such as reading or drawing. This is an important time to harness your aggression, as anything that is turned into an achievement will pay off for you later on. Follow your intuition at this time, as you will invariably know what is meant to benefit you and what to stay away from.

We would recommend taking this time as a time capsule. Find a notebook that is empty, or perhaps oriented toward manifestation and goals. Write down a status report of yourself. Whatever matters to you, mention it. Look at your goals and desires and see where you are in relationship to them. Write your relationship status, your physical status, your job, your finances, whatever you think will be important. Write down a healthy goal for any of these things a year from now. Set a reminder on your phone to revisit it and see how you have come closer to those goals or maybe oriented yourself toward achieving new ones.

This last wave of Cancerian energy is extremely important as it is supposed to help you wash away your guilt, your anxiety, your perception of lack, and any pain or ailment that is causing anguish in your body. You will even see this in a physical sense as many people are taking to body positivity, or even find themselves enduring different surgeries to come out healthier. Many individuals have the majority of their interactions with hospitals and healthcare during the Cancerian season.

Soon the Leo season will come, an astrological season of assertive action, strategy, planning, and career orientation. The Leo season is often where most people set their goals and find themselves empowered with the most energy to make it happen. It is important for you to face each of your uncomfortable emotions, toxic relationships, lack-of-confidence spells, and moments of tiredness and overwhelming thoughts. Utilize powers of forgiveness for yourself and others, and eliminate those thoughts by flushing them out with a new perspective. You must push the mess out of the way to allow the spotlight to shine on you, and it is time for you to take to task and become a leader this season. If you are reading this still, you are obviously feeling a connection with the vibration being sent out by this moon. It is a definitive clearing house. It is okay to embrace the things you are most afraid of in this time, to look for strength in difficult times, and to reorient yourself away from what used to be to what currently is.

This is a very important time astrologically as its point is to show us a new paradigm. This is a paradigm where money doesn’t lord over us and where the universe provides as is needed and as it is asked. We are entering a paradigm of fearlessness where we no longer embrace the worst case scenario and we no longer fear repercussions of others that truly do not matter.

Some extremely helpful things that you may want to try to do in the period between 7/18 and 8/3 are:

🦁 Write down a list of traumatic feelings and opinions you don’t believe in, and that you don’t believe serve you any more. Set them on fire, bury them, whatever you can do to symbolically dispel them.

🦁 Take a cleansing and rejuvenating bath – you can use Epsom or sea salts, bath bombs, or whatever makes you feel good. Set an hour aside for this, and try to make sure the bath is either very hot or very cold as you can tolerate it. Both temperatures can do something healing in a very different way. Calendula and Chamomile would be good herbs to use.

🦁 Write a list of goals and intentions for the next week, month, year, and five years on a piece of paper, preferably in a manifestation notebook.

🦁 Find four or five affirmations you would like to do in a day that would be important for you, and get an Affirmation Reminder app on your phone that reminds you to do this every day.

🦁 Do some cleaning in the areas that matter most to you. This may not even be in your home or office, but on your computer or phone. Change your wallpapers to suit a theme focused toward your goal, ambitions, or your thought process.

🦁 Make a dream-board on the computer, using pinterest, or using cut outs on a poster the old fashioned way. You will find that looking at familiar goal images really helps you bring your dreams into focus on a hard day.

🦁 Form an A-Team. This may be best suited to a chat group on facebook, or even an IM chat group through facebook, skype, or otherwise. Find a group of people that wish to take care of each other and keep tabs on each other. If you do not have this network, find manifestation groups, spiritual groups, and otherwise on Facebook that may help you expand your community.

🦁 Write nice things to yourself on your mirror, as you are going to have a rough go of it for a little while, and the best help you can find is right inside yourself.

🦁 Figure out a lifestyle you want for yourself and change one habit every day or two until you have made your lifestyle match your desire. If you have to work at it a bit to keep this schedule steady, don’t be hard on yourself. Use this time to try and get a sleep schedule that is efficient for you, a food schedule that is healthful, and find where your “you” time is during the day. Even if this is only during a commute or morning shower, spruce these areas up so that they are more nourishing.

🦁 Take time out of your day to remind yourself how far you have come each day before you go to bed. Even if you feel you haven’t changed your life much in the past year or two, think about the things you have endured in that time period that were not under your belt long ago.

🦁 After you wake up, light a candle, hold a crystal, or bask in the sunlight as you say your thanks for what you have and make prayers and wishes for those things you wish to have. Follow this with affirmations.

🦁 Be kind to yourself and others. The door to opportunity swung open, but this period of a few weeks serve as a very long, very steep stairway to your next step. Use this time to drop the baggage that doesn’t serve you, and learn to make the best of the baggage that you are carrying with you. Look up constantly, only looking back to remind yourself of progress.

You’ve got this.

Let the water wash your wounds, and then step forth with pride, Leo Season is near!

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Daehyun: Why do people act like being a vampire is so great. You can’t eat garlic bread, so what’s the point?

🌚♋️🌊Buckle down as we begin to ride the waves of this New Moon in Cancer. Cancer represents nurturing, family, childhood, fertility, motherhood, as well as our sense of self worth. Its ruling planetary body is the Moon, which rules our emotions and feelings. 

The state of our emotional security could be the focus for many of us. This new moon is allowing us to emotionally declutter our hearts and minds. Many of us have begun to realize that emotional patterns which were formed in our childhoods may no longer be serving our highest good in adulthood. Letting go of outdated coping mechanisms and coming up with more healthier ways to deal with our emotional wounds is set in order. 

Mercury, the sun, and moon are all in the sign of Cancer right now. With these placements, we all will be more focused on our emotional health. How we process our emotions, how we communicate our emotions, and how we express our emotions could be on our minds at this time. 💭

Because this moon is also making aspects to Chiron (the wounded healer), it is important that we do not become reactionary during our time of internal evaluation. We must allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling without judgements. The key is to not allow the emotions to control us but to instead allow them to be a guide to the areas within us where we have unsettled business. Once we can recognize what parts of ourselves need nurturing, we can begin to heal. 💫

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The energy of the New Moon in Gemini is still upon us calling for a personal communicative rebirth. Gemini is represented by the twins- which can be symbolic for two different perspectives, two opposing minds, Yin/Yang energy, and even multiple moods.
Whether we are a Gemini or not, we all tend to experience an array of different moods that tend to be dictated by our internal thoughts. This Gemini moon is revealing the truth that we always have the opportunity to elevate our thoughts & create better moods thru positive communicative energy within ourselves.
Gemini is a sign of light hearted, playful, child-like, and even sometimes mischievous energy & this new moon encourages us to tap into this energy just a little more. The North Node in Leo energy joining this new moon is also asking us all to connect with the purest parts of our hearts so that it can become even easier for us to reconnect with our childlike joy.  
When we are in a state of child like joy, we take the time to live in the moment and let go; however, as we become adults its easier for us to get weighed down by not so ideal circumstances & beliefs. Give yourself the permission to tap into this light Gemini energy & connect with the truth in your heart. When we are in a state of joy, our power to manifest the life we truly desire becomes much smoother with less resistance.