New Moon in Virgo/Solar Eclipse Masterpost

NeWe have a New Moon in Virgo AND a Solar Eclipse coming up September 1st. Solar Eclipses basically of a New Moon, so it’s a great time to focus on new beginnings, and with Moon in Virgo it’s a great time to focus on career goals, health goals, and intellect. Here’s some ideas to get you started!

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Things to do after a new moon

just some things i do every new moon, thought it would be nice to share:

Your bed sheets, phone screen, crystals, tarot/oracle cards, chakras. it’s a rebirth – start with a fresh slate and really dig out the nitty gritty cobwebs, air out the laundry. there’s a lot of potential energy brewing, and cleansing allows for full potential to be realized.

like i said above, it’s a rebirth and that means a new you. reflect on the past lunar cycle: what have you realized about yourself? what was difficult? what was easy? what was blah? take note of all of these things – journal, meditate or both. drink an extra glass of water, make some peppermint tea and really feel yourself come alive.

the tarot is all about new beginnings and harnessing new energy. play around with some fun new spreads – really tap into that third eye. ask what can you learn this lunar cycle? what should be left behind?


Created to work with the new moon’s energy, but you can use this handy spread at any time.

While crafting this, I pictured setting an intention like planting a seed. Each card walks you through planting your idea, seeing it take root, and then learning how to nurture it.

1. The Seed - your intention

2. Hesitation - fears stopping you from planting

3. Push It in the Ground - overcoming fears & then the waiting process

4. Taking Root - how your intention will first show itself becoming a reality

5 & 6. Bring It to the Surface - ways to nurture your intention and make it work for you in the best ways possible!

Feel free to use this spread, post pictures, and tag me in them! Please, do NOT steal this photo, remove the tag, and use it/reblog it as your own.

Thanks and keep on divining, my friends. :)