new mini cooper


What a difference 50 years makes Alternating views of Austin Mini “Cooper Countryman”, (circa) 1968 and Mini John Cooper Works Countryman, 2018MY. There was never an official original Mini Cooper Countryman though a number of standard Countryman estates have been upgraded to Cooper spec by enthusiasts. Meanwhile Mini have revealed the John Cooper Works version of the new second generation Countryman


First Look: The New Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4

As the new generation of the MINI Countryman sees its premiere, the tradition-steeped British brand continues its advance into the premium compact segment. The new MINI Countryman is the biggest and most versatile model in the brand’s 57-year history. Having been completely newly developed, it now reflects considerable advancements in the areas of space, functionality, athletic flair and premium characteristics.

If I was rich I would build my dream home in the forest somewhere with a art studio and a library, travel to different countries such as Japan, England, Germany, France, etc, go to school full time and study art, maybe start a family, buy a new Mini Cooper, and donate to some cases I believe in like the Human Rights Campaign and the SPCA.

But these are all just a fantasy.


The New Mini John Cooper Works Convertible

John Cooper Works now launches the second top athlete of the new model generation; new Mini John Cooper Works Convertible invites racing fans to enjoy extreme driving fun in a particularly exclusive way; unique vehicle concept in the small car segment combining authentic racing feel with intense open-air enjoyment, complete with the premium quality and mature product substance of the new Mini generation.

Adventures - Cameron Dallas Imagine

I woke up with a text from my best friend Cameron, “Good Morning Hun :) let’s have some fun, get dressed, go to the park and sit down on the swing under the sun ;)” I smiled as I got out of bed and went to get dressed. I checked my self out in the mirror before I left out to my new Mini Cooper convertible. When I got there I ran towards the swing and saw a blue sticky not that read, “Mission one complete Agent Parks! Next mission now go to… The place you would go to study, if I wasn’t with you.” I thought, of course the library he hates going to the library with me. I get up and head over there. Once I get there I see Nash sitting on the bench out side. He has a blue sticky note on his forehead, I shake my head, walking up to him, he hands me the sticky note, “Mission two complete Agent! Final mission, go to the place you absolutely hate but go every day.” “School,” I think aloud and Nash chuckles. I hug him goodbye and head to the school. I walk up to the gate and find another sticky note, “Congrats!!! You’ve completed all three tasks, now turn around.” I turn around and feel a pair of lips smash onto mine. I pull away and see Cameron smirking, probably at my face right now. He takes my hand and whispers in my ear, “I’ve been waiting to do that for so long.” I look down blushing like crazy. He lifts my chin with his fingers, making me look at him. “Will you be my girlfriend Agent Parks?” He asks softly. I nod smiling. He takes my head in his hands, kisses me again.

That probably really sucked I wrote this like last year but I decided to edit it and post it. This was my first original imagine, but if you did like it and you want me to make more slide into my ask box and request something. I can do Magcon, Omaha Squad, One Direction, 5sos, etc.
I’m thinking I should start doing more imagines and preferences!!
So give me feedback please! I’d really appreciate it!

for fathers day

im going to send my dad a message that says Hey Dad, just wondering why you bought another boat and a brand new mini cooper for my mom and yet have sent me exactly 0 dollars and 0 cents since moving out at the age of 19 a year ago. i just want to know why you told me you have no money and then make these ridiculous purchases. also are you funding my 15 yr old sisters trip to prague and should i be mad about that as well? thanks in advance, glad you havent tried to contact me since i moved out, and fuck you