new minds chicago

♫ you say it's ugly i say it's comfy
when i wear mine i'm far less grumpy
feel like i scored an empty netter 
when i put on my holiday sweater 

Tom Robbins is a favorite to discuss in Monday group. His novels are amazing, magical, wise, sexual, controversial, and WILD. He is the master of metaphor and social observation. If you haven’t embarked on a spiritual, social and political adventure through one of his books, please do yourself a favor and read Skinny Legs and All, or Jitterbug Perfume, or Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas. I would start at Skinny legs and All, but any will do! -Kyle BD


The next New Minds Social Hour is going to be NEXT Wednesday the 30th. We’re posting a little early to give more time to mark your calendars and to tell your friends. We’ve rented out the group room at the Bourgeois Pig Cafe at 738 W Fullerton Ave, and are hoping for a pretty big turnout. Come along and bring a friend to the New Minds Social Hour where we talk about life, poetry, psychology, music, politics, and any other wild discussion we can fit into two hours. Come to meet new people, enjoy local coffee, and otherwise have an interesting time. We’ll be meeting form 7-9PM. Reblog to spread the word, and bring your friends! -Kyle BD

Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.

Carl Gustav Jung

Jung is endlessly trying to get it through our heads(ego) that everything is a non-duality: meaning that love and power are not two disconnected things, but rather forces that are related, one is the shadow of the other, or that they are essentially two sides of the same coin.

Be weary of people who strive endlessly for power, for it is their inner deprivation and lack of love for self and from others that fuels their conquest. Their neediness has turned ugly and violent, but it will never be satisfied.

Likewise be aware of those who want to bask in the sunshine and rainbows of so-called enlightenment and be endlessly giving love without recognizing their desire to control others, their own darkness and wounds. These people will use their “love” to manipulate and gain power and control, entertain grand visions of martyrdom, or otherwise manipulate with guilt or shame.

Understanding that love and power are connected means we can learn about how those forces operate in us, and hence not play out our dramas of love and control on other people, nature, or the world.

-Kyle BD King

Care is a state in which something does matter; it is the source of human tenderness.

Rollo May

The fact that apathy is so in vogue speaks to the existence of open wounds that stop people from being able to care and be tender. Intelligent people become cynical and futile when wounded at the expense of changing themselves or the world. -Kyle BD

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Carl Gustav Jung

Reminds me of many conversations I had when I was younger, when people would ask “what’s your solution?” to helping the world, being authenticity you. I say ‘when I was younger’ since most people in their late 20’s that I run into have stopped entertaining this dialog, too crippled by futility to even bother. I believe this is because there isn’t a solution, but instead a path; and it is not merly about organization or activism or doing somethin that pays well, or garbage picking vegan bagles, but about going on a long inner journey to really wake up. -Kyle BD

Buddha in Glory

Center of all centers, core of cores, almond self-enclosed, and growing sweet–all this universe, to the furthest stars all beyond them, is your flesh, your fruit.

Now you feel how nothing clings to you; your vast shell reaches into endless space, and there the rich, thick fluids rise and flow. Illuminated in your infinite peace,

a billion stars go spinning through the night, blazing high above your head. But in you is the presence that will be, when all the stars are dead.

Rainer Maria Rilke