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It's true, it's true! John Hodgman is writing another book
John Hodgman is tired of just making stuff up.

For once I am not lying. VACATIONLAND will be a book. The AP describes it as a spiritual journey to the New England and middle age. 

They did not accept my language “John Hodgman Tells Absolutely, maybe Awfully True Stories as he Sprints Toward Death in Emotionally and Literally Cold Places.”

I could not be happier, as you can tell from the photo above. Thank you to everyone who has come to see the show. It has been such a pleasure performing for you. 

When the book comes out in October I will come and say thank you personally. 

That is all .

donnie yen is meant to be in high school in mismatched couples but he takes his new homeless middle aged friend to an escort club?

he played tennis using a bike instead of a racquet

he went to a gym, opened two (2) bottles with his teeth, and bit a guy’s arm because he asked him to

he fell in an entire huge swimming pool bc he didn’t….. see it?

he ran into a guy and then opened the guys soda in his face and ran away so the guy threw the soda at him and he kicked the can into the bin and said “DON’T LITTER”

he doesn’t recognise his own cousin (who lives with him) because she has had a cinderella transformation

his cousin also has a crush on him and he fucks up and apologises to her by sending a rose to her on a remote controlled car

during the……………………………….. dance battle, at one point the other guy rides donnie yen like a pony and donnie gets his pants pulled down but he wins anyway? he’s just That Good

anyway this movie is tremendous

I just love so much that suddenly everyone’s a Star Wars fan. Is one of the most amazing things to ever happen. I’m not even kidding, this is not sarcasm. I just generally love that Star Wars is everywhere, that little kids are getting to see Star Wars, that grandpas are wearing SW shirts, that there is complete families going to see the movie and getting together to watch the six movies to watch the new one, that middle aged people is talking about SW, that girls are being treated good by most of the fandom and media because we! are! getting! a! new! star! wars! movie! this week and suddenly, we are like some big nerd family. It’s beautiful.


“Back to the Source”
It’s a real honour to appear alongside many wonderful members of the HEMA community as part of this new documentary by Cédric Hauteville on Historical European Martial Arts!
In a conversation that spans continents, we talk about our growing community, combining scholarship with athleticism and the challenges of reviving centuries-old source material into living martial art systems.
For anyone struggling to explain HEMA (and why you love it), here is your lexicon!
Post Note: I came across this later, renowned swordsman Oz talking on his YouTube channel about the awesome documentary and just how special it (and the making of it) actually is.

That moment when you take pictures of your new book and you’re done but the last countdown starts and you just randomly pose and it accidently turns out quite good.  ♥