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Disney Channel Original Shows 2002 2018


A brand new Mickey short is out! This time they travel to Korea! I gotta draw a lot of cute poses and couples as well as some fun traditional costumes. Check it out!


-INCLUDE HIM IN THE NEW MICKEY MOUSE SHORTS (a healthy cartoon needs more screening time)





-*internal screaming*

-don’t forget to love his lil bro also, don’t make him cranky about mickey being forgotten


This new Mickey short basically confirmed that John Kassir is officially Scrooge’s new voice actor & that David Tennant is exclusively for the reboot. I figured this might be the case. And similarly, Russi Taylor will continue to voice the triplets outside of the reboot.


GOD OK i love the new mickey mouse shorts actually



So, for fun I was thinking-
“How would Ortensia look in the new Mickey Mouse shorts?”

I was thinking they probably wouldn’t make her outfit pink or green because those are already taken.
So, I’m hoping that if she were to appear, she would wear this pretty blue-green color.
I got the awesome blue-green color idea from @luckier-than-most-kitties drawing, which you can see here

A super quick “redesign” of Oswald for the new Mickey Mouse shorts’ style. 

And I put redesign in quotes because honestly I don’t think he’d really need all that much changed about him! They could practically keep him the same, I just had a little fun giving him buttons on his shorts similar to Mickey and adding the overall strap. 



The new mickey short I storyboarded and Directed is on youtube!

I hope you like it:)


Here’s some turnarounds I did for “Mumbai Madness” I always try to keep close to the boards. There’s something very soft and cute about Alonso’s version of Mickey. I always seem to draw Mickey very rounded whenever he does an episode. Jelly bean toes were a nice change of pace. 

So...Disney Cartoon extended Television Universe???

So Ducktales premiered and gave shoutouts to Gooftroop, Darkwing Duck, and Talespin. It wouldn’t be surprising that the Rescue Rangers got thrown into the mix too.

Ducktales also has decided to bring in characters from the comics.

This has HUGE potential and I’m fuckin PSYCHED.

It is both surprising to me that this is a possibility (because Disney is VERY particular about what is considered canon, thus crossovers are generally ignored or frowned upon) and not surprising (due to the success of the MCU).

There is one thing though. One thing that has always bothered me, since I was a child.

Donald, Goofy, and Chip and Dale all have shows that explains their background and have been adopted by the company as canon.

But ya know who doesn’t? Mickey Mouse.

And it’s not for lack of source material. Mickey has decade of comics to work with, even some that get pretty dark.

With the new Mickey shorts and a Mickey based ride becoming the centerpiece attraction of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we’ve seen the Company shift back to focusing on its lead character. Heck, even Kingdom Hearts III is going to bring the Mouse some serious attention.

So my question is…Is Mickey going to play a role in an extended Universe that encompasses all his friends? What would that look like? Cameos? His own show? How extensive would a show be?

Would Disney even let their flagship character actually have an established backstory?

Overall, I would be more than satisfied with a DCETVU, but it would just be incredible to see Mickey step into a new role.

I’ve been watching the new Mickey Mouse shorts, and Donald and Mickey’s friendship is everything I’ve ever wanted to see.

I get the feeling that they are the type of friends that end up sitting beside each other in a jail cell with Mickey going “Let’s do that again!” And if it was anyone else Donald would say “No, nope, not again! Never again” But because it’s Mickey he goes “Yeah!”

I love that usually Donald is the reasonable one, and he does (occassionally) have moments where he thinks, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this, but Mickey barely have to do anything to get Donald to join in his madness.

Duck the Halls (The Christmas Special) is the perfect example. Donald knows he has to head south for the winter for his health, Mickey and Goofy also know and they’re sad to see him leave. This doesn’t stop his friends telling him about all the fun things they’re going to be up to while he’s away.

And once Donald gets an idea in his head, no one tries to stop him. Well Daisy does, but then she shrugs and decides if Donald is going to be stubborn, she can out stubborn him.

Althrough I’m a little concerned Mickey, Minnie and Goofy can’t spot a sick duck until he’s pratically on his death bed. Guys, major clue, there are feathers everywhere.

But I love how everyone thinks (friends and family) Donald is sensible, he’s not going to put his health in danger.

And the image of Daisy, uncle Scrooge, uncle Ludwig and the triplets heading off to brave the northern winter to save Donald gives me life.

Also got to meet Jim Cummings today. He was very impressed by my art style, comparing it to the new Mickey Mouse shorts on Disney Channel. He then complimented my artwork as Peg Leg Pete (which was just awesome). After that I asked him if he could give me a little bit of Bonkers D. Bobcat, which he quickly proceeded to do, even having Bonkers ask me questions like I was at the scene of a crime ( “I’ll let you off with a warning this time, but only if you do it again.”).

So overall it was pretty cool… Oh yeah, and I got to have a conversation with Peg Leg Pete and Bonkers D. Bobcat!