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ID #59229

Name: Becks
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hi :) soooo umm I am a little awkward and shy especially with things like this. I guess I can start off by saying I really am looking for some open minded philosophical individuals. I want to be able to express my darkest,deepest,most eccentric thoughts with someone who is also wanting the same thing. I am a first year in college currently majoring in Psychology, which would be what i changed my major to for the 5th time lol. Im an avid astrology enthusiast and i love all things spiritual and new age. I was diagnosed with BPD and NPD and i just think you should know that because some people really dont know what to do with me?? Despite that I still think im a pretty rad person. If you’re part of the LGBT community i would find that extremely awesome. Although its not necessary it is kind of preferred. Im bi and tired of being misunderstood. Deutsch speakers are also more than welcome, i was in Germany for one year as an exchange student so my German is pretty good but sadly have no one to really talk to. My personality type is INTP and im a capricorn, I’d love for you to be able to tell me what you are. Music is one of the most important elements in my life. Some favorite artists/bands of mine are Nine Inch Nails, Cherub, MGMT, The Gorillaz, Chromatics, Death Cab for Cutie, David Bowie, Dido, XXYYXX, Jamie xx, Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, Logic, Mick Jenkins, Timbaland, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, The XX, Burial, and Flying Lotus. I have plenty more but those are just the real notable ones for me. My absolute favorite genre is “House” I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH AHH! Anyways i promise that i can uphold a fairly interesting and intellectual conversation without being all over the place such as i was with this introduction of myself. I look forward to meeting some new penpals! :)

Preferences: I would prefer you be 17+ and possibly part of the LGBT community, but im not silly you dont need to be gay in order to talk to me lol.

  1. We Own The Sky / / M83
  2. Steve Mcqueen / / M83
  3. If I Had A Heart / / Fever Ray
  4. Daisy / / Brand New
  5. My Body Is A Cage / / Arcade Fire
  6. Karma Police / / Radiohead
  7. Creep / / Radiohead
  8. I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don’t / / Brand New
  9. Where Is My Mind? / / Pixies
  10. Is This It / / The Strokes
  11. Porno / / Arcade Fire.
  12. On Melancholy Hill / / Gorillaz
  13. Sober / / Childish Gambino
  14. 3005 / / Childish Gambino
  15. Hearts (Mashup) // Childish Gambino, Ellie Goulding
  16. Head In A Ceiling Fan / / Title Fight
  17. Youth / / Daughter
  18. Jesus Christ / / Brand New
  19. You Stole / / Brand New
  20. Adam’s Song / / Blink 182
  21. Jaws Swimming Theme / / Brand New
  22. Liar’s Love / / Title Fight
  23. Woman (In Mirror) / / La Dispute
  24. Woman (Reading) / / La Dispute
  25. Nests / / Keaton Henson
  26. To Your Health / / Keaton Henson
  27. Ghost / / Halsey
  28. Hurricane / / Halsey
  29. Is The Somewhere / / Halsey
  30. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot / / Brand New
  31. Lost In The Supermarket / / The Clash
  32. Honey / / Swim Deep
  33. King City / / Swim Deep
  34. New Americana / / Halsey

Spotify playlist here, love from clepse.

anonymous asked:

Cris, since as you've mentioned we probably won't get official band announcements (new mgmt, label etc.) until they are ready to come back, what do you think we should be looking for in terms of signs that they are no longer tied to Syco? Obviously the end of BG and Elounor for Louis, but what else?

I think the big sign will be when Louis breaks ties with Syco & JGG (or at least Rusty if he stays JGG and goes with a Deckstar manager). The thing is, as much as I’d LOVE a Louis solo album, I’m not sure we’re going to get one. He may continue writing and collabing and choose not to do a full on solo career that would require a label deal.

I know that’s blasphemy around here and I’m not saying that’s what I want, but I’m not sure what to expect from him right now. So waiting for him to announce a deal may not be something we’re going to get. If it happens, hell yeah, it’ll be HUGE and it’ll mean the end of Syco!  But if it doesn’t happen, I don’t know that necessarily means he’s still with Syco if other things play out - like the end of bg and maybe dissolving Triple Strings or launching the allegedly unnamed band and not remaining involved with them.

We’re just going to have to wait and see how this all plays out. Every time we think we know what to look for, they do a switcheroo on us, so it’s really hard to make predictions.


Maybe you’re in love, and maybe they’re not
1. Stubborn Love • The Lumineers
2. Whatever Happened • The Strokes
3. Space Song • Beach House
4. Sharpteeth • The Octopus Project
5. Business • Catfish and the Bottlemen
6. Country Lane • Telekinesis
7. Smile Like You Mean It • The Killers
8. Mess Is Mine • Vance Joy
9. Lovesong • The Cure
10. Hourglass • Catfish and the Bottlemen
11. Looking Out For You • Joy Again
12. Sway • The Kooks
13. Tongue Tied • Grouplove
14. Age Of Consent • New Order
15. Pale Blue Eyes • The Velvet Underground
16. Indie Rokkers • MGMT
17. Not In Love • Crystal Castles (Platinum Blonde)
18. And Also I’m Really Scared • Fox Academy 19. Bite Down Salvador • Catfish and the Bottlemen
20. Just Like Heaven • The Cure
21. The Killing Moon • Echo and the Bunnymen
22. Vampire Banquet • Fox Academy
23. Pieces Of What • MGMT
24. Undercover Of Darkness • The Strokes
25. 7 • Catfish and the Bottlemen



Motion Picture Soundtrack: Songs from some of the movies I watched in January:

White Bird in a Blizzard, 21, I Origins, Obvious Child, Boyhood, Wild, The Holiday, The Giant Mechanical Man, Electrick Children, & In A World…

listen here


my vinyl collection. 

the alice cooper show 
all time low - put up or shut up [white/gold /500]
all time low - so wrong, it’s right [blue in red /1000]
andrew jackson jihad - knife man [gray marble /?]
at the drive-in - relationship of command
best coast - crazy for you
brand new - daisy
citizen - youth [red /500]
deftones - saturday night wrist
the dresden dolls - the virginia monologues [RSD15 exclusive 3LP]
elvira - movie macabre 
fall out boy - infinity on high [white/blue splatter /2,500]
fall out boy - folie a deux [2LP red & orange]
frank iero - for jamia [17/100 SIGNED /400]
frnkiero andthe cellabration - stomachaches [bright pink /1000 (want the pale pink instead tbh)]
mgmt - congratulations [RSD14 exclusive /1000]
modern baseball - you’re gonna miss it all [navy /1,500]
my chemical romance - i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love [red /900]
my chemical romance - three cheers for sweet revenge
my chemical romance - danger days
my chemical romance - conventional weapons #3
my chemical romance - conventional weapons #4
paramore - paramore
paramore - ain’t it fun [RSD14 exclusive /2,700]
pierce the veil - a flair for the dramatic [red splatter on white /1000]
pierce the veil - selfish machines [blue/green /1000]
reggie and the full effect - no country for old musicians [blood red /700]
taking back sunday - happiness is
taking back sunday/the used split
tigers jaw - self titled [orange starburst /2000]
tigers jaw - charmer [pink starburst /1,500]
twenty one pilots - vessel [clear red /300]
twenty one pilots - the LC LP [RSD15 exclusive /4,000]
the used - shallow believer [blue RSD15 exclusive /3,000]
the used - artwork