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Manhattan Project Glass from Hanford, Washington

This glass was used at the Hanford Washington Manhattan Project location, one of the biggest and most undercover operations the United States military has ever done. It started during WWII in the late 30’s and went on through the cold war era. There were three main facilities around the nation that took part in the making of the first atomic bombs. At Hanford, they created the first plutonium ever to exist, which went into the Trinity bomb in New Mexico, the first man-made nuclear blast, and the plutonium for the Fat Man Bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan.

This piece is 70% lead with a deep yellow color. It comes on basalt pillar base, cut flat, polished top, core drilled with a LED light set into the stone to illuminate the specimen. The base is 8" in diameter and 34" tall.  Approximate weight of display is 200lbs.



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Leaving New Mexico today…

My weird idea turned out to be really fun!Grateful I have friends who are just as weird and always willing to try. I LOVE sandboarding and will definitely do it again– and againandagainandagain!

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Fic 479: Moppy

In which Scout finds a friend.

Reliable Excavation Demolition had a lot of things going for it. A well-trained team of competitively priced mercenaries, a base that was more or less up to the strict building codes of the late nineteenth century, and a (mostly) regular cash flow with which to pay said mercenaries. What it didn’t have was much in the way of luxuries.

Luxuries like regular supply drops.

Supplies meaning groceries.

Which was how Scout found himself in the parking lot of Bag’em Up, Cowboy! Grocery Mart with a list a mile long and a wad of cash in his pocket that Engineer had assured him was enough to cover it.

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Let me acquaint you with the curriculum vitae of Mr. Blaine Sternin–or “Brad Cunningham,” as he’s known in Maine, “Royce Thibodeaux” in Louisiana, and “Santana De La Cruz,” the pride of Albuquerque, New Mexico! This is a man who once made a living selling rare autographs, until it was discovered that Madame Curie and Sugar Ray Robinson had the same handwriting. And would you care to see the deed to my 50,000-acre kelp farm?

In reality this was Tony’s fault, as were most thing if anyone was being honest. Tony had only been trying to help Thor stay in touch with Jane. The Tablet with face time was programmed to pick up after three rings regardless so that Science Bender Jane could still be reached. And it was that default setting that had the entire crew sitting in silence listening intently. 

“No Janey! Fuck Captain America!!” The first thing to poor out of the speakers caught everyone’s attention. “He had his time to shine. I want to buy shit with Black Widow and Hawkeye’s face on them!  Is that a crime? Should I have to special order shirts from the ass end of Siberia just to get a sick ass Widow /Bow combo?” The voice was muffled and Thor, a little stunned at the conversation he had interrupted  was looking in confusion at a black scream. Perhaps Jane had set something onto of her tablet? 

“Lady Jane?” He tried. 

“Maybe because they’re spies and if you keep asking about their Identities the NSA is gonna come slam your ass. Always listening!” Jane offered offhandedly. She sounded farther away than Darcy and like she was trying to work.

“Well I mean it. I’m sure he’s a wonderful beautiful human but Fuck him. One more Captain America tee shirt and I’m gonna blow a gasket.” Darcy sounded like she was pouting. “ I mean Black Widow is way cooler anyway! She like strangled a man with her killer thighs! Literally Killer Janey.”

“You gonna stop saying Fuck the Captain, Coulson’s gonna ring to defend his honor any moment now” Jane chuckled. Tony snorted and Steve blushed in his seat. From what Clint could tell Natasha had gone very still while listening. Her eyes were shut and she appeared to be listening intently. 

“You’re right figures Coulson would be in bed with the NSA” 

“Do you really think Coulson’s in bed with anyone?” Jane sounded much closer now and far more focused on the conversation. “What about Iron Man he has ton’s of merch. like everywhere.” Jane pointed out. 

There was a thud that sounded like Darcy had smacked the table the tablet was sitting on. Thor and Steve jumped at the loud sound. Tony had diverted the sound to the Quinjet’s main speakers so everyone was listening even easier now. 

“I bet that Asshole makes his own stuff!! Tony wants to build you a nice lab and let you play with your Science Crush but not make me a Hawkeye Tee shirt? This is an outrage!! I’m calling someone Jane. Should I call our New Mexico congress man or the New York one?” Clint chuckled wondering if she had her phone out. She probably had both on speed dial. 

“Darcy! I thought we agreed never to mention that!! Bruce would never work with me again!”  All eyes but Tony who was flying rested on Bruce. He was flushing a brilliant pink all the way down his bare chest. “And I think he makes the Thor and Hulk stuff too” She added. 

“Why do you need Thor stuff? You could literally just wear Thor!!” Darcy’s voice was very shrill and Tony reached to adjust the volume. “All I want is to stretch Hawkeye across my fantastic rack and talk to everyone on the street about how jumping off that building was hella cool.” She sighed. It was Clint’s turn to flush. He tried to fight it and looked desperately at Natasha. She was watching him eyes bright in amusement. “Or Black Widow. you think she’d marry me?” Natasha inhaled too quickly and coughed sharply. Clint’s eyebrows rose. Natasha had been caught off guard with that one. 

“You should probably, I don’t know meet her, and then buy her dinner or something first.” Jane sounded like she was rustling threw the papers near her tablet. 

“I’m pretty charming, I bet she’d be down.” Darcy muttered. Suddenly Thor’s view was clear and he waved enthusiastically at Jane. 

“Hello my love!” He shouted. Clint winced. Jane flushed and tapped the tablet cranking the volume up. 

“Oh my God. How much of that did you hear?” She said “The volume was down I didn’t hear you call” Darcy appeared over her shoulder. 

“Hey Buddy!!” She waved.

“The good Doctor is a worthy man Lady Jane” Thor smiled. Jane groaned and rested her face in her hand. “As are the Lady Natasha and Brother Clint!” He turned his tablet a little to include Clint in the view. 

“AGENT BARTON IS HAWKEYE?!?!” Everyone winced at her volume. “Well that settles it, Black Widow’s my favorite.” She shook her head. 

“You may keep her Clint” Natasha’s voice was clear enough for Darcy to pick up and the intern grinned. 

“Yea I’m a keeper Barton!” Her face was schoolgirl excitement. Jane was looking a little overwhelmed and Clint didn’t blame her. “Wait can you turn us around big guy?” Darcy asked. Thor complied and showed her to the rest of the plane.

“Sorry I said to Fuck you Mr. Captain America, sir.” She said some what sheepishly. Before Steve could even speak Tony interrupted. 

“Hey what about me?!” 

“Nope still an Asshole” and she hung up. 

All in all not the worst thing Tony’s done. but still his fault that half the team road home embarrassed and the other halfway in love with the intern waiting at home.