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*sorry not a question more of a get the news out there* If there are any LGBTQ+ people in New Mexico looking for a fun place to hang and be yourself and meet new people, there is a place in Albuquerque that's like that! It's called TeeN'MPower and its at 136 Washington St SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 It's amazing and fun!!! My mom won't let me go but you can! It's open Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-10pm and they're always doing fun activities!!!!!

What is Pluto considered in the US?

The State House of Representatives voted that Pluto really is a planet whenever it passes over the state of New Mexico.

The Illinois Senate passed a similar resolution in 2009, on the basis that Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of Pluto, was born in Illinois. The resolution asserted that Pluto was “unfairly downgraded to a ‘dwarf’ planet” by the IAU.


Sisters in the sand, Daughters of the dust || 

Brown girls on white sands; desert dancing, soul cleansing, synchronized swimming, carpooling, piano playing, nature walking, color coordinating, sanging, zooming, laughing, crying, LOVING and most importantly celebrating the beautiful soul that is @saintrecords Earth Day. We love you Solo. Welcome to 30 #thephotoembargoisover 

- Shiona Turini


A store in New Mexico posted racist “Kill Obama,” “Muslims Not Welcome” signs on windows

  • A convenience store in New Mexico is facing backlash for a series of offensive and racist signs posted on their storefront windows.
  • The Mayhill Convenience Store in Mayhill, New Mexico, displayed these signs for years
  • One of the signs read “Kill Obama” and another says “Obama & Muslims not welcome here.” Read more.

For beauty off the beaten path, venture two hours southwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico to the Sierra Ladrones Wilderness Study Area. There are no trails through the area’s diverse landscapes of high mountain peaks, isolated canyons and badlands. Hiking to the top of Ladrones Mountain – pictured here during a storm – rewards visitors with stunning panoramic views of the area’s mesa grasslands and piñon-juniper woodland. Photo by Julie Aguirre, Bureau of Land Management (@mypubliclands).