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Hey everyone!! I really, really don’t like self promoting myself on my blog (I don’t know it just makes me feel really uncomfortable but I’m going to do it anyways.)

My name is Mermaid Lindsey and I live in a lake in New York(: and it would really mean so much to me if you could share/reblog my links. I would extremely appreciate it if you could like my facebook page and share it with your friends(: especially if you have friends and family in New York. I know mermaids who have thousands and thousands of likes on their facebooks and have really awesome underwater photos but have never gotten a gig and was paid for it so getting likes from people in New York helps me get my name out and mermaid work! (: So yeah, if you could either like/share my page or even make a facebook status (hey, like this page that’s be so awesome! :) Also I completely know I don’t have fantastic pictures or underwater pictures yet (coming soon though!) but I’m trying and I could use the fanbase help! Thank you!!<3

Thank you to all my followers!

Much love,


(PC: Seraphina Suds, Mermaid of the Hudson Valley, Lanai, the New York Mermaid, Raina Mermaid, Harlem Mermaid, Hailey Pink, Mermaid Theta, Merman Christian, Mer-Prince JV, Everyone at NC Merfest 2015 & I)