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The First Two are a Mix of compilation film BUT with new scenes mixed in!

Free! Timeless Medley Parts 1 & 2:

Part 1: Bonds - Featuring the Four Iwatobi Teammates

To be Released: April 22, 2017

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Part 2: Promises - Focusing Sousuke and Rin

To Be Released - July 1, 2017

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And the moment you’ve waited for…


Free! Take Your Marks

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Completely new movie about what happens after Haruka graduates, released this Autumn 2017 AND:

Ikuya and Asahi will be in the movies, and they have revealed their older versions!

New Free! content coming out this year!

Three new movies:

Free! Timeless Medley -Bonds- (4/22)

Free! Timeless Medley -Promise- (7/1)

Recap movies with new footage, including grown up Asahi and Ikuya. Bonds will be about Iwatobi. Promise will be about Rin and Sousuke.

Free! Take your marks (fall 2017)

Brand new animation that takes place after graduation, all characters included.

Free! is going to have 3 F CKIN FILMS! And i’m really really happy i think i might cry out of happiness. KyoAni is doing things in the right way, is doing all this to explain more about ALL the character in it (hoping Gou, Kisumi, Asahi, Ikuya, Nao and Natsuya to have a spot in there ♡).

Next, if there will be a film or another season for Prince of Tennis too, my life would be half complete ❤ Let’s pray all together 🙏❤

Free! Is getting 3 new movies! - oh god! Is this reality? There’s going to be so much SouRin and by the looks it a bit of MakoHaru too! The Free! Fandom is coming back boiz!


This is a Disney Medley I wrote quite a while ago. It has many different songs, and since I’m quite indecisive about choosing my favourite songs (because I love Disney songs), I just decided to do them all. These include my picks from anywhere from Beauty and the Beast to Moana. The songs will be listed below. Make sure to like or maybe even reblog. If you do use this work other than for viewing, please let me know. I love to know when other people enjoy my work, but I also like being given credit where it’s due.

Songs (in order)
- Colours of the Wind (Pocahontas)
- Let it Go (Frozen)
- A Whole New World (Aladdin)
- Go the Distance (Hercules)
- How Far I’ll Go (Moana)
- Do You Want To Build a Snowman? (Frozen)
- Reflection (Mulan)
- I See the Light (Tangled)
- Once Upon a Dream (Sleeping Beauty)
- Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid)
- Can You Feel the Love Tonight (The Lion King)
- Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
- You’re Welcome (Moana)
- Ending/Outro (mashup of a mashup)

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Why do you think they decided to introduce souske and then relate him to rin with such a strong bound? I mean before everyone was"mmmm makoharu or rinharu?" But now the couples are formed...I mean it's pretty clear that if they will go with some gay stuff people will know who is going with who lol

Hi! Sousuke isn’t a new character, he’s been introduced since the High Speed! novels that are basis to the tv series. Since then he’s established and known to be Rin’s best friend. If you want to learn more about Sousuke I’d suggest to watch Free! Starting Days the movie and read the High Speed! light novels. I linked both volumes here and they’re translated to English: 

High Speed! 1-

High Speed! 2 -

In terms of Sousuke being Rin’s best friend, well since High Speed! he went to the same elementary school with Rin and became friends with him because he also took swimming seriously and both were similar in personality and had a thing for competitions. Before, Rin, Sousuke, and Kisumi were in a team called Sano and well through swimming they formed a close friendship. In middle school when Rin left Sano and swam with Iwatobi in elementary, Rin had compared himself with Haru. After the elementary medley relay with Iwatobi, Haru hurt Rin trough a match they raced. Since this losing match, Rin was hurt because he had always had the dream since he was little to become an Olympic swimmer because of his father who passed away, who had that dream. Haru didn’t take swimming seriously since then, he only knew he loved the water and swimming. It hurt Rin because Haru didn’t care to win, but won, and Rin cared to win, he lost, but thought that he couldn’t reach his dream because of people like Haru who don’t care to use talent to become the best and that was what Rin wanted to have to reach his dream. Since then he’s always wanted to swim faster than Haru. 

In a way Sousuke was always there to motivate Rin and simply be his friend. Not to mention both made a promise to see each other in the Olympics. Turns out Rin leaves to Australia where he spends his middle school years, but still writes letters to Sousuke. Meanwhile Sousuke holds a grudge against Haru after making Rin cry and is like a rival to Haru during High Speed! 2. Now; going into the tv series, Rin is back to Japan for high school. Sousuke makes a come back in Free! Eternal Summer and joins Samezuka, Rin’s team in high school. I think it makes sense for both to meet and revisit their friendship, as well as drive Rin to new members/team and leave his past conflict with Iwatobi (in middle school) to move forward. 

I think Sousuke is more of a support for Rin, but also share a childhood friendship which makes there relationship pretty stable. Don’t forget Sousuke and Rin’s scene where Rin cries. I think this states about Sousuke’s care for Rin and Rin appreciation and well since Sousuke hurt his shoulder and can’t reach that dream with Rin. Rin still waits for him to stand by his side. Saying he wants to keep seeing Sousuke and keep supporting each other. With this I can say that Sourin has a strong base and prospect in the future as to why KyoAni includes him as Rin’s other half. All of this i’m pulling from High Speed! and the tv series. 

I hope this gave the Makoharu vs Rinharu discourse from season 1 the perspective of Sourin that had to be shared, before bringing back Sousuke to the tv series. Rin and Sousuke have a strong childhood base just like Haru and Makoto. I would strongly recommend reading the High Speed! novels to have a better grasp at understanding characters/ relationships, story, and clear the discourse of Makoharu vs Rinharu and shed light to Sourin (which is pretty consistent just like Makoharu has been throughout the story). I can go on to talk about Makoharu and Rinharu, explain both sides, and clear up with the facts using the sources, but I won’t get into that unless someone wants to hear my thoughts. I’ll only say that Makoharu stands to be true and equipped with a lot of sources to support it and the character’s feelings towards each other. 

Thank you for your question! ^^ I loved writing about it! Please don’t hesitate to share your opinion. Who’s ready for the new Free! Timeless Medley this year?!

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Since you just did a Frozen AU, how about a Tangled AU? Obviously, Lusamine would be Gothel, and Lillie would be Rapunzel, but where would that leave Gladion?

So, I was looking around the net for an ENG SUB watch free for the new Free! Timeless Medley ~Bonds~ movie. I was waiting since last last month for it but there’s still no Eng Sub, which I get. I waited 2 months until the Aikatsu Stars movie got an Eng Sub. But still, I kept looking. And found. A downloadable version with Indo Sub. :|

Anyway, this ask cheered me up a bit. My dad told me that if I was any Disney Princess, I’d be Rapunzel. IDK what he means we are not alike. He loves this movie though.


  • As per canon, Lillie is part of the royal family of Aether and so is Gladion. Queen Lusamine oversees most of the politics though while Mohn tends to plants and makes cheap medicine and watches over the needy making sure there’s not too much tax and stuff. 
  • Bless him.
  • Let’s say Lusamine was with child when Mohn discovered the magic glowing flower.
  • It was actually a part of his medicinal garden, it just popped up there one day. 
  • He wanted to study it so of course he pulls it out of the ground to harvest it.
  • But, unlike pretty movie flower this flower has poisonous!!! thorns!!!
  • Of course, this kills Mohn.
  • I’m so sorry Mohn. But you didn’t die in the Frozen AU.
  • And Lusamine becomes absolutely batshit and tries almost kills Lillie and herself from the pain because she doesn’t want to live anymore.
  • But lil Gladion, being the sweetheart he is, manages to separate the flower from the nasty thorny stem and create a medicine that would help Lusamine give birth easier.
  • He also doses her with anaesthetic on the sly so the delivery is silent.
  • And fortunately, Lusamine sleeps long enough to get Lillie delivered safely by the chambermaids.
  • Lusamine however does not take kindly to being drugged by her son so she packs to leave under cover of night completely determined to live out her days alone in a boat house she recovered some years ago.
  • She however is still pretty hurt from labor and stumbles as she’s pacing and her leg starts bleeding.
  • Tiny baby Lillie hears her mummy in distress and grabs one of Lusamine’s long hair strands and hums/babbles until the wound is healed.
  • Big Mistake because now mumsie has pLANS FOR YOU.
  • Lillie - as per canon - ends up living with nutso mummy Lusamine in a boat house off the shore of the Kingdom of Alola in an underwater cave.
  • Too bad magical healing powers can’t heal trauma.
  • Anyway, this is where reader comes in.
  • Reader is a…

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When I saw this hair, I immediately thought of a Kat Von D style pinup girl. The dress by @deetron-sims just SCREAMED the vibe I was trying to get with Kai when I made her. I will do a better edit with her, because I know she is my followers’ fave sim and she deserves a sexy edit to match her sexy outfit. Anyone know of any poses that you think could match the vibe I was going for? And, do you think she needs tats to match that vibe?

fun home
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fun home

oh hot damn, this is my jam | fun home medley (days and days, maps, telephone wire, ring of keys) → fun home cast

I am so in love with this show that it physically pains me, and the only way I know how to pay tribute to things I love is in the form of a cover. So, as there’s no backing and I am terrible with instruments, please enjoy this a cappella medley of (my favourite) beautiful songs of fun home! Also, check the show out or even just the cast recording if you can - it will change your life for the better, I promise you. I am in awe of the cast (Beth Malone, Sydney Lucas and Judy Kuhn in particular leave me a bawling mess of emotions), the writing, the music - it’s all gobsmackingly awesome and real and beautiful.