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  • Mattel’s New Monster High Show To Launch On YouTube

Mattel Creations’ new series Monster High: The Adventures of The Ghoul Squad is slated to become available exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Kids.

The Adventures of The Ghoul Squad looks on as Draculaura, Frankie, Clawdeen and their friends travel to exotic locations, solve mysteries and rescue lost monsters. The 10×11-minute production marks the first full episodic series from Mattel Creations that will debut exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Kids. The show, which premieres later this year, will be offered in English, French, German, LatAm Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.

A 44-minute Monster High special is also being developed to complement the series and will be available to broadcasters and SVOD platforms.

Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, Mattel’s chief content officer, said: “At Mattel Creations we have a clear understanding of where our audience are most likely to engage with our content and by creating content specifically for YouTube and YouTube Kids, we are recognizing that series content is not just for linear or SVOD. YouTube Kids is a leader in reaching children aged 6 to 11, so it’s the right platform for the Monster High content and fans. We are delighted to be furthering our partnership with YouTube Kids and welcome more families into the world of Monster High.”

“We’re thrilled that YouTube and YouTube Kids will be the exclusive home of Mattel’s engaging new series, Monster High: The Adventures of the Ghoul Squad,” added Malik Ducard, the global head of family and learning at YouTube. “Mattel continues to bring enriching and entertaining content to the platform and we’re looking forward to this latest series.”

FOF #2226 - The New Adventures Of Trixie Mattel

In reference to how fans call Katya ‘mom’ and Trixie 'dad’:

“Well, Katya and I have expressed in different interviews a) how much we love eachother b) how we are eachothers drag queen crush so I think people just want us to be their mom and dad. I mean, if I had to marry Katya I think that’s a pretty sweet deal.

In reference to being asked if they are sexually active with eachother:

"I wouldn’t say if we were. I mean, if I had to pick someone.. I’m very sexual with my heart and so I wouldn’t have sex with somebody I didn’t care about, and I care about her the most so…”

Extras :

“She is an amazing human, she’s great.”


Mother, My New Girlfriend is a Ghost, Again Chapter 1 (Katlaska) - Jem

 In which Alaska is a ghost, Katya is a real human woman, and it’s only a minor inconvenience…. right?

 An: thanks to the anon who requested this. I hope it’s a little bit like what you’d hoped for?? The rest of the prompt will be fulfilled in later chapters. I’ve never written Katlaska before but all this new content of them hanging out has me converted.

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A new proof that Mattel no longer takes care of Ever After High… 

In 2017 will come out a new collection of Monster High dolls named Garden Ghouls! This collection will introduce 3 ghouls (Cleo, Toralei and Twyla) with wings… WINGS!? But a collection of fairy would be better to EAH than MH?

And the doll line will intruduce a “Monster Version” of Pixies from Ever After High. We have the same ones: Miss Ponytail (Deerla & Foxanne), Miss Frizzy-Hair (Featherly) and Miss Long-Straight-or-Curly-Hair (Harelow & Veronicub)…

Mmm… okaaaaay… 

And what’s new on Ever After High?

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Dragon Game spoilers ahead!

All I can say, is that I am very pleased how Dragon Games went. I am a little disappointed that “Mira Shards” was only in one episode. But a bit shocked on still that Darling and Apple “kiss” *fans self*. And DEFINITELY not in a bad way either. 

Just didn’t think Mattel would have it in them. Yes yes I aware it was to “resuscitate” her (Don’t even know WHY she stopped breathing but she did). But I am happy they took that step. I was secretly hoping it was Raven. But, eh, I also adore Darling as well *wink*. Besides..

We got this scene didn’t we? I’m a very happy Rapple fan and broke my heart earlier of their break up T^T. Don’t cry Apple…

Good grief Apple your eyes can’t get any bigger. Man, Raven’s voice actor was seriously on point during this scene. But man did it hurt. 

I will admit, I was startled at this scene 

SHE JUST LITERALLY “THIS-IS-SPARTAAAAA” HER RIGHT OUT THE WALL! SHE CAN’T FLIPPING FLY AND CRAP EVIL QUEEN! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!? (Thankfully bean stalk caught her but that scared the begeezus out of me! O_O). I literally screeched and started yelling at my monitor. Glad she was okay though, heh. 

Faybelle with shades was too perfect. Got a kick out of that. Hope you guys also enjoyed Dragon Games. I was seriously impressed with the art and shading as well. I can definitely tell a lot of work was put into it. I’m impressed. 

Good work Mattel. Let’s just hope the lack of detail that’s been going into dolls has been going into the animation team for the movies/series *casual thumbs up*


IS THIS A CUTE PHOTO OR WHAT?! LOOK AT THEM BEING SO ADORABLE! Seriously, it’s a photo of “we’re totally dating, it’s official, let’s take a photo of the memory”. Am I right or am I right? Guys? Guys? :’D

Feel free to message me with thoughts on the mini series. Thanks ~

It is New Year at Ever After High and it is celebrated with a fabulous ball: The Enchanted New Chapter Ball! For that occasion I have created ball robes for the Ever After Girls. My design for Cerise was my favorite so I have decided to color it. I am not that good in coloring so for practice I have tried to copy the style of the official Ever After High artworks. You can download this one as a coloring page from my blog: You will also find there the new chapter dresses of the other eah girls. Feel free to color them as you wish and do not forget to show me your colored works! I am quite thrilled to see them;)

By the way, the Enchanted New Chapter Ball is anything official. I just invented it so the eah girls have an occasion to wear those fancy dresses;)

Who wants to do no Modern Mattel for March where we don’t buy anything new by Mattel just to see if we can. We’re allowed to buy old stuff by Mattel but anything 2017 related we just… don’t