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noah fence but i want an UNHhhh episode titled “comparing” and the video opens and it’s jaymes mansfield and she goes “hi im trixie mattel” and sasha velour and she says “and im katya” and they do the normal unhhhh intro and they just spend the rest of the video talking about how often people will compare drag queens to other queens even tho they’re all unique and the next episode katya and trixie are back and no one says anything about it

Something New- Chapter 7 (Trixya) - Julie

AN: This is going to be the last chapter of Something New! Thank you so much for reading and thank you for all your lovely feedback! It really motivated me to keep going.

Chapter 7 includes: a hair crisis, Kim being a good friend and Brian’s parnets. Tw for some transphobic comments.

Thanks for reading! - Julie

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