new material!

Some bts highlights

·Kookies dancing during his solo had me reckt
·Jhope milking every moment he had of the screen
·Suga not even singing just pointing his mike to the crowd and confidently letting the fans sing his bits
·"Im Mr handsome worldwide" x2
·Jin and v having a moment where jin kicked v in the leg then when it was his turn to sing v walked past jin and brushed the underside of his chin
·I cried like a bby during lost
·Being able to scream I love you at rapmon during reflection and him saying I love you back killed me and made my heart stop
·The fans throwing fake money at the rap line during cypher
·V during the next set of songs proceeding to pick up the money and throw it back out to the crowd….multiple times like a lil gremlin then proudly presenting a pile of fake cash to rapmon, who then throws it into the crowd
·All their lil messages in english
·"You are our wings", “you have made me reborn” from jin
·Rapmon wanting to live in Australia o0o
And im p sure there r other things but ahhhh I cant remember them all

Guys, the “intertwined destinies” and quotes of the sort came from the Star Wars Databank not too long ago. Way after they finished filming of TLJ. If TLJ planned on abandoning everything set up by JJ, Lucasfilm would in no way have been adding all that new canon material to the SW databank. Take a chill pill.

anonymous asked:

do you think Lana will ever play songs like radio, american, blue velvet, dark paradise, old money, etc. again??

Radio & Dark Paradise are on Born To Die and she’s doing shows before LFL.. so not touring with the new material and said she’s doing old material (which means BTD for the 5th year in a row) so those 2 are a possibility. 

Old Money, American, & Blue Velvet I sort of doubt 

flower cloak.


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22/100 days of productivity

quite confused with maths right now and my brain is fried from the four tests i’ve had to go through today but i’m persevering because i have a math test tomorrow aND ITS YOONGI’S BIRTHDAY 🎉 MY DARLIN’, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU CUTE LITTLE PIECE OF BUB!!


I’m so excited because Phillip Pullman’s new book, The Book of Dust, set in the world of His Dark Materials, is released October 19th this year 🙌🏼

These books are some of my all time favourites and this series means so much to me, I am totally ecstatic that there’s going to be more! 🌟


Don Juan Photoshoot with David Tennant

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