new material!

This is an anime illustration commission of an OC created using Sai, photoshop and manga studio.
Hi guys! I’m preparing new material! I’ve started selling PSDs from my illustrations! For now I only have for sale the fan art of emilia of Re:Zero, soon I will have on sale the fan art of Boku No Hero Academia and others more!. I have also begun to create a tutorial about  how to paint without knowing the theory of color, It took me a long time because it is something difficult to explain! I have also opened an account on twitter! There you can find tips, opinions and advice from my experience! You would help me a lot with your twitter support! Every time this community is bigger! hope you like the video! see you !! :3


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This is Mia - my personal doll project, that I’ve created to test some new techniques and materials before I put them in my commissioned pieces :-) 

She was before EAH Ashlynn Ella doll, and now some of my friends say she looks like Avril Lavigne :D 

She was fully customized by me - her head was shrunken twice, repainted, and then I gave her yarn wig on self adhesive cap.
And I am seriously proud of how she turned out!!!

honestly i could listen to those 12 seconds of new material with olly’s little laugh at the end on loop all day. 

all i could decipher was “somebody like you” from the lyrics, but whatever, i am already shook. 

flower cloak.

29112016 + HEY GUYS!
I’ve been gone for a while because I’ve been super ill and really unmotivated 😢 but today I’m gonna give it my all because I want to go into the 🎄holidays🎄 feeling proud of myself!!

snack: pepernoten and clementines
track: any Christmas song ☃️


Tent House in Queensland

This forest clearing addressing a pocket of rainforest in the Noosa hinterland, is approached through a typical neighbourhood of rural houses and acreage dwellings. The journey to the Tent House by Sparks Architects continues from the street via a winding bush track through the forest which acts as a threshold between the constructed world and that of the clearing, a place remnant of early settlement in the region; a camp.

The brief called for a 3 bedroom family dwelling with a central open plan living and kitchen space. The architectural response is a duel concept pairing an operable insulated box for cooler months that allows habitation to a tent-like amenity in warmer months. The walls, or doors, of the box slide open manually, while the roof, or lid, has an automated sliding operation. With the roof fully open the translucent tent membrane comes into view and a new volume, light, and material is experienced. As the doors slide open the forest wall becomes an architectural element; a natural wall that contains a broader space of the house plan, stretching it across the remaining clearing and garden. The tent roof serves as a ‘fly roof’ above the insulated roof and takes the brunt of the heat load. The void between the two roof elements allows for a simple stack ventilation process. The varied pitches of the tent roof maximise winter sun penetration and protects the east, west and southern exposures.

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