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Yellow as a symbol of hope for the Turners?

Just something I noticed while rewatching 4x05. 

I’ve noticed that the appearance of the colour of yellow in relation to the Turners often comes at a time or after a time of uncertainty and heartbreak. 

In the first two images we see the colour yellow in the form of the sunflower on Angela’s cot. This comes after what was an awful period for the Turners in which they didn’t know how to and couldn’t communicate with one another. There was a divide between them and as they were still learning about one another it took time for them to reconcile. But Hope is what followed when they did. Hope for their relationship, hope for a child. Angela marked a new beginning for the Turners, and what remained was hope. 

In 4x05 we see the reappearance of the colour yellow during a difficult time for the Turners. While awaiting Patrick’s return from taking the Raymond baby to the hospital we see Shelagh stood by the window, wearing the colour yellow. For Patrick it is a time of little hope. He’s lost belief in himself and his abilities as a Doctor, which leads to his breakdown. It’s during this period that Shelagh needs enough faith and hope for both of them. In this scene she has to have hope that Patrick will return to her and hope that she’s able to help him through a difficult period. At the end of the episode we see Shelagh wearing yellow once more, as is Angela. This again comes at the end of a difficult period for the Turners. But in this moment Patrick has restored faith in himself and is back at work, doing what he does best. His face paints a thousand pictures here. Shelagh is his hope. His family and hope saw him through his darkest time. 

In series 6 we see Shelagh wearing a yellow nightgown. In the first scene in which she is wearing this nightdress hope is explicitly mentioned. It’s a time of uncertainty, they are in limbo waiting to find out the fate of their baby. During  this time hope is all they have. Hope that their baby is alive and healthy but also hope that if they do have to face the worst they need hope that they can get through it together. In the final image Shelagh is once again wearing the yellow nightgown and this is the scene in which she hears her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Hope got them through another tough period, and though “happy ending” is cliche in this moment that is what yellow symbolises again. They never gave up hope.


‘Kong: Skull Island’ - The VFX Tools Behind the King of the Jungle | Design FX | WIRED

King Kong films hold a special distinction in the annals of cinema. Each new entry in the series often sets a new high-water mark for movie making special effects. Mike Seymour breaks down some the techniques used in 'Kong: Skull Island,’ one of the most visually impressive films to date.


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Kyungsoo wobbled around on his paws, bleeding from his left shoulder, a new bite mark in his ear. He was hurt, but definitely not out, snarling as he followed his attacker who was looking for a vantage point at which to strike at him. 

The brown colored wolf before him growled, making a short barking sound as he lunged in towards Kyungsoo. Jumping to the side Kyungsoo grabbed the pelt of his attacker and threw him away, pouncing onto the wolf snapping his teeth like a demon dangerously close to his throat. He was going to make him pay, and if it was with his life so be it. Back legs digging away, he clawed into the soft underbelly of the brown wolf, finally finding purchase on the browns throat. 

“Enough!” Everyone turned to look at the woman who had finally come out the door. Hands on her hips, she stared pointedly at Kyungsoo. “Do you need to kill someone to prove yourself? Get off of Ken.” 

Eyes low, he was submissive to his Luna, Kyungsoo backed away from the brown wolf, who was crying now. Whining loud, limping, dragging himself over to her. Kyungsoo rolled his eyes, a difficult feat for a wolf, but he had mastered it. 

Ken, let the magick ripple over his body as he turned back into his human form, dropping his naked form at the Luna’s feet. “Punish him Luna! He’s crazy! He can’t lead your warriors, he nearly killed me.” 

Hongbin rushed over, tossing a blanket on Ken’s shoulders as he lowered his head towards her in deference. “Ken is right Luna, his attitude grows worse by the day, he is mean and surly, constantly starting fights. Send him away.” 

“Oh come on!” Min Seok back from patrol just in time immediately came to Kyungsoo’s defense. “You know Ken starts with him, constantly poking at Kyungsoo. Luna please, a wolf has the right to defend himself and would you really-”

She lifted a hand ordering silence. The wolves falling silent, she leaned her head back to look into the night sky. Why tonight of all nights? The moon beamed down through the trees, bathing her pack in the silver light that pressured them to change. It was the first night of the Wolf Moon, the first full moon in January. A time of celebration for her pack, they had survived the harsh winter and the threats that came with it. 

Focusing her dark brown eyes on Kyungsoo, she shook her head at him. He was sitting down, scratching at his ear with his back leg. “And you won’t even change to acknowledge me? Speak for yourself?” 

Her tone was accusatory, the power that came from her caused the males standing near her to bow, getting on their knees. Kyungsoo always seemed to enjoy a challenge and he was no stranger to attempting to stand toe to toe with his Luna. 

Standing up, he lowered the front half of his body in a bow to her, then turned around taking off into the forest. An audible gasp came from her mouth, as her hand flew to her chest. 

How dare he?

The disrespect!

Even Min Seok was wide eyed, and quickly ran over to her grasping her hands as his knees hit the ground. “Luna please, spare him, you know Kyungsoo has been through a lot lately.”

“Never in my life.” She whispered. Purple colored lips slightly open as she watched his black form head towards the river. The crunch of snow under her feet seemed so loud. “Leo…Suho…come.” 

Both obediently appearing in front of her. “Luna.” They spoke in unison. 

“Bring him to me and strip him. Leave him waiting in my chamber, tied to the poles.” 

“As you wish Luna.” Leo spoke, his voice soft, but the werewolf had a small smile on his face, he lived for this. 

Turning towards the house, she snatched her hand from Min Seok, opening the door to their home. “Luna, please, let me talk to him. I know he can be made to see reason.” 

She was furious, how dare he try to defend him against her wishes. Did he not see the blatant disrespect! The way he turned his back on her! As she turned around, teeth clenched she tried to calm herself. “What did you say the last time? Luna please.” She mimicked Min Seok’s voice. “I spared him, I talked to him, I tried. He is disobedient, he is venegeful, he is haughty, he is-”

“Your best fighter, close to your heart, the one you love more than most of us, he is moody yes, but no one cares for you like he does, and no one has sacrificed more these past years than he has. I beg you.” Min Seok placed his forehead on the floor, the next step would be for him to shift and expose his belly to her. 

If only Kyungsoo could be like Min Seok was now and they wouldn’t be in this situation. Pinching the area between her eyes, she quickly tried to think of what to do. But she knew, one lapse in punishment would mean another would step out of line; and with 15 males under one roof she couldn’t allow it. 

Her eyes gleamed amber just as the remembrance of him turning up his tail* at her. “He will be brought to me, and he will be punished until I am satisfied.”

Standing up, Min Seok grew brave, holding her close, his lips moving under her chin**. “Then let me please you. You enjoy what I do.” 

Pushing him away, she walked towards her room to undress and prepare. Her eyes truly amber now, glowing in the darkness as she regarded Min Seok. “He will learn to obey me.” 

* in wolf body language a tail straight up is a dominant position. He was basically ignoring her authority.

** Submissive wolves nibble under the jaw of the dominant one to calm them

The obvious application [of psychedelics] is people who are currently dying with a terminal diagnosis. But being born is a terminal diagnosis. And people’s lives might be better if they live out of the valley of the shadow of death.

Mark Kleiman

New York University’s Marron Institute
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Summary:  An AU where the bruises and cuts of a soulmate appear on the skin. Gon becomes increasingly worried about his soulmate as he gets tattooed with new marks everyday, and hopes to find the person soon. Killua, on the other hand, has been brainwashed by his family to believe that the spots on his skin are a curse from the person who plans to target and kill him, as they believe learning about a soulmate would make him soft during jobs.

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