new manny

There is virtually next to no art of these two, let alone ship art,
and this is a bloody crime that needed to be rectified.

Gift of these two boyos for the always wonderful Mothy for her Boone blog!
Go follow because she’s 10/10 worth it always!

Absolutely phenomenal art done by moofrog! Please do not remove this artist credit.
I’m posting this piece in tags to get this artist’s name more out there so that more people can see and commission their work. Please, if you’re a person who loves to order art you cannot go wrong with hiring this artist and it’s going towards a really good and important cause too!

THIS IS NOT A FREE USE IMAGE. Please do not take and use in any way, shape, or form. You do not have permission; this was commissioned as a gift for Mothy. DO NOT repost anywhere without the permission of the artist and myself [with the exception of Moth of course]. Thank you!

Quick question. How would you guys feel about me offering free tarot card readings once in a while once I get a bit more confident in my reading abilities. It would really help me practice and build my confidence further. Is that something you guys would be interested in?

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