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Eh, I think Brock should have left the anime by the end of AG. Everytime I go back and watch DP eps Brock feels so out of place like he's only there to explain battles or exposition of what's going on in the episode. The DP trio really just felt like Ash/Dawn interacting with Brock literally just being there. I also really like Cilan, Bonnie/Clemont and now Kiawe so I'm not sure why they couldn't find a new male companion for DP.

By DP they didn’t really know what to do with Brock. Well, this started to show up in AG but it was super noticeable then. You said you’re not sure why they couldn’t find a new male companion for DP, so lets take a look at that.

Who do you replace him with that could be unique and contribute to the group? Can’t have a rival character with the same goal as Ash since there’s no need to promote that with two people. No need for another coordinator since Dawn was there to promote that. None of the gym leaders fit age-wise. They could have made an all-new character but what would that character promote? No need for a doctor or a breeder because they might as well have left Brock there for that. Maybe they could have had someone who just wanted to do battle frontier stuff but they had already done that with AG. I’m sure t hey could have come up with some random goal or reason to be there but it would have to be something good to match with Ash and Dawn without it being just an add on because they might as well have left Brock there

See it’s easy to say in hindsight. It always is. There’s really nothing that can be done with it since I still think the easiest way to get around this would have been to have Dawn, Lucas, and Barry as the three main protags and not have Ash at all. DP was awesome for him, but I’m in that group that thinks he should have been retired after OS. Or maybe not retired. Maybe Ash should have become the older traveling companion himself, helping out younger trainers like Brock did or him, until finally becoming a character that has reoccurring cameos in later seasons, especially when legendaries are involved and in leagues. That’s just me though.

Side note: I don’t know why you lumped Bonnie with Clemont? She’s a completely different character. Also it’s not fair to compare previous groups with the SM group because that’s completely different. 

oh man if i was showrunner for doctor who i’d keep the casting of the 13th doctor and the companion under such tight secrecy and security like anyone who even thought about spilling the beans to the press would be shot at dawn but i’d let one set photo of this dude and this woman near the TARDIS leak and let everyone’s imaginations run wild on what he’ll be like as the Doctor and what she’d be like as companion and then in the first episode show 12 regenerating into the woman for the 13th Doctor and her meeting up with this new male companion and the remaining thirty minutes of the episode would be me staring down the barrel of the camera laughing maniacally