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The signs as emperor's new clothes lyrics
  • aries: heroes always get remembered but you know legends never die
  • taurus: if it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine
  • gemini: dress me up and watch me die
  • cancer: i see what's mine and take it
  • leo: the whole song tbh
  • virgo: and if you don't know now you know
  • libra: i am so much more than royal
  • scorpio: i'm all dressed up and naked
  • sagittarius: welcome to my world of fun
  • capricorn: ice has melted back to life
  • aquarius: i'm taking back the crown
  • pisces: finders keepers losers weepers

I’ll be the one,
If you want me to,
Anywhere I would, 
Have followed you.