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Lupe Fiasco’s new album shows the “genius” Jay-Z promised he would be 

Lupe Fiasco entered the rap game with more fanfare than most rappers receive in their entire careers. Jay Z championed him as a “genius writer” and a “breath of fresh air” for a genre gone flat and commercial. Kanye West had him climbing charts with a feature on “Touch the Sky” well before Fiasco had a proper studio album to his name. 

Back in 2006, Lupe seemed poised to rise to a similar pinnacle, but unfortunately, he never lived up to that promise.

Until now.

Whats with the influx of “conveniently black” celebs as of late? Seriously, yall were black when you needed support from the black community. Yall were black when you weren’t given a fair chance. You were black when someone needed “a little color” to spice up their music/movies/media. Then suddenly the topic of race comes up and yall want no parts.

All of a sudden being black is no longer convenient. Need swag? No problem! Need someone to consign your masculinity or reaffirm your sassy? Sure thing! Need someone to acknowledge that Blackness in America is still being persecuted? Then its like they all develop amnesia.

I don’t know man. I’m not the confrontational type myself. But I could never deny myself, my race, or my heritage like that. Too many Black people have cried, tried and died for black people to even be VISABLE. All the more so, visable in Hollywood. I don’t know how these black celebrities get to sleep at night.