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A Shin from today’s doodles


I’m not deluded. I know there are plenty of athletes more deserving of publicity than me. And I would like to apologize if my silly antics have cast a shadow over their achievements. […] I know I originally only intended to jump 70 meters. But as people much wiser than me say: Competing the Olympics doesn’t mean anything as you sell yourself short. I didn’t come here as a novelty act. And I will not be coming home as one.
Eddie the Eagle (2016)


“The ring is important, and so is Leviathan - but Luna comes first.

maybe you’re wondering why did i let you go so easily. if you ever still think about me, of course. if you don’t, it’s okay. i haven’t been thinking much about myself either. but if you ever do, here’s why i let you go so easily. i guess the people who’ve broken my heart before you were the “never again” ones. the people that came before you were the ones who built up a fortress out of my heart so now “love” has become a “never again” promise. i swore to myself i would never make all of the effort again, i would never pull my heart out so willingly again, i would just never love innocently again. it is such an awful shame that you were the one who came after all these people. i’m sorry i’ve got enough never agains pulling me back from you. i’m sorry my heart is not in its original shape for you to hold in your hands for when you reach out for it, you cut yourself with its sharp edges. i’m so sorry i’m tired enough to never try again. i’m sorry i’ve got no strength left to put up a goddamn fight. for you.
—  the “never again” promise & why i didn’t say all of the things i could’ve said.

the meals that i had at modern love in brooklyn a few days ago :) gnocchi with a creamy tomato basil garlic sauce, almond ricotta and some greens and a warm brownie topped with cookie dough icecream, caramel sauce and whipped cream. i definitely can recommend going there- such a special and warm atmosphere. especially great for date nights!