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  • Someone: why is startrek pandering to sjws now!!
  • Me entering the room with a glass of fresh ice tea: every series in the star trek franchise has embraced radically progressive ideas. its simply that over time, mainstream ideals began to match theirs, until these radical ideas were nothing more than the standard. Every series from TOS to Enterprise has been met with conservative backlash and years from now, the new generation will look back at discovery and think how anyone could have possibly seen it as progressive, if not a little out-dated, the same way we look back at TOS.
  • Me, finishing my ice tea and leaving the room, but i look back and stare directly into the camera: this struggle between old vs. new transcends all barriers and is rooted in the very core of human nature. Shifting new to be our old is part of progress, it is a cycle non of us can escape.

I changed his hair and eyebrows. His last eyebrows were hella feminine lmao. He looks like Ronnie Banks 😂 This hair tho. @blvck-life-simz is the GOAT for releasing such amazing cc seriously. I’m gonna try to recolor more soon bc I’ve been in a bit of a rut. I’m still garbage tho *sigh* 😭

Sea turtles

“ Why am I here again?”

“ Remember when your koi fish was sick and you didn’t know why?

“ Yes.”

“ You needed my help and  said you owe me. So you’re doing just that. Look on the bright side Percy we’re going to the beach!” Percival sighed remembering he did say that, but why the beach, he hates sand. Make things worse it was fucking early to be at the beach not a single person in sight not even a jogger. “ Percy over here quickly!” Percival pouted walking over to Newt who was squatting down staring at sand surrounded by fake leaves. “ Newt how is t-” Newt shushed him and then pointed at the sand, Percival rolled his eyes he took at glance at Newt seeing he was very excited for whatever suppose to happen. 

Percival looked back at the ground seeing the sand move and then a something a tiny crawling out of it. It was a sea turtle but not many of them quickly but in a clumsy way crawling out. Percival was amazed by this seeing the little guys moving, Newt got up digging around the sand to help them get out. “ Make sure they make it to the ocean.”  Percival nodded his head getting up to follow the baby turtles he couldn’t help but smile and laugh how seeing them hurry to the water.  He saw a crab trying steal one of the babies before it can take it, Percival picked up the baby very quickly which caused the crab to move away.  He looked at the tiny turtle seeing it’s little flippers flap like it was trying to fly it was very cute. “ You know after 30 years they’re going to return to this area to bring in a new generation.” Percival looked at Newt then the turtle in his hand, “ That’s ….amazing must have a pretty good memory.” He walked to the ocean water admiring the beauty of it. He crouched down placing the little turtle into the water watching it go letting the tide pull it in. With that little guy was off with the rest of his family. 

“ Thank you Newt for this. Be honest was this really me returning the favor.”

“ No….I just figured that’s how i get you out here. Sorry about that.”

“ It’s okay I don’t mind this at all. So any older turtles coming here again soon?”

“ Glad you ask, next week there should be another one coming to make a nest. I can show you how I make nest for them….if you’re not too busy.”

“ I love that Newt.”

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Starship Ishest, Captain’s log, stardate 94986.2. We have landed on planet Oirschot and have found horse-like creatures, but it seems they move differently from the horses we know from planet Earth. We’ve found a secluded area where we can observe these creatures and their riders without interfering. Will update log when observation is complete. 

(This is rider Michelle van Blitterswijk with Hringur frá Fossi, ended up with a total of 4.77 for the F1, but points for letting her inner Star Trek nerd out!)

Diabolikronpa Profile Masterpost

Hope’s peak Academy, the hope of not only the nation, but the world itself. Filled with the best of the best, the elites and best at what they do, surely, the new generation looks to a bright future with these specially scouted teenagers leading their paths. But all of that hope could be thrown away when the newest class of hope’s peak academy is placed into a killing game that’s being broadcast across the world. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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sakura-uchiha-uzumaki  asked:

Sasuke literally said out loud that his and Sakura hearts are connected and that they made Sarada OUT OF LOVE. There is zero proof of their marriage being "arranged". It's been made clear that Sasuke does in fact love S A K U R A not Karin and she (Karin) knows that also Karin herself said that SAKURA gave birth to Sarada ,who was pregnant with Sarada while they (Sakura and Sasuke) traveled together. I LOVE how you say that Sasuke "never" kissed Sakura but yet it was NEVER stated that he didn't-

Sakura told Sarada that Sasuke gave her something BETTER THAN A KISS.

Sasuke literally said out loud that his and Sakura hearts are connected and that they made Sarada OUT OF LOVE.

He has never said it. Perhaps in the Gaiden, it exists a couple of hidden pages whose only SasuSaku shippers can see.

It’s been made clear that Sasuke does in fact love S A K U R A not Karin.

Where is the argument ? Obviously, there isn’t. Seriously, the ingrality of manga has shown the inverse. I’m going to start from the beginning.

In the beginning of the history, Haku explains to Naruto and readers that « When a person has something important to protect, that’s when they can truly become strong. »

During the fight between Team7 and Gaara, Sakura is in danger. Sasuke is incapable of protecting her. He asks Naruto to save Sakura.

Naruto recalls Kakashi’s nindo. : « I don’t let my comrades die… ». It makes him realizes the real strong is when fighting for someone : « That’s right… Because he was like me… because he lived feeling the same kind of loneliness and sadness I did… I thought he was strong ‘cause he survived that solitude, fighting only for himself… But I was wrong… His strenght isn’t real… strenght doesn’t come from fighting alone… real strenght is not what you have when fighting for only yourself… »

Then, there are Haku’s words in a flashback to remind this concept for the readers : « Do you have someone who is special to you ? When you have something special that you want to protect… only then can you become truly strong !! »

Then, Naruto becomes stronger to save his comrades. Sasuke is even surprised that Naruto can become as much strong.

Sasuke : « Naruto, you can become truly strong. What the.. ! I don’t believe the amount of chakra. He’s gathering ! …is this really… Naruto ? »

Naruto : « I will protect them, no matter what !! »

Sasuke can’t move his body to help Sakura, whereas Naruto finds in himself a great power to save Sakura-chan despite he no longer has chakras.

Sasuke for Sakura :

Naruto for Sakura :

According to the logic of the history, Sasuke hasn’t enough love for Sakura to succeed in becoming stronger, unlike Naruto. Besides, he has never activated a sharingan level for Sakura, whereas he has activated two Sharingan levels for Naruto in the First-gen.

A few years after this fight, Sasuke is a new time confronted with a similar situation. He must fight a strong jinchûriki and his comrades are in danger. Sasuke suceeds in activating a new great power to save his team, whereas he didn’t succeed the first time for Sakura.

Then, he surpasses the impossible only to save Karin. (according to Itachi, nobody can extinguish black flames of the Amaterasu.

When we follow « Naruto »’s message : people can become stronger when they have someone special that they want to protect, we can deduce that Sasuke has succeeded in controlling Amaterasu because Karin is precious for him.

Lastly, there is the Tobirama’s theory.

« When an Uchiha comes to know those strong feelings… It’s as if a torrent is unleashed within… and It awakens something even greater than what the senju know… Their feelings are in fact too powerful… and if unchecked… When an Uchiha that has known such strong feelings comes to lose them… Those feelings transform into an indomitable hatred that consumes them… The anguish and despair that proceeds from experiencing such loss… causes their brains to release a special kind of chakra that affects their optic nerves… The eye that reflects their feelings… or the mirror wheel eye… the Sharingan. » 

If Sasuke felt a strong love for Sakura, he would activated a Sharingan’s level for her, because an Uchiha awakens great power when he has strong feeling. We have seen that Sasuke has never awakened something for Sakura, despite he has got occasions (fight against Gaara).

Then, I recall that Sasuke has activated three sharingan levels for Itachi, two for Naruto, and one for his parents and Taka. He has activated no power for Sakura. 

To briefly summarize the difference of importance between Sakura and Karin in Sasuke’s heart, Sasuke is become stronger for saving Karin, not for saving Sakura, Sasuke has awakened a Sharingan’s level for Karin, not for Sakura, Sasuke has succeeded in controlling an new power for Karin, not for Sakura. We can so conclude that Sasuke loves Karin more than Sakura.

she (Karin) knows that also Karin herself said that SAKURA gave birth to Sarada, who was pregnant with Sarada while they (Sakura and Sasuke) traveled together.

The problem in your headcanon, there isn’t SasuSaku child in the new-generation. Sarada looks like Sasuke, but she doesn’t look like Sakura.

In the canon Gaiden, Sasuke and Sakura have never met together in their intimate life since 12 years. Sasuke has never written a letter for Sakura, whereas he communicates with Naruto. Sarada thinks that SasuSaku doesn’t exist because it exists no material proofs about the inverse : not letter from Sasuke, not Sasuke’s thing in Sakura’s house, not Sasuke’s photo in Sakura’s personal life. He has ignored Sakura during 12 years. He has been nonexistent in the adult life of Sakura.

How can Sasuke’s fans believe that he has fucked Sakura before these 12 years. He isn’t a dirty man. In the Sasuke fan’s opinion, he will never have sex with a girl whose he shares nothing, and after that, he will abandon her during 12 years !!!!

Then, Sarada was born in Karin’s hideout. If Sarada was in Sakura’s belly, she would be born in a hospital. Sakura isn’t a nukenin. She doesn’t need to live hidden and to give birth hidden. She can give birth in a village with all the necessary care. There is no reason that Sakura gives birth in an insecure place, instead of in a suitable building, mainly for a first childbirth.

Furthermore, Karin has got Sarada’s ombilical cord, while it’s the mother who keeps it in the japanese tradition. If Sakura had given birth to Sarada, she would have kept this ombilical cord instead of Karin. I don’t think that Sakura has been pregnant, then has had a miscarriage. I also don’t think that Sarada substitutes a SasuSaku’s stillborn child.

Lastly, nobody has been informed about of Sakura’s pregnancy. If Sakura had been pregnant from Sasuke, she would have been very proud of herself. She would want to talk about it everyone : Ino (by rivalry, Naruto, Shizune, etc…). Sakura wouldn’t keep secret her pregnancy, Sakura will never behave in this way.

There is zero proof of their marriage being “arranged”.

It’s wrong, there are much proofs and I’m going to enumerate them.

1/ Sarada has no knowledge about Uchiha clan. She knows less than Chocho Akimichi about of the Uchiha clan. She doubts being really an Uchiha because Sakura knows nothing about this clan and she could learn her nothing about it.

It shows that Sasuke and Sakura have never spoken together about of Uchiha clan. I think that if Sasuke wanted to integrate Sakura in Uchiha clan, he would speak her a bit about it.

In the Boruto movie, Mitsuki knows Sasuke, better than Sarada. It shows that Orochimaru knows more things about of Sasuke than Sakura.

2/ « In Japan, ancestor worship is  an important mechanism through which the living feel that they are spiritually connected to the deceased family members, thereby ensuring the continuity of family lineage. »

« Japanese people, on the whole, maintain a unique religious consciousness with regard to worshipping their ancestors. A great number of people believe that if ancestors are not respected, then the people living on earth will be filled with sorrow and that when a person bearing the ill fate of his ancestors dies, future generations will be plagued with sorrow and misfortune. Throughout Japan, there are many temples and shrines constructed anywhere from several hundred to one thousand years ago with the purpose of appeasing the spirits of people».

In the japanese culture, the wife has the duty to pay her respect to family’s ancestors. Sakura doesn’t knows where is the Uchiha temple. If she knew it, she would know some things about Uchiha’s clan, because there are rolls in the Uchiha temple.

Sasuke doesn’t consider Sakura like his wife in his heart. If he considered Sakura like his wife, he would take action to ensure that Sakura can practise workship of Uchiha ancestors, because it’s the duty of an Uchiha wife. Sakura is excluded by Sasuke, from business Uchiha and responsabilities Uchiha. She is only Uchiha in the appearance.

3/ Sakura haven’t got Sasuke’s photos in her private life, while other families have got much photos about their time spent together. It shows that Sasuke and Sakura have never spent time together in their private life.

4/ In the japanese tradition, the wife has the duty to make the bond between the child and his father. We can see in the manga that Mikoto makes this, perfectly fine. 

In contrast, Sakura doesn’t achieve to make it, for Sarada and Sasuke. Sakura doesn’t achieve, because she has never got a true conversation with Sasuke. She can answer nothing for Sarada about of Sasuke.

5/ In the Sasuke Shinden, we ironically learn that the only photo that Sarada knows about of her dad, comes from Karin. Thus, Karin is the person who has given the only picture of Sasuke, that Sarada has got from him. 

This photo is the only bond that Sarada has with his father during 11 years. By this picture, Karin has created the only bond that Sarada had with his father. If Karin didn’t give this picture, Sarada would have no bond with his father. Karin has succeeded in creating the connection between her daughter and his father in spite of the distance which separated her from Sarada, unlike Sakura who has failed.

6/ Sasuke doesn’t know Sakura’s anciant house. In the Gaiden, he doesn’t notice that Sakura has moved into a other home. It shows that they have never lived together in Konoha.

7/ Sasuke doesn’t communicate with Sakura, while he communicates with Naruto, Shikamaru, and Shizune.   

In the Gaiden, Naruto and Shizune are surprised when they learn that Sarada has never met his father. In Boruto novel, we learn that Sasuke has met Shizune several time in Konoha during his 12 years of absence.

8/ Sasuke has never entered in Sakura’s life when he was in Konoha, while he often meets Naruto, in a tower located a few hours of Konoha.

Shikamaru knows about of the tower, not Sakura.

9/ Sakura feels the need to display the Uchiha’s crest everywhere, mainly on her, while Sasuke doesn’t wear his crest. The importance given by Sakura about of Uchiha crest, while Sasuke has chosen no wearing it, it testifies that  in the SasuSaku marriage there is no other thing than this crest. If there is other thing than this crest in SasuSaku relationship, Sakura will not focuse as much about of this crest.

I LOVE how you say that Sasuke “never” kissed Sakura but yet it was NEVER stated that he didn’t.

Sakura told Sarada that Sasuke gave her something BETTER THAN A KISS.

In the Gaiden, there is two scenes which show Sasuke haven’t kissed Sakura.

The first :

Sarada innocently asks to Sakura, if SasuSaku have got a kiss together.

The answer logically is simple, it’s an « YES », because everyone knows that SasuSaku is a canon couple which has got happy marriage. 

And no !!!! Sakura can’t answer by an « yes » to Sarada.It’s as strange than a happy marriage without photos.

Sarada’s question which is easy for all the normal couples, becomes difficult for Sakura. We can see that this question makes Sakura sad, it lets to guess that the answer is an « NO ».

Then, she reflects to avoid Sarada’s question.

Later, she smilingly puts her hand on her forehead. She obsiouly remembers the poke.

Recalling the poke, she uses it to avoid Sarada’s question. If the answer at Sarada’s question was an « YES », Sakura will not needs to avoid it, unlike « NO » which is revealing love’s lack.

The second :

In japanese culture, there isn’t sexual taboo, by contrast, there is a taboo about emotion. Showing his feeling is considered like an erotic thing. A woman who wants to charm a man, she will not show her body, but she will show her feelings. A woman who blushs, it’s considered like the most sensual thing for the Japanese.

When Sakura lifted her face and looked up at Sasuke in blushing, she attempted to charm him and to be kissed by him. Besides, she was ensured that Sasuke couldn’t make an poke on her, by giving him a bento in his only hand.

She hoped to receive a Sasuke’s kiss, but Sasuke is gone without nothing for her.  

After that, Sakura sadly thinks, that she will yet wait. It lets to think that she always waits her first kiss.